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  1. 1. ER Communications Timeline Link or mention pf article in monthly email page(s) with ER statement and achivements toward objectives with data and stories. PHASE 2 (3 Q FY 11—2Q FY 12) ER statement and success stories to date. Lattice, Intranet. (All associates) ER Statement and team formation in Enterprise Update. ER Statement and examples in Annual Report (all associates and Shareholders) PHASE 1 (1 Q FY 11—2Q FY 12) “ Gore products that Solve Environmental Problems” slides and brochure on request (outside use) Create permanent archive on intranet of stories, progress to date. Consider signature internal event, e.g, “Environmental Responsibility Day” Presentations and discussions with Leadership groups
  2. 2. Develop Product Brochure Intranet Page with product info Email to Associates, linking to intranet Talking points for external audiences Brochure Communication Plan Internal Audience <ul><li>Goals: </li></ul><ul><li>Engage with Associate audience to deepen overall understanding of Gore’s commitment to the Environment </li></ul><ul><li>Enable behavior that will achieve a positive economic impact while being environmentally responsible. </li></ul>Gore Products that Solve Environmental Problems
  3. 3. Packaging Vents MARCOM Map Info Deliverables Project : Phase 1 A) Develop marketing literature B) Develop Brochure C) Design Web Site Map Phase 2 A) Update Sales Presentation B) Update Data Sheets C) Create New Web Site Data Sheets Brochure Marketing Literature Sales Presentation Web Site Product General Why Vent? Messages to Specific Markets