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This is my portfolio so far.

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  1. 1. Portfolio Conrado Vi azor 1
  2. 2. Dear Viewers, Welcome to my portfolio. In this slideshow, I wi show you my past works. Fair warning, I did not select these pieces based on a earances, I selected these pieces based on my growth in creative advertising. I f l past experiences and outcomes on particular projects help shape the creativity and personality of an individual. For the upcoming slides, I wi introduce and explain the themes and me ages of my works. So here we go... 2
  3. 3. AAF Regional A y’s rEVOLUTION “Be the rEVOLUTION” In the fa of 2006, a sma group of advertising students teamed up to create a themed event for the upcoming 2007 Regional A y’s. Supervised by Peter Evans, we came up with the big idea for the event. First, we pushed forward a revolution theme which became more about re-evolution as creative advertising was always evolving. Because of the constant change in creative advertising, we a ed a futuristic tech f l to the theme because of the similar growth of technology and media, also the event was located in the Silicon Va ey. A copywriter, a graphic designer and I developed and produced email blast, “save the date” cards, posters, fliers, and a proposed website dedicated to the upcoming event. These pieces were based on the f l and me age of our “save the date” card. 3
  4. 4. AAF A y’s: “Save the Date” Cards reINVENT INTERactive MEDIArich be the R EVOLUTION upLOAD action SCRIPT RoadBLOCKbanner front 4
  5. 5. AAF A y’s: “Save the Date” Cards 188 W. Santa Clara San Jose, Ca 95112 R EVOLUTION Welcome Innovators. R EVOLUTION The time has come to unite and stand up for diversity in advertising John Doe, Art Director A Call-for-Entries email will be in your excellence. The world is constantly XYZ Advertising, Inc. in-box the beginning of December moving forward and it’s up to us 1234 Main Street, Suite 234 with entry deadline mid January. A to move with it. Change is inevitable. San Jose, Ca 95112 Bay Area wide ADDY Award Celebration will be held the first So show us you ARE the revolution week of March. and ARE the spark for change. Enter this year’s AAF local ADDYs, It is our time. It is your time the first to unite two advertising powerhouses – AD+, the Silicon So mark your calendars… Valley Ad Club, and SF BIG. 05:148:23:29:18 ...to change the world. 05:148:23:29:18 back 5
  6. 6. Subaru Marketing Campaign NtuitiV “Ready, Set, Subaru” In the fa of 2007, a group from the busine department came to the advertising department l king for advertising seniors for their Subaru grad marketing campaign. I a epted and a embled a creative team. I came up with the slogan “ready, set, subaru” after reading their research on their target market. We learned co ege students wanted a car that would last them and prepare them for the future. Similar to a race, co ege students were ready to take on cha enges, they were set to where they want to be, but why go in a typical second hand car, instead go in a Subaru. Just like the A y’s, we kept consistent with the f l and me age of our first flyer and a lied it to the events, tshirts and posters. 6
  7. 7. Subaru: Ready, Set, Subaru front 7
  8. 8. Subaru: Ready, Set, Subaru A student’s car should not only be about saftey and handling, it’s about preparation and drive. Are you . Come see and learn about the Subaru Impreza line. Free Food & Free Give aways. 11.10.07//12-3pm 7th Street Cesar Chavez (near Event Center) 9th Street Plaza (near Career Center) back 8
  9. 9. M t Us After Sch l M t Us After Sch l “I wi not forget my ha pa when I go to M.U.A.S.” Spring of 2007, two clubs from the Ma Co unication department, SAS and PRSA, wanted to combine a networking event ca ed “M t Us After Sch l”. It would be an evening with PR and Advertising profe ionals networking with co ege students for future internships and jobs. After being told the event would take place in our department building, I had the idea of making it an after sch l detention themed event. Student’s were reminded with posters and fliers to not forget their “ha pa es” when they walk through the ha s during the event. The “ha pa es” were tickets students purchased to come to the event. 9
  10. 10. M t Us After Sch l posters 10
  11. 11. M t Us After Sch l tickets 11
