Kes Sampanthar - Verizon’s Ignite App: Engaging Your Salesforce through Motivational Design


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New generations of technology used by new generations usher in new workplace trends. While the "Millennials" and the "Digitals" are driving change, the rest of us are still very much in the game. Come hear Verizon's powerful answer to engaging retail sales reps across varying regions in an attempt to drive sales and improve the customer experience. We'll explore key elements such as motivational design, actionable feedback, and utilization metrics all created to connect our reps to each other, their results, and our customers.

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  • Profitability – improve access to and distribution of information to increase revenueEmployee Engagement – meet employees in their mind space to align on customer’s needs
  • Vast amount of performance and positioning information but in disparate locationsLimited availability on handsets and tabletsInformation targeted by topic but not by individual needsRep level metrics and feedback decoupled from actionable behavior Compensated KPIs getting more attention than customer relationship metrics Traditional training methods addressing a portion of needsDifficulty measuring impact and content consumptionDifficulty measuring impact and value of content creationCostly to remove workforce from floor when results non-sustained
  • What we didTalk to the people: What’s a day in the life of VZW Reps across the country- 60 employees in 20 stores in 5 regions - Small, Medium and Large stores- Low, Medium and High performers - Urban and Rural locationsAll levels of the sales hierarchy - Latino and Non-Latino
  • There were multiple design patterns involved providing rich, visual progress feedback to achieve goals. Here are just a few: Social Uniqueness – personalization (“it’s about me”) drives engagement; we provided the ability to customize monthly goals and add an avatarKairos – addresses the feedback timing, ability to “do something” with information; we provided near real time sales metrics with “Pro-Tips” to help guide Understand Mappings – humans naturally categorize with “normal” brains; we translated complex KPIs to simple, understandable buckets such dashboards and progress screens by sales category
  • Multiple mobile phone platforms to align with Verizon’s employee phone program called BEST DeviceEmphasis on “glance-able moments” so Reps could quickly see information they needed without detracting from customer interactionsAbility for Reps to personalize experience including goal setting and avatar inclusion – CRM for employeesStore and Rep level detail for targeted, real time behavioral influence
  • HTML 5 and Phone Gap solutionSeamless integration with existing Verizon infrastructure, including POS, Data Warehouse, Kronos and PeopleSoft providing real time, validated dataInclusion of Alfresco for CMSTied into Verizon’s EMP infrastructure and security compliance
  • Experience rigorously tested using Cynergy Quality Assurance team before final DeliveryStrategy team on site for launch conducting observations and gathering user feedbackMotivational Design and Innovation videos created to tell the story
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