Kdo je QUISMA?


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  • Thanks for the reaction, Pavlina. It just seemed like such a lost opportunity and it was surprising coming from such a great company. We can talk more later :)
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  • Dear Jeanne,
    thanks for your opinion.
    This is an official presentation of Quisma, so the content was created in Germany, not here and we had no influence on it. I believe it is nice for our followers to see what our partner considers important.
    When it comes to answering your questions: H1.cz is a Quisma company, so since July we have shared technology, people and values. Our customers can now enjoy the perks this strong partnership, among them Quisma Media platform, various whitepapers and more.
    Anyway, if you want to discuss more, we can do it over email: pavlina.louzenska@h1.cz
    Thanks again for your comments.
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  • In my opinion, you never really answered the question, Who is QUISMA? Yes, there were a lot of facts and figures, but I never got a solid message of what this company is about. But, more importantly, you should be answering the questions, Why should we care? What does this mean to us as current or potential customers?
    And, why the multiple empty slides with the two boxes? Am I missing something? This was disappointing from such a great agency. Looking forward to the next one :)
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Kdo je QUISMA?

  1. 1. QUISMA In Numbers Supervised brands Campaigns per year Sectors/industries >800 >7,000 26 Agency affiliation [Ø, years] Professional experience [Ø, years] Age [Ø, years] 3.9 5.8 31.7 Page 3
  2. 2. QUISMA In Good Company A member of GroupM/WPP since 2007 Together we set new standards in media. leading intelligent fast goal-driven innovative Page 4
  3. 3. QMP: Any Target Audience At Any Time      Male 38 years Residence: Cologne Interested in: real estate and finance Net income: €4,500 The QMP collects, organises, analyses and manages millions of data sets. Creating tailored and targeted audience profiles and segments. Page 9
  4. 4. Multi-channel Tracking With Cookie Interface Customer Journeys have multiple touch points The last touch point before conversion Cookie interface: Every conversion is appropriately assigned to the respective channel based on Conversion Attribution. 7x Affiliate 3x SEA 2x Video 4x Display 1x SEA 1x Display 2x SEA 1x Video 2x SEA 2x SEA 6x Display 2x Video 1x Display 1x SEO 1x Affiliate 3x Video 1x SEA 1x Direct Performance Analysis Conversion Attribution Before the final conversion a customer can interact with several channels. By utilising a single tracking platform we ensure the most appropriate allocation is reached towards the end of the journey. PAGE 10
  5. 5. Multi-channel Reporting Propeller change to: "QMP provides insightful reporting on all campaign activities. SEA SEO Social Video Display Affiliate Email Website With its multi-channel tracking function the QUISMA Media Platform (QMP) enables effective cross-channel campaign optimisation. PAGE 11
  6. 6. QMP: One Platform With Many Functionalities Regardless of the complexity of the campaign – the central setup of QMP minimises the initial planning phase before a client’s campaign starts. An overview of the campaign across various channels ensures a comprehensive evaluation of the overall performance. Instant performance analysis on each level of a campaign (channel, publisher, in dividual placements) helps improve potentially underperforming elements of the campaign. Funnel analysis determines the efficiency of the pre-order path. Helping to analyse why and where users drop off as well as highlighting how to avoid user drop off. The QMP accompanies every stage of the campaign life cycle. PAGE 12
  7. 7. Tools #SEA All levels of campaign performance are easily accessible by both the brand or agency contact, allowing them to recognise the optimisation potential even faster. Higher quality, lower CPCs – compare actual search queries with key figures, and either add efficient keywords or eliminate inefficient ones. Bid management for conversion and broadrange campaigns, as well as a full transparency over the adopted system regulations with extra reporting. Keyword and AdText templates for dynamic feed campaigns ensure the most up to date content (automatic update of product line and prices in the texts). Page 14
