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Coworking Space Positioning in Communities - Kolaborato


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Maximize the function of coworking space near you. There is no reason not to collaborate. Collaborate NOW!

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Coworking Space Positioning in Communities - Kolaborato

  1. 1. Coworking Space Positioning in Communities
  2. 2. “If you want to go fast, go ALONE. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER.” -African Proverb
  3. 3. ● Each community/organization has goals, no? ○ Vision ○ Mission ○ etc ● To achieve its goals, community/organization need to do ACTIVITIES, no? Question “Is your organization run the activities effective and efficient?” “Community == Organization”
  4. 4. Problems ● Lack of resources ○ “We don’t have enough people to do this and that..” ■ “Should we hire more people? Should we take interns? etc” ● Lack of knowledge ○ “We don’t know how to run this project..” ■ “Should we outsource this project? Should we find an advisor for this project?” ○ “Are we going the right direction?” ■ “Should we hire consultant? Where to find mentor for this particular project?” ● Lack of networks/channels ○ “We don’t have any contacts in corporates/government/campuses”, “We don’t know how to find interns” ● Lack of capitals ○ “We don’t have enough money to do this...” The list goes on….
  5. 5. Is coworking space considered a solution? Professionals Freelancer Startups Students Enterpreneur Corporates
  6. 6. Imagine this… Online showcase Offline Workshop Bogor Art Awareness Project
  7. 7. “Collaborate NOW!” -Kolaborato Maximize the benefit of coworking spaces near your community.