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Phaedra Boinodiris - Using Games to Do Stuff: The IBM Way


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Organizations are straining to interpret and make informed decisions based on the abundance of data captured by advanced data systems to optimally manage strategic and tactical business operations. Serious Games can harness the power of analytics to enable a better understanding of the data and information gathered from these systems. A by-product of collaborative gameplay will be better decisions that help produce innovative and effective solutions addressing complex issues organizations are faced with today.

At IBM, Boinodiris and Hamilton have led the way in using gamification approaches to create new applications, business processes and solutions that span a wide range of enterprise concerns. Along the way, they've helped the company become a leader in this burgeoning field and develop monetization approaches that leverage the organization's expertise.

Learn how you can leverage the lessons of IBM to transform your enterprise using gamification and serious games through these practical examples.

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Phaedra Boinodiris - Using Games to Do Stuff: The IBM Way

  1. 1. © 2011 IBM CorporationIBM @ PlayWhere Play melds with Big Data for big ROI
  2. 2. According to a recent study, using data visualization, simulations andscenario development will be the most valuable techniques to analyze allthe data
  3. 3. Confluence NeedSophisticatedGame Engines• Real Time StrategyGames• City SimsCommercialApplicationsCloud• Data Deluge• Complex Systems• Managing Partners• Decision making• Analytics• Communities• Business Process Mgmt• Relational databases… Supporting flow of realdata & real processesSMARTERSeriousGames
  4. 4. ROI extends well beyond virtual trainingReturn on InvestmentTeach a Process/Instructional DesignOPTIMIZE APROCESS
  5. 5. A walkthrough of three Business Games
  6. 6. 6IBM Confidential
  7. 7. Leaders can improve and vet business processes in a videogame format.Transform this process flow……into this format.Hit Play Button to Begin
  8. 8. SimArchitect Example (a collection of many tactics) SimArchitect Siteand social wrapper(Also offers background analytics)
  9. 9. Imagine, Games with this Muscle…
  10. 10. Municipalities can enable a ‘Smarter Conversation’ aboutpublic policy with their citizenryTransform the process of vetting public policy ortraining for disaster response……into this format.‘Serious Games can enable better bi-lateralconversations with customers’----Forrester
  11. 11. Imagine, the Next Gen City Sim Game…Citizenry/ GeneralPublic AwarenessGame DesignersEducatorsBusinessesUniversitiesResearchersUrban PlannersGovernmentStakeholdersTOPMOSTGAMELAYERSCIENTIFICMODELSTOOLSINTEGRATIONUser Generated ContentAutomated Inputs from SensorsANALYTICS
  12. 12. The Gamification Battlefield: ‘Exploitationware’Virtual Rewards only:Points and Badges•Courtesy Buster Benson, “The Game Always Wins”•NOTE: Read Ian BogostBeware of ChocolateCovered BroccoliTrough ofDisillusionmentLittle ROIWhy Reinvest?User Value Business Value
  13. 13. What’s Missing?Historical data to custom curate experienceCollaborationas a goalMeaningful Virtual& Physical rewards
  14. 14. The Gamification EvolutionThey know whatmotivates me.Business ValueUser ValueUse Historical Data to Curate ExperienceMore ProductivityMore RetentionMore LoyaltyLook to advances in e-Commerce to see how this is done today!Apply deep customer insights and behaviors from both online and offline channels.Deliver personalized, timely communications, pricing and experiences, from mobileand web to email and social networking.DemandTek - Unica - Coremetrics
  15. 15. The Gamification EvolutionI am a driver ofchange and am part ofa larger focusedcollective.Business ValueUser ValueIncorporate Collaboration as a Goal for use in entire orgecosystemTeam buildingLeadershipMulti-Lateral feedbackIncorporate Social business tools as your gamification platform.
  16. 16. Bunchball Integration with IBM Connections
  17. 17. IBM Gamification Example - PredictiveMarketplaces Proactive versusReactive Learning– IJAM Prediction Market– Predictive learningdashboards– More predictions andfuture team trends
  18. 18. Games for CrowdsA Crowdsourcing Game PlatformGames for Crowds is an innovative web-based platform that enables users to design, build anddeploy their own crowdsourcing games. Whether youre an inexperienced user or a savvydeveloper, Games for Crowds offers an easy and intuitive way to harness the playfulness ofgames in order to accomplish a wide range of tasks, for example, filling gaps in social networks,finding SMEs within the enterprise, building business glossaries, taxonomies and more.Challenge the Crowd. Gain Insight.
  19. 19. The Gamification EvolutionAs they know me, theyknow what rewardsare meaningful to me.Business ValueUser ValueMeaningful Virtual & Physical rewards based on historical dataMore ProductivityMore RetentionMore Loyalty
  20. 20. Find an Expert Game Challenge: How do I find the right people to do the job? Solution: Motivate users to participate and teach system byadvancing their own ‘street cred’ using analytics.Improve future searches for expertise in much the same manner as the captchaeffort -- as more people identify the expert community via the wet grid ofcrowdsourced brainpower, we can get an improved intelligent system foridentifying experts itself.
  21. 21. Time Management GameThink of it like or Nike+,but for managing your time
  22. 22. In ConclusionBig Data and Analytics can evolve serious games andgamification to new heights, improving ROI.– When you inspire your workforce to innovate and collaborate moreproductively, you create tangible business value.– When you anticipate needs and deliver exceptional experiences,you delight your customers and create advocates.– When you integrate your business processes with the rightgamification tactics, you secure a competitive advantage andpioneer new ways of doing business.