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2017 product brochure


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Jerry's Gourmet Berries 2017 Product Catalog

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2017 product brochure

  1. 1. Jerry’s Gourmet Berries Since 2011 2017 PRODUCT CATALOG “Our goal is to provide exciting, organic foods to the public.” We service….. Restaurants…..Food Co-ops.....Farm Markets……Bed & Breakfasts “Taste the Goodness of Organic” Jerry’s Gourmet Berries 633 Wisman Road Woodstock, VA 22664 540-333-2677 email:
  2. 2. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY CALENDAR June-September Red, Yellow, Purple, Black Raspberries Pink, Blue Blueberries Blackberries Aronia Berries & Juice Year-Round *Artisan & Heirloom Tomatoes* *Mesclun Salad Mixes* *Lettuce* *Cucumbers* *Hot Peppers* (habanero, ghost, scorpion) *Fermented Vegetables & Berries* (okra, carrot, multi-colored beets) *Berry-Infused Vinegars*
  3. 3. ORGANIC BERRIES Red Raspberries Yellow Raspberries Purple Raspberries Black Raspberries Blueberries Pink Blueberries Blackberries Aronia Berries
  4. 4. FERMENTED PRODUCTS Beets & Cabbage Sweet Potato/Carrot Sauerkraut Dill Pickles Ginger Carrots Corn Salsa Made with organic vegetables Beets & Turnips Mixed Veggies Aka: Shawarmi Kimchee Apples Jerry’s Gourmet Berries: 540-333-2677
  5. 5. NEW FERMENTS Coming Soon Onions Jalapeños Radishes
  6. 6. ORGANIC HOT SAUCES Available in individual jars: Habanero Hot Sauce Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Scorpion Hot Sauce Chocolate Hot Sauce OR . . . . . Available in sets: The “4 Hot Sauces of the Apocalypse” Jerry’s Gourmet Berries: 540-333-2677
  7. 7. ORGANIC TOMATOES Cherry Tomatoes Indigo Cherry Drop Purple Bumble Bee Brown Berry Jelly Bean Sunshine Sweet Treat Abracazebra Red Robin
  8. 8. ORGANIC TOMATOES Mid-Sized AmishGoldSlicer MoonGlow BloodyButcher Roma Jerry’s Gourmet Berries: 540-333-2677
  9. 9. ORGANIC TOMATOES Beefsteak BushBeefsteak CostolutoGenovese GiallodeSummer PinkBerkleyTie-Dye Solar Flare
  10. 10. RESTAURANTPRICEMENU Each Case(12) Berries Aronia Berries ½ pint $6.00 $65.00 Blackberries 1 pint $5.00 $54.00 Blueberries 1 pint $5.00 $54.00 Raspberries ½ pint $5.00 $54.00 Produce Cherry Tomatoes 1 pint $5.00 $50.00 Heirloom Tomatoes 1 lb. $4.00 $70.00-(20 lbs.) Lettuce (bag) 1 quart $8.00 $80.00
  11. 11. RESTAURANT PRICE MENU Each Case(12) Fermented Products 1 Pint $ 8.00 $88.00 1 Quart $13.00 $140.00 Infused Vinegars Blueberry 8 oz. $ 7.00 $75.00 Raspberry 8 oz. $ 7.00 $75.00
  12. 12. About Jerry’s Gourmet Berries Jerry’s Gourmet Berries was established in 2011 by Jerry Fields, a former MIT graduate, Air Force Lieutenant, and Aerospace Executive for a U.S. Government defense contractor. Jerry became interested in the nutritional habits of the various countries he traveled to for business, and that interest blossomed into starting an organic berry farm after retirement. Our farm was certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic in 2012 and what started out as a small berry-producing farm turned into a multi-location berry & produce production with a greenhouse for growing produce year-round. Today, Jerry’s Gourmet Berries produces certified organic berries, produce, fermented foods, berry-infused vinegars, aronia juice, and hot sauces. Customers include restaurants, bed & breakfasts, food co-ops & farm markets, in Northern Virginia, as well as Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.
  13. 13. For more information, please contact: Jerry Fields Jerry’s Gourmet Berries Woodstock, VA 540-333-2677 E-mail: