Keith Smith - "Gamification: Fixing Loyalty & Engagement"


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80% of Web users ‘log on’ daily, but lack loyalty to even the hottest sites. According to Compete, users visit ‘favorite’ sites less than 2 times a month, spending less than 8 minutes viewing only 7 pages per site. Based on quantitative analysis of best practices and case studies across a wide range of categories, this session will discuss specific strategies and tactics that online publishers can use to increase visitor loyalty – repeat visits, pages viewed and time on site.

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  • Over 400 live implementations in the last 12 months aloneWe’ve gone to great lengths to ease the implementation process so our clients can realize measurable value quickly. In the same way that Lean Startup preaches the Build – Measure – Learn feedback loop, we rely heavily on a rapid path to implementation, actionable measurements and then quick response from the learnings.There is a myth that BigDoor is better suited for small sites, and while that’s true – the reality is that large, consumer facing brands choose BigDoor. Those same brands like to keep their best weapons secret, so many of them ask us not to parade their names around. We happily oblige. We currently have over 10 million monthly users, and based solely on our current implementations we will grow to north of 30 million monthly users by next quarter.
  • Loyalty is when users choose you over the competition, when most other things are equal. Users “choose” you by coming to your site or opening your app.Engagement is the measurement of what your users do once they get to your site or app.
  • The primary tool for creating yearn is a meaningful virtual currency.
  • Three years ago we had a theory that gamified rewards programs would have a big impact on user behavior. We are happy to report that this is no longer a theory, we’ve proven it and we continue to prove it every single day.They key to measurement is having a proper control group, and a mechanism for an iterative rollout.
  • Keith Smith - "Gamification: Fixing Loyalty & Engagement"

    1. 1. Gamification: Fixing Loyalty & EngagementKEITH SMITHCO-FOUNDER &CEO, BIGDOOR@CHIEFDOORMAN
    2. 2. BigDoor • Most widely used platform • Top choice by consumer brands • 30MM MAUs by Q3 2012 • Fastest way to implement, measure & learn
    3. 3. The Problem Median Results for Top 5k Sites • Loyalty = 1.5 Visits/Month • Engagement = 5 Pageviews/Visit “The problem is that users are neither loyal nor engaged”
    4. 4. The Solution(s) Onboard Loyalty Social & Yearn Engagement Reward
    5. 5. 1. Onboard
    6. 6. 2. Create Yearn
    7. 7. 3. Reward
    8. 8. 4. Get Social
    9. 9. 5. Rinse & Repeat
    10. 10. The Results
    11. 11. ThankYou! Keith Smith @ChiefDoorman