  8. 8. Tools #SEO Measurement and evaluation: Tracking of all relevant SEO KPIs and evaluation of the channel‘s efficiency based on varied criteria: SUMA, keyword, click s, leads, orders etc. Monitor and compare key competitors. Permanent analysis of performance indicators for SEO and SEA: rankings, keywords, t raffic-volume etc. Monitoring of all Web 2.0 streams: Brand and domain names mentioned in social, blogs, news, fo rums etc. Allows one to quickly react with off-page optimisation. SEO ranking monitoring of singular keywords incl. their search volume, changes in comparison to previous measurements, com petition etc. PAGE 16
  9. 9. Tools #Display Advertising Adjustable - A dashboard provides detailed information in every window. Window views can be later extracted as a chart or picture. Provides a complete overview of all campaign setup settings on several SSPs and Ad Exchanges in only a few clicks. Dynamic and automatic real-time optimisation of ad delivery and bidding strategy for every campaign in accordance with specific goals based on actual performance. Different reporting features ensure individual campaign monitoring with maximum efficiency. Page 18
  10. 10. Tools #Affiliate Marketing A Customised dashboard ensures an overview of all connected networks and direct partners. Add new networks and direct partners without any effort for the client. Automated transaction processes ensure security and prevent numerical deviations. Comprehensive alert features via email and text offers optimally customised automated traffic monitoring. Product data can be enriched in various ways and can be adjusted to the individual needs of networks and direct partners – without any effort for the client. PAGE 20
  11. 11. Tools #Conversion Optimisation Easy, quick, and reliable – Running A/B tests to increase the CR of the website. Requires no work by your graphics and tech team Comprehensive analysis of the data measured for every test variant. Immediate comparison of conversion rates possible without risking deviations Faster and more efficient Conversion Optimisation – Visualising the parts that the user perceives in the first decisive seconds Fine-tuning Web designs with heatmaps displays which elements of the website attract the most attention and which parts should be optimised PAGE 22
  12. 12. QUISMA Offices Germany Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt Austria Vienna Switzerland Zurich Benelux Amsterdam United Kingdom London QUISMA GmbH Rosenheimer Straße 145 d 81671 Munich QUISMA Austria Wienerbergstraße 11/29 1100 Vienna QUISMA Switzerland Josefstrasse 212 8005 Zurich QUISMA Benelux Karperstraat 10 1075 KZ Amsterdam QUISMA UK 26 Red Lion Square London, WC1R 4HQ Contact: Johann Hermann Email: info@quisma.com Phone: +49 89 4423820 Contact: Nicola Pohoralek Email: info@quisma.com Phone: +43 1 605550 Contact: Katharina Geldner Email: info@quisma.com Phone: +41 444879140 Contact: Michel Vreeburg Email: infonl@quisma.com Phone: +31 20 5757773 Contact: Ellie Edwards-Scott Email: infouk@quisma.com Phone: +44 (0)207 1584501 Spain Madrid Italy Milan Poland Warsaw France Paris Turkey Istanbul QUISMA Spain c/ Norias, 92 28221 Majadahonda ( Ma) QUISMA Italy Via del Mulino 4 20090 Assago (MI) QUISMA Poland ul. Zaryna 2B (budynek D) 02-593 Warszawa QUISMA France 32 rue Guersant 75017 Paris QUISMA Turkey Harman Sokak Harmancı Giz Plaza 34394 Istanbul Contact: Ignacio Arenillas Email: infoes@quisma.com Phone: +34 91 7361146 Contact: Ilaria Zampori Email: infoit@quisma.com Phone: +39 23216371 Contact: Magdalena Mulenga Email: infopl@quisma.com Phone: +48 221133244 Contact: Nathalie Pottier Email: infofr@quisma.com Phone: +33 1 70395963 Contact: Öneş Yaşayan Email: infotr@quisma.com Phone: +90 (0)212 2707886 United Arabic Emirates Dubai Belgium Brussels Russia Moscow Czech Republic Prague Sweden Stockholm QUISMA Level 4, MAF Tower Deira City Centre QUISMA Jules Cockxstraat 8-10 BE-1160 Brussels QUISMA 2 Tsvetnoy Boulevard 127051 Moscow H1.cz - a QUISMA company Rozkošného 5 150 00 Praha 5 QUISMA Birger Jarlsgatan 50 103 77 Stockholm Contact: Newaz Islam Email: infoae@quisma.com Phone: +971 (0)501890020 Contact: John Wittesaele Email: infobe@quisma.com Phone: +32 (0)2 678 25 43 Contact: Kazim Tahir-Kheli Email: inforu@quisma.com Phone: Contact: David Špinar Email: info@h1.cz Phone: +420 234 299 800 Contact: Jens Hard Email: infose@quisma.com Phone: + 46 8 507 575 50 Suchmaschinenoptimierung mit QUISMA, 02.November 2011