Morgan Lynch - Social Selling: Threading the Needle


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Needle CEO and founder, Morgan Lynch, has created a remote online customer sales chat platform that implements gamification to encourage remote workers to excel, using social influence to sell. He is an expert in using game mechanics in a non-game context to incentivize remote workers to achieve success by clearly defining benchmark performance goals – creating healthy competition as they compete for points toward free products and more. Needle’s system is proven to help brands boost their online sales and strengthen the online customer experience.

During this session, Morgan explains how using gamification with his untraditional online sales support platform has improved productivity and performance, while driving millenial workers in unique and unprecedented ways.

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  • So were talking about getting back to basics today and how that relates to the conversion funnel. Think back to late 90s, we as emarketers were all so excited about the Internet, and that we didn’t have to have people anymore – that we forgot that direct human interaction with experts and credible salespeople results in conversion and sales. That’s why I’m excited to be a part of this today. While our business might seem cutting edge, in reality – it’s as basic as it gets. Let me start with a story.
  • So I want to give myself any advantage possible. I’ve heard of these suits Michael Phelps wears, I want one. I buy everything I can online, so I start there. I do what we all do, I go to Google and start my search. I start reading forums, reviews, going to sites – I spend like 6 hours, and I end up going to my local Triathlon store to make this purchase. That was the day Needle started. I knew there were 20-30 people online right then that would love to talk to me about this, but they weren’t available. Why not – because they aren’t going to work in traditional call centers.
  • If you want the real triathlon experts, you have to have some core ingredients to get them available. And this goes for experts in anything. They are like us, they don’t work in contact centers. You might have to pay them too depending on the timing and nature of the work.
  • Gamification worked – it enabled us to get creative work done on a consistent basis.
  • Login, check available jobs, read creative briefs, take jobs
  • You always knew where you stood in the community, you got paid more if you did better work
  • People love to review each others work, especially in design and creative tasks. Forced ranking, blind Provided feedback – 85% fair
  • Fans can sell you hardest products to sell.
  • Carly was sitting at home, buying coach bags for 20 years. Coach can’t get her to work in a call center or store. Needle’s platform allows Coach to get Carly in a sales role.
  • Morgan Lynch - Social Selling: Threading the Needle

    1. 1. Social Selling: Threading the Needle
    2. 2. I want to win
    3. 3. How you get experts in real-time• Technology platform that makesaccess easy• Have real work to do –consistently• Intrinsic motivation – enabled bygamification
    4. 4. Logoworks – vintage gamification (2001)• Sliding points scale• Variable pay based onrank• Peer review• Project limiterDesigner community
    5. 5. Meet JedrekJedrek says: "Just a few years of agencywork can make you feel like youre goinginsane. Impossible deadlines, insufferableworkloads, endless changes, pointlessmeeting after meeting, working projects allnight just to find out the client had achange of heart. Logoworks is a breathof fresh air, its none of these things. Ican be creative, I can be conservative, Ican try new things, I can just dothe kind of work Ive alwayswanted to."Username: jedrekLocation: Warsaw, PolandDate Started: 2/7/04Lifetime earnings: $78,430(through 2007)
    6. 6. • First come, first servebasis• Designers choose projectsthey work on• Design and uploadcompositions• Paid same day via PayPalon a tiered structureDesign portal - Gamification
    7. 7. Performance systembased on pointsExpert = 80-100 pointsMid = 50-79 pointsEntry = <50 pointsNew concepts:expert =$40mid =$30entry =$20Design portal – Ranking
    8. 8. Community ranks allworkForced ranking 1-3(someone is best,someone is worst)Possible +12, or -12 eachprojectClient win + 10 pointsDesign portal – Peer review
    9. 9. What we learned about gamification• For creative work - Gamificationisn’t a nice to have, it’s necessary• Burnout is the enemy - You mustlimit ‘gametime’• If something can be exploited, itwill be
    10. 10. Intrinsic Motivation
    11. 11. Needle to dateWorking:•Using points that have real value (productredemption)•Leaderboards (tie into scheduling)•Peer review (critique each others work)•Spontaneous rewardsDoesn’t work:•Using badges and peer recognition alone•Cash motivators•Not providing full visibility into game mechanics
    12. 12. The