How cloud computing_can_help_solve_healthcare_it_crisis


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How cloud computing_can_help_solve_healthcare_it_crisis

  1. 1. SOLUTION BRIEFIntel® Hardware-assisted SecurityIntel® Xeon™ processor E5 familyHealthcare Cloud ComputingHow Cloud Computing Can Help SolveHealthcare’s Looming IT CrisisMedical practices face substantial workflow and system challenges as they determinehow best to meet new regulations and standards for electronic health records. Introduction EHR requirements. One of the most significant Clinical, administrative, and financial challenges is ICD-10, the newly revised workflows that support healthcare practices standards used by medical coders and billers have undergone vast changes, transitioning to document diagnoses.1 With ICD-9, billing from hard copy to software-based systems codes are 3 to 5 digits in length and number in just a few years. Facing ever more security over 14,000. ICD-10 codes are 3 to 7 digits and and compliance standards, and with recent have expanded to 68,000, with thousands of government-mandated changes for reporting more codes expected by late 2013. Addressing and reimbursement, healthcare organizations these changes requires significant effort and are having to rethink their approach to, and technology updates to the underlying systems investment in, electronic health records for practice management. (EHR), practice management platforms, Before health providers can implement ICD-10, and cloud computing. however, they must first integrate new HIPAA Yet, less than one-third of healthcare transaction standards known as ANSI 5010. organizations are turning to the cloud. Many chief Mandated by the U.S. government, it is a global information officers and healthcare executives change in the format for submitting claims to have concerns about data access, privacy, Medicare and Medicaid. and cost, thinking that medical records kept Adding to security and compliance issues is the in-house and under lock and key are a safer bet. trend toward Accountable Care Organizations However, the IT support needed to efficiently (ACOs), a new care delivery model based on manage EHR under security and compliance healthcare outcomes. ACOs require compliant, regulations can quickly overwhelm even the integrative technology that allows them to most IT-savvy medical practices. And data connect, track, collaborate, treat, and report Security, compliance, breaches are becoming more common. across providers and agencies. changing government However, with a robust configuration of All of these changes present substantial advanced IT technologies, from software as a challenges, especially for those organizations regulations, and financial service (SaaS) to managed hosting and hardware without dedicated IT departments, highly incentives to adopt platforms, medical organizations can benefit in trained staff, or sufficient software systems, multiple ways from cloud computing. electronic health record all of which require extensive operational and financial bandwidth. Those with on-premise systems are driving medical Impact of New Requirements on medical software have to wait for updates, organizations toward Healthcare Operations which may not be timely, efficient, or free of From large hospitals and medical groups to powerful, cost-efficient, interoperability problems. smaller community doctors’ offices, healthcare cloud-based IT solutions. organizations are facing new technical and
  2. 2. Reluctance Despite Incentives With the optimal combination of vendors and To encourage use of more advanced and technology solutions, medical practices can connected technologies, the government benefit in the following three main areas. instituted incentives to organizations that Security, compliance, and privacy adopt and “meaningfully use” EHR technology. Healthcare cloud services and hosting Organizations that meet the Meaningful Use companies must meet security and compliance criteria for Medicare and Medicaid healthcare requirements of ICD-10 and ANSI 5010. Cloud- management are given monetary rewards for based healthcare software solutions offered by their efforts.2 companies, such as industry leader, CareCloud, “Intel and Terremark Yet, according to a CDW Cloud Computing are not only 100 percent HIPAA compliant, they collaborate extensively on Tracking Poll, just 30 percent of medical protect electronic data against unauthorized hardware-assisted security practices have transitioned to cloud computing retrieval with 256-bit SSL file encryption, which services.3 This reluctance to embrace remotely is more stringent than government mandates. solutions; this ensures hosted solutions and SaaS is, in part, because In addition, advanced hosting services that use Terremark hosted customers, of a misguided belief that records kept in-house hardware-assisted security platforms (like thesuch as CareCloud, are able to are more private and secure. Unfortunately, one described later in the Business Case) help reports of data breaches as a result of physical take advantage of advanced theft are becoming more common. According protect data from possible breach of protected health information. Cloud-based systems also security capabilities as they to the 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report improve secure access and sharing of protected conducted by Verizon, seven percent of all data come to market.” data through health information exchanges breaches occur in the healthcare industry.4 And, that connect medical practices and governing as healthcare organizations are discovering, the Mario Santana, Vice President of medical bodies, such as federal and state Secure Information Services, Terremark cost of non-compliance can be high. governments, insurance companies, and ACOs. One such breach occurred involving a large These are assurances not easily matched by national insurance provider. As the article in-house IT systems. states, “57 computer hard drives were stolen Cost efficiency and improved focus from a locked data network closet in a leased Even large healthcare organizations have a office facility. The drives contained the difficult time matching the cost effectiveness of unencrypted protected health information of massively scaled cloud providers and solutions more than one million individuals, including without heavy and continuous investment in names, Social Security numbers, diagnosis hardware, software, and personnel. In addition, codes, dates of birth, and health plan most healthcare cloud-computing vendors identification numbers.” This incident resulted offer 24-hour service and IT management, in a settlement of USD1.5 million with the U.S. something few, if any, in-house IT system Department of Health and Human Services.5 can provide. Cloud-computing vendors also As this example shows, and others like it, in- support the technology and services that satisfy house systems are not necessarily more secure, Meaningful Use incentives. compliant or private than systems and services As regulations and compliance become provided by cloud computing. more onerous for healthcare organizations, Benefits of Outsourcing EHR turning to cloud-computing SaaS not only to the Cloud makes budget sense, it can also improve core Key to successful transition to SaaS and cloud business performance. By outsourcing EHR, services is choosing vendors that have expertise medical practices can focus on maintaining in healthcare cloud computing, a proven patient care and growing their businesses record of security and compliance, and rely rather than on maintaining IT expertise. on advanced technologies and architectures. 2
  3. 3. Flexibility and scalability Security and processing power of Results support a growingAs medical practices grow, practice Terremark and Intel medical organizationmanagement software and hardware must For advanced IT infrastructure services, For South Florida Medicine, the organizationadapt, too. But finding in-house IT solutions CareCloud partners with Terremark, a leader in can grow quickly without having to addthat can quickly scale is not easy. Healthcare transforming and securing enterprise-class IT on expensive servers in-house or expand their ITcloud computing services, on the other hand, a global scale. As a supplier to global enterprises department. Because of their choice in cloud-are robust, flexible, and scalable, providing and government agencies, its data centers, computing services, when the organizationsupport for medical practices at all stages of infrastructure, and technology platforms are adds a new practice, its members can easily bebusiness growth. monitored and secured at levels that exceed the given access to the apps and IT platform. requirements of HIPAA, HITECH, as well as otherAnd as organizations grow, so does the need Most importantly, privacy, security, and financial and reporting regulations.for data and reporting that help make informed compliance concerns are no longer placed onlybusiness decisions. Often, in-house software Terremark’s enterprise-class platforms and on the shoulders of South Florida Medicine, ashas pre-programmed reports that may not comprehensive security practices set the these issues are being managed in a secureprovide the level of detail needed by a multi- standard for implementing cloud services on a way that meets, and most often exceeds,practice organization. With cloud computing global scale. Servers based on the Intel® Xeon® industry regulations and standards.and SaaS, most EHR services can be phased processor E5 family offer hardware-assisted “Practice management is the lifeblood ofin as needed and data easily accessed across security features that support Terremark’s medical organizations, just as ERP and CRM areclinical practices within a facility to offer robust own security programs (see Figure 1). 6 for other businesses,” said Ravi Patel, managingreporting capabilities. Several innovative capabilities integrated into partner of South Florida Medicine Radiation these platforms help reduce the typical data Oncology. “Using CareCloud’s software andCloud-Computing Business Case: bottlenecks in cloud solutions.7 Intel’s platform services has given us the ability to scale quickly,South Florida Medicine enables businesses to scale their solutions bringing the different practices onto oneSouth Florida Medicine rapidly grew from a within their existing data center footprint practice management platform.8”single specialty in radiation to a multi-specialty to accommodate business growth. And itspractice that now includes 30 doctors, 50 staff extensible colocation services drive down the By choosing the scalability and support of cloud-members, and 7 locations. Their rapid business cost of IT operations. computing solutions for practice management,growth drove South Florida Medicine to rethink South Florida Medicine can concentrate on the “Intel and Terremark collaborate extensively onits in-house IT solution, which was proving growth of their organization, and not on the hardware-assisted security solutions,” said Marioinadequate to meet their