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The battle of leyte gulf


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The battle of leyte gulf

  1. 1. By Kairos Pacheco 12/6/12
  2. 2. The Battle of Leyte Gulf, know as the greatest naval battle in history, takesplace throughout the Philippine Islands and on many fronts, including, air,water, and land. In this battle some of the greatest commanders in US historycame together in this battle to conquer the Japanese; Admiral William F.Halsey, Admiral Chester Nimitz, and of course General Douglas MacArthur. Famous landing of Douglas Macarthur on Philippine soil again where he announces, “People of the Philippines, I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God, our forces stand again on Philippine soil.” Map of the Battle of Leyte Gulf
  3. 3. The Us masses hundreds of ships and thousands of men for one of the largest invasions of all time.US troops land on Leyte for beginning of Battle formation of US ships.attack. (Right) Allied force’s planes and aircraft flying towards Leyte Gulf to join the battle.
  4. 4. Ocean view of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, a battlethat was fought over some thousand-plus squaremiles of ocean. Among other techniques, the Battle of Leyte Gulf iwas the first and last time that the Japanese used the technique of Kamikaze, meaning “Divine Wind” in Japanese. Kamikaze was a technique where the pilot would purposefully crash into an enemy ship, killing themselves but also inflicting major damage. On the left is the kamikaze flag, and top right is a Japanese kamikaze plane.
  5. 5. Carriers exchanging fire and men going to rescue them towards the ending ofThe biggest naval battle of history, covering the battle.over a thousand square miles, betweenthousand of men and hundreds of shipsended with the retreat of the Japanese andthe recapturing of the Philippines. Not awidely recognized battle but a veryimportant nonetheless. Forever we willremember that day.
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