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Maggie Buggie - The role of Enterprise Gamification in Building the Digital Advantage


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Businesses, today, are undertaking digital transformation to retain their competitive edge and to build their “digital advantage”. While organizations have ramped up their investments in digital tools and technologies, two-thirds of digital transformation projects fail mainly due to workforce behavioral issues. Our latest research with the MIT Centre for Digital Business indicates that 55% of companies surveyed cited company culture, particularly the challenge of encouraging employees to be receptive to changes in their jobs, to be a major barrier to realization of their digital transformation program.

At Capgemini we believe that the use of gamification in an enterprise context, if designed and implemented effectively can help in accelerating the digital transformation of organizations by driving employee engagement and supporting change management in these initiatives. As gamification comes out of its nascence and tools to implement enterprise gamification become more prevalent, we believe now is the right time for firms to evaluate and consider use of gamification techniques to accelerate their digitally enabled business transformation. In this talk we explore the role of gamification in building digital advantage.

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Maggie Buggie - The role of Enterprise Gamification in Building the Digital Advantage

  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingThe pace of change is accelerating and we find ourselves at a very interesting andexciting cross-roadsPace of change Psychology andmotivationTechnologyaccessibility Maturity ofSocial@MaggieBuggie
  3. 3. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingThe enterprise needs to address key gaps which we have found contribute to thefailure of their digital transformation initiativesSource: “Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for Billion Dollar Organizations”, Capgemini Consulting and MIT Center for Digital Business,2011Missing Skills77%Culture Issues55%Ineffective IT50%@MaggieBuggie
  4. 4. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingEnterpriseGamificationChangeManagementEmployeeEngagementEmployeeTrainingandLearningInnovationProcessEfficiencyThe how of digital transformation is more important for driving overall performance.Enterprise Gamification can help drive faster business case realization@MaggieBuggieSource: “Let the games begin. Using Gamification Mechanics to Drive Digital Transformation ”, Maggie Buggie, Capgemini Consulting 2013
  5. 5. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingOrganisations are digitally transforming three key areas of their companies’ valuepropositionCustomer understanding• Analytics-based segmentation• Socially-informed knowledgeDigital Globalisation• Enterprise Integration• Redistribution decision authority• Shared digital servicesNew Digital Businesses• Digital products• Reshaping organisationalboundariesWorker enablement• Working anywhere anytime• Broader and faster communication• Community knowledge sharingCustomer touch points• Customer service• Cross-channel coherence• Self serviceDigitally-modifiedbusinesses• Product/service augmentation• Transitioning physical to digital• Digital wrappersPerformance management• Operational transparency• Data-driven decision-makingTop line growth• Digitally-enhanced selling• Predictive marketing• Streamlined customer processesProcess digitalisation• Performance improvement• New featuresDigital CapabilitiesCustomerExperienceeOperationalProcesseseBusinessModel• Unified Data and Processes• Analytics Capability• Business and IT Integration• Solution DeliverySource: Capgemini Consulting-MIT Analysis – Digital Transformation: A roadmap for billion-dollar organisations(c) 2013@MaggieBuggie
  6. 6. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingThe DNA of digital leaders is exhibited in two areas: Digital Intensity andTransformation Management IntensityDigital Intensity Transformation Management IntensityTechnology-enabled initiatives in:• Customer Experience• Internal Operations• Business models• Core digital capabilitiesLeadership capabilities including:• Vision• Governance• Engagement• IT-Business Relationships• Change management@MaggieBuggie
  7. 7. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingBuilding the Digital Advantage….This is not for us!@MaggieBuggieDigitalintensityTransformation management intensityBeginners
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  10. 10. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingBuilding the Digital Advantage….digitalThis is not for us!digitaldigitaldigitaldigitaldigitalAnalogue TransformationDigerati!GROWTH + 9 %PROFIT + 26 %MARKET VALUE + 12 %@MaggieBuggieDigitalintensityTransformation management intensityBeginnersFashionistasConservatives
  11. 11. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingSome industries are more mature than others…BankingConsumerPackaged GoodsInsuranceManufacturingPharmaceuticalsRetailHighTechnologyTelecomsTravel andhospitalityUtilitiesAverage industrymaturity:Telcos• Fast to launch digital initiatives• Need to integrate and align initiativesacross silos Retailers• Strong in social and mobile• Need to focus on cross-channelconsistency, workerenablement and analyticsManufacturers• See less opportunity / threat in digitaltransformation• Need a transformative digital vision andthe leadership drive to develop impetusInsurers• Strong digital governancecapabilities, but• Regulatory worries and a risk-averse culture@MaggieBuggieBeginnersFashionistasConservativesDigeratiSource: Capgemini Consulting-MIT Analysis – Digital Transformation: A roadmap for billion-dollar organisations(c) 2013
  12. 12. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingAt the core of every successful digital transformation initiative is peopleKey SuccessFactorsAdopt anIterativeApproachProactivelyManageGameCompletionContinuouslyMeasureand AdjustSet up InternalCapabilitiesDefine theUserGroupIdentify aClear GoalMajor Insurer:How to provide customer centric insurance advice?Market Leading Retail Bank:How to become the world leading “digital bank withbranches by 2016”?Analogue Food Retailer:How to move from mono channel bricks and mortarservice provision to an all-channel offering?Global Power Utility:How to transform customer service operations at anaffordable cost to serve?@MaggieBuggieTop Global Luxury Retailer:How to maintain the pace of change and innovationrequired to be a world leader?Key Success Factors for Enterprise Gamification
  13. 13. Copyright © 2013 Capgemini ConsultingThank you@MaggieBuggieHow digital leadersoutperform their peers inevery industryLet the GamesBeginUsing GamificationMechanics to Drive DigitalTransformationThe DigitalAdvantageFind out more on www.capgemini-consulting.comMore than 100.000 visitors per month‘Capgemini Consulting is the sole digital specialist in the consulting market. Its digital specialist modelhas delivered the strongest all-around capability set’. Kennedy Research, March 2013