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  1. 1. Personalysis ®SummaryHenry PanProvidence Health & Services Rational Preferred style Henry likes clearly defined roles. Enjoys gathering, analyzing and monitoring information. In approach, is cautious and reflective, patient and dutiful. When leading, is consistent, keeps track of what goes on in the organization and focuses on how things can be done efficiently. Is precise, takes care of details and uses documentation to get things done. Frustrated with those who break in with remarks and disvalue the knowledge of others. Socialized Communication expectations Henry expects leaders and others to explain why and how something is to be done. They should answer questions and provide a course to follow. Expects to use procedures and use know-how. If approached right, will work at a deliberate pace and be self-reliant. To overcome problems, solicits input, and tries to make corrections and limit vulnerability. Does not respond well to those who fail to provide a consistent way to do things or discuss intentions. Instinctive Motivational needs Henry needs to understand and be involved in developmental activities. Motivated to listen to others and use imagination. In making decisions, makes comparison of like features, looks for alternatives and frees thought from ambiguity. Under pressure, draws from expertise of others and improves knowledge. Self-confidence is increased by sincere dialog and learning. Frustrated when unable to maintain independence and flexibility. Profiled: 11/07/2012 © 1975, 1983, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001 by Personalysis Corporation. All rights reserved. Personalysis and We Know People are registered trademarks and Colorgraph is a registered trademark of Personalysis Corporation.