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"A Designer in a Web World" Talk at #barcamppt


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A small talk at #barcamppt about the state of webdesign in portugal.

Published in: Technology, Business
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"A Designer in a Web World" Talk at #barcamppt

  1. 1. A Designer in the Web World by Marco Sousa follow: @h1brd | @scarletbits
  2. 2. Not Your Normal Academic Path Background in Arts A VERY strange trip in Computer Engineering (hate/love feelings) Finding the Web Design Way
  3. 3. The “my cousin did my website problem” Web Design IS NOT JUST visual design, Web Design IS NOT JUST creating gradients in photoshop, and... Web Design is most definitely NOT a linear task.
  4. 4. So What Is Web Design? A complex process of research, creative brainstorming, concepts creation and refining until deadline.
  5. 5. It’s Not an Extra It’s a Requirement Unless you are coding for machines, you will want people to understand your app/platform/website/... Usability & User Experience (UX) are Key, Interface Design is more than good Graphics, it’s the last layer between the code and the user.
  6. 6. Design Meets Code There’s a problem...most graphic designers don’t understand how the “engine” works, The Designer needs to understand what it is designing for! ...but There is the developer hates designer and vice versa problem. Why?
  7. 7. Design becomes Code? (html5,css3) Design will always be a creative process (translation: we won’t steal your job), Stronger requirements for Web Designers, Multi Disciplinary Teams.
  8. 8. Bottom-Line Design is Important and should take time.
  9. 9. Questions? follow: @h1brd | @scarletbits