  12. 12. AAF Regional Coca Cola Campaign Coca Cola Campaign “Stay Cla ic” From fa 2006 to spring 2007, a team of students both creative and busine side of advertising co aborated to compete in the AAF Regional Campaigns Competition. We were to build a fu advertising campaign based on the provided information given by Coca Cola. My team using research and strategy from our buisne team and Coca Cola developed and produced print ads, web viral videos, gue i a ads, bi boards, trasportation ads and a website. For consistency, the ads had the tagline “Stay Cla ic” and fo owed the main styles and f ling from our thr main print ads. 12
  13. 13. AAF: Coca Cola Campaign A Classic as seen by Atlanta tattoo artist, LouLou Quintela. Stay Classic. Coca-Cola Classic since 1886. StayClassic.com ta ad 13
  14. 14. AAF: Coca Cola Campaign gra iti ad 14
  15. 15. AAF: Coca Cola Campaign it’s so ridiculous maybe i did, maybe i didn't noRway! im right, ur wrong that time’t loveht ain rig U 2 sweet big reeeally? QT 4 life can we go? IM me life is good :) YAY! omg, it was so funny! so what comes next? listen up So I was like, “are you for real?” and he was like... blo er ad 15
  16. 16. Regional Medical Center of San Jose Regional Medical Center “Remember Antibiotics” In 2008, my father came to asking me to make posters for his hospital. He informed me about the importance of antibiotics, especia y after surgery and how many of their patients forget or neglect to purchase antibiotics. So he wrote a propsal campaign to the head doctors of Regional Medical Center of San Jose to a ow sma advertisments in the hospital to remind patients to purchase antibiotics. I came up with the tagline “Remember Antibiotics” with a quick copy “A surgical incision infection prevention” to remind patients the benefits of antibiotics. The ads were made simple using a single antibiotic pi with the tagline, and they were put around the surgical and pharmacutical areas where patients would s them. 16
  17. 17. Regional Medical Central: Remember Antibiotics Remember Antibiotics. A surgical incision infection prevention. Regional Medical Center of San Jose Surgical Care Improvement Project Dedicated To Your Well Being. posters 17
  18. 18. Regional Medical Central: Remember Antibiotics Remember Antibiotics. A surgical incision infection prevention. Regional Medical Surgical Care Improvement Project Center of San Jose Dedicated To Your Well Being. posters 18
  19. 19. RGX Body Spray RGX Co ercial Concept “The Secret is Out.” In spring of 2007, as a co ercial project, we were to develop a viral web co ercial to post online. We were to come up with a tagline, script a co ercial, create a story board, and fina y sh t and edit the video. I came up with the tagline “the secret is out” implying that women are a racted to men who sme g d. As for the script, we brain stormed many ideas, but we came up with a guy l king at himself in the mi or while shaking something be ow the mi or. Another guy comes in and glances curiously to what he is shaking, but trying not to be awkward because of it is location. Fina y, the man stops shaking and pu s up a can of RGX, sprays his body and leaves. The other guy l ks at the can intrigued and grabs it and shakes it up and sprays it onto his body. 19
  20. 20. RGX: The Secret is out scr n shot 20
  21. 21. 50th Aniv. of the City of Fremont 50th Aniv. Video “The Faces of Fremont” Fa of 2006, the city of Fremont asked my film/tv co ege profe or to film a video promo. It would be about the people of Fremont for their city’s 50th A iversary. A co eague and I was contacted to a emble as sma team and create a video promo about the people in the city. “The Faces of Fremont” became our main tagline and I had the idea of sh ting and gathering photos of the people in Fremont. We went to events, firehouses, city ha , neighborh ds, etc and t k photos of people. I gathered and edited photos and began to layout the photos to spe out “faces”. Afterwards, I directed the film editors to pan into the layout photos and slowly spe out the le ers using pa ing. By the end of January 2007, our video was played in a Gala through out the whole year. 21
  22. 22. Fremont’s 50th Aniv.: Faces of Fremont scr n shot 22