business needs for issues surrounding IT. Business decisions are Santana, vice president of secure informationeasier access to data and multi-level reporting. now informed by the ability to analyze data services for Terremark. “This ensures Terremark- from individual clinical practices and acrossAfter considered evaluation, South Florida hosted customers, such as CareCloud, are able to the organization.Medicine chose CareCloud as its healthcare IT take advantage of advanced security capabilitiesplatform to consolidate data and workflow for as they come to market.”multiple locations. Terremark CareCloud Managed service offerings Provides applications to help global organizations meet Medical Practice streamline clinical, financial, and compliance and governance administrative management Intel® Hardware-assisted Security Intel® Xeon® processor offers hardware-assisted security and powerful processing capabilitiesFigure 1. Prescription for a secured medical billing, practice management, and reporting system supported by a cloud-based IT processing platform. 3
  4. 4. Facing Challenges with Secure cloud-computing solutions running on an average of 20 percent annually.3 But that’s Advanced Solutions Intel architecture, such as those from CareCloud not the only monetary benefit. Cloud computing Whether it’s a health system with 400 doctors and Terremark, help minimize privacy issues and for EHR can even help a clinic get paid for its or a small practice with two physicians, both reduce concerns about security and compliance. effort. In a matter of months, a medical practice have the same concerns for coding, security, Even small medical practices have access to served by CareCloud earned USD 21,500 per compliance, and privacy. Yet EHR mandates and the same bandwidth and processing power physician from Medicaid for meeting Stage-1 new regulations and standards are changing the as a large hospital, and can easily scale their Meaningful Use criteria, a timeframe made practice management landscape for everyone. computing needs as the organization grows, possible by the capabilities of cloud computing.9 All organizations have to adapt. That’s where or as regulations and standards change. cloud computing can make the difference. Conclusion Cost-efficient Choice Cloud computing can free medical practices For a medical organization to duplicate the As in any industry considering a technology from the burden of supporting IT systems technological capabilities that CareCloud, migration, cost is a major concern. Yet, cloud in-house, yet enable open access to data, Terremark, and Intel brought to South Florida computing proves much more cost-effective files, analysis, and reporting, all within a secure Medicine would be cost-prohibitive and than internally supporting and maintaining and compliant environment. It’s how cloud impractical to maintain. However, the power servers, hardware, software, and technical computing, coupled with secure hosting and of the cloud provides any medical organization personnel who are often not experts in EHR. advanced processing, can help the healthcare the benefit of these advanced systems at a According to the CDW Cloud Computing Tracking industry meet the challenges of a changing fraction of the cost. Poll, 88 percent of healthcare organizations that practice management landscape. use cloud computing have reduced IT costs by For more information on CareCloud visit or call 1-877-342-7517 For more information on Terremark visit or call 1-866-507-5004 For more information on Intel cloud-computing technologies, visit data-center-design.html1 Transaction Code Set Standards. American Medical Association. transaction-code-set-standards/icd10-code-set.page2 Making sense of Meaningful Use. CareCloud. From Tactic to Strategy: The 2011 Cloud Computing Tracking Poll. CDW. May 26, 2011. Verizon RISK Team. 2012 Data Breach Investigative Report. Terremark, a Verizon Company. Kevin Heubusch. HHS settles HIPAA investigation for $1.5 million. Journal of AHIMA. March 22, 2012. Step up cloud security. Intel IT Center. Reduce latency, improve data throughput with Intel® Integrated I/O. Intel Channel, YouTube. McGee, Marianne Kolbasuk. Cloud Rx. Healthcare Information Week. September, 2011. First Wave of Doctors on CareCloud Charts EHR Get Meaningful Use Payouts. CareCloud. April 16, 2012. INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH INTEL® PRODUCTS. NO LICENSE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, BY ESTOPPEL OR OTHERWISE, TO ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS IS GRANTED BY THIS DOCUMENT. EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN INTEL’S TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE FOR SUCH PRODUCTS, INTEL ASSUMES NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER, AND INTEL DISCLAIMS ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY, RELATING TO SALE AND/OR USE OF INTEL PRODUCTS INCLUDING LIABILITY OR WARRANTIES RELATING TO FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, MERCHANTABILITY, OR INFRINGEMENT OF ANY PATENT, COPYRIGHT OR OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT. UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED IN WRITING BY INTEL, THE INTEL PRODUCTS ARE NOT DESIGNED NOR INTENDED FOR ANY APPLICATION IN WHICH THE FAILURE OF THE INTEL PRODUCT COULD CREATE A SITUATION WHERE PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH MAY OCCUR. Copyright © 2012 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. Printed in USA 0612/CGOU/KC/PDF Please Recycle 327347-001US