  23. 23. RGX Co ercial Concepts RGX “The Return of Chivalry” Su er of 2007, I interned at Z ka Creative as Copywriter. RGX was one of the many clients Z ka had and o ly enough I ended up working for Z ka. I became in charge of coming up with advertising concepts about RGX. I came up with print and co ercial concepts. RGX pushed the tagline “the return of chivalry” and using their proposed tagline started to build co ercial and print ideas. We brainstormed many ideas and we broke them up in parts. I was in charge of the “live action guys with women problems” where I t k non-sensitive characters like vikings and pirates who were in these high action scenarios discu ing to one another about their female problems. I scripted co ercials storyboards and proposed print ad concepts based on my co ercials. 23
  24. 24. RGX “The Return of Chivalry”: Pirate Problems RGX Return of Chivalry: Pirate Problems Scene 1 Title Scene 2 Scene 1 Scene 2 “Pirate Problems” Argus Sam Avast, Lad! Glorious Day! Well, I brought her rum and fish Two pirates are carring back a Sam and told her my Roger was jolly chest to their ship while being Arr... seeing her and she got upset. attacked by other pirates. Argus Argus What be the matter lad? Arrr, fragile women be, like jelly- Sam fishes they are. Next time get’er a It’s Mary, she was upset at me fancy hat, take’r out fer grub, and from the last visit. give’r a nice ol’jeweled dagger. Argus Aye. Tell Argus what happened? page 1 24
  25. 25. RGX “The Return of Chivalry”: Pirate Problems The Return of Chivilary Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 3 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Sam Argus Argus & Sam Aye, you’re right Argus. I’ll go So ye said yer Roger was jolly Hahahahahaha! apologize to her and make it seein’ her, aye? Sam right! Argus Aye... Argus Arr! That be the right thing to do! What ye should have said was “prepare to be boarded!” page 2 25
  26. 26. RGX “The Return of Chivalry”: Viking Problems RGX Return of Chivalry: Viking Marriage Counseling Scene 1 Title Scene 2 Scene 1 Scene 2 “Viking Problems” Erik Erik So, Helga told me that I don’t After that invasion, I was tired, so Two vikings are looting a village pay enough attention to her. when I went home to take a nap and is under attack by local sol- Orn there she was smiling at me diers. How so? when I arrived. Orn That’s all? page 1 26
  27. 27. RGX “The Return of Chivalry”: Viking Problems The Return of Chivilary Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Erik Erik Erik I smiled back of course because she Flowers? HELGA... looked really nice wearing that new Orn dress she had been sewing... Yeah... ...oh. Eric Orn What? Yeah... Orn Erik Fresh deer. You think I should apologize. Orn You should apologize. Erik I‘ll apologize. Orn Yeah. page 2 27
  28. 28. PINC SF Convention P.I.N.C. B th “Conservative Kitchen” By su er of 2008, I had already became Z ka Creative’s Print Project Manager. One of my grueling, yet favorite print project was the 2008 Printing Industries of Northern California (P.I.N.C.) Show. The tagline was “Peace, Love, Print” with a 60’s psychedelic theme for the show. However, we decided to go the o osite conservative route with a family kitchen based from the 60’s. This project was a complete 180 from what I have done in the past, but I am sti very proud of this project because of my a reciation for POP and b th displays. I was very shocked that I t k on a rea y big project and I pu ed through very we . I discovered a new ski , I could think in 3D when it came to designs. 28
  29. 29. P.I.N.C. Show B th front 29
  30. 30. P.I.N.C. Show B th top right 30
  31. 31. P.I.N.C. Show B th top left 31
  32. 32. Sitcom Pilot R l to R l “Life couldn’t get any stranger” Fa of 2005, R l to R l, a sitcom pilot co-created and wri en by a friend and I was aired loca y to the city of Fremont and Newark. A story about two female best friends who work in an unusual video rental store for a cri led german. Everyday they dealt with out of the ordinary customers while dealing with their mundane lives. Life couldn’t get any stranger. This TV project was the start of a my creative madne . If I didn’t write this script and create a the weird characters then I would of never realize I wanted to be creative writer. It started as being a comedic writer but I quickly transitioned into a copywriter for advertising as I dreamed on creating the next wi y and creative co ercial. 32
  33. 33. Sitcom Pilot: R l to R l poster 33