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GSummit SF 2014 - How a Bank Becomes Playful: Breaking a Lance for Gamification in a Financial Institute by Maarten Molenaar @MaartenMA


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GSummit SF 2014 - How a Bank Becomes Playful: Breaking a Lance for Gamification in a Financial Institute by Maarten Molenaar @MaartenMA

  1. 1. Gamification and banking Breaking a lance for gamification in a financial institute GSummit 2014 Maarten Molenaar | Rabobank Netherlands
  2. 2. “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Who am I ?
  3. 3. <Damgloin> Healer (support role) Achiever/free spirit Who am I ?
  4. 4. • Maarten Molenaar • Manager Gamification Hub • Rabobank Netherlands – 10 million customers – 1.9 million members – 45.000 employees – 48 countries @MaartenMA Maarten Molenaar
  5. 5. Applying game-design thinking to a non-game context in order to achieve: - a higher level of user engagement - change behavior - solve complex situations How I define Gamification
  6. 6. Topics of this talk
  7. 7. Gamification at Rabobank
  8. 8. 2012: Business case for gamification 2013-2014 Gamification Hub 2011: gamification & business? The road to get there
  9. 9. 2012: Business case for gamification 2013-2014 Gamification Hub 2011: gamification & business? The road to get there
  10. 10. Rabobank Gamification Hub
  11. 11. 2012: Business case for gamification 2013-2014 Gamification Hub 2011: gamification & business? The road to get there
  12. 12. Inspiring & teaching • Inspire colleagues • Teach them gamification design thinking. • Invite them to share and co- create Learn from ongoing projects • Combine the fields of (academic) knowledge • Collaborating in the enterprise gamification community Advice & design • On Gamification/gaming topics • Design in (IT)projects • Choosing suppliers • Setting up new projects Rabobank Gamification Hub
  13. 13. The Gartner Hype Cycle
  14. 14. The Gartner Hype Cycle Experiment Formulate vision Implement Benefit
  15. 15. • Connect projects: share lessons learned, promote results. • Research: learn from research inside and outside the banking field. • Communicate: Newsletters, promotions,Yammer, presentations. • Know your organization: learn the issues and problems in your company. 1 Learn • Workshops: teach design thinking, generate leads. • Advice: Find different levels of gamification solutions. • Solve problems: Connect problems with gamified solutions (suppliers). • Stakeholder management: Find the cowboys, support them, share. 2 Teach • Position: From outside/in, bring it to the core, front of business chain • Coach: Show colleagues how to continue. • Build business cases: Show the added value. • Step back: Don’t be “Mr. Gamification” 3 Integrate Rabobank Gamification Hub
  16. 16. Three showcases
  17. 17. Rabobank Mortgage Process: How can we engage our customers to prepare for their mortgage online. • Uploading over 20 documents. • Providing all the required (personal) information in time. • Reading into information/learn about mortgages Rabobank Mortgage process
  18. 18. • “A mortgage is a complex and lengthy procedure.” • “The bank could tell me anything since I don’t understand it at all.” • “I don’t know where to start.” • “I want to get an early indication.” • “I don’t know which documents to provide.” • “It is easier to just bring them to the bank”. “A mortgage consultation is expensive.” Reward: € 450 discount on the consultation fee for customers who completed the process online. 1.500.000 users | 49.5000 consultations 30% increase in use of online channel Rabobank Mortgage process
  19. 19. Rabobank Mortgage process How can we stimulate employees to adapt to their ‘new’ role as a mortgage advisor?
  20. 20. CRM Challenge: How can we engage our employees to continuously improve their work. • Reduce the response time on customer calls • Adapting the ‘lean-principles’ of work (continuous improvement, short-cycled operational steering) CRM Challenge
  21. 21. 50% decrease of throughput on service requests high adoption of lean methods CRM Challenge
  22. 22. How can we reduce the amount of reassignments of reported IT-incidents between different assingment groups? Distribution Challenge
  23. 23. Player Journey Experiment How can we engage customers with their savings activities.(empirical research) • Be aware of their financial mutations (income/outcome). • Set up (and reach) savings goals. • Set up (and maintain) budgets. • Experience unburdened financial control. Player Journey Experiment
  24. 24. Player Journey Experiment
  25. 25. “Different customers need different levels of guidance from their bank.” “How do I know that I’m on the right track?” “What do I need to do to develop the correct savings habits.” Player Journey Experiment
  26. 26. Can we get our own empirical proof for the positive effect of gamification on customer engagement? • Engagement on Player Journey group was significantly higher. • Engagement and appreciation of gamification was higher with low expertise. • Adaptive nature of the Player Journey is of vital importance! Player Journey Experiment
  27. 27. Other activities
  28. 28. Other activities
  29. 29. Other activities
  30. 30. Other activities
  31. 31. Other activities
  32. 32. Do banks lag behind on gamification…? Banking & Gamification
  33. 33. Banks in the early days
  34. 34. Crisis & Scandals
  35. 35. Banks nowadays
  36. 36. • A lot of criticism from our customers on the way we offer our services. • “Banks should stick to the basics.” • Gamification in its current form is often considered a “waste of money”. What does that mean?
  37. 37. • Bad reliability & lack of trust influence the willingness to “play”. • Current gamification manifestations may be too explicit. • Gamification should be on the border of this ‘magic circle’ not inside. The world we live in Where we agree to play Magic circle – Johan Huizinga Reluctance to enter the circle
  38. 38. BBVA vs Rabobank
  39. 39. Points Badges Leaderboards Gamification should not be defined by: The PBL Paradigm
  40. 40. • It is about the motivational design and the gamification mechanics! • The real power of gamification is in the hidden motivators. The real power of gamification
  41. 41. Gamification can apply for banks in: • Increasing employee engagement • Adoption of (behavior) change in internal change programs • Supporting customers in complex procedures and products. • Engaging customers with a controlled and healthy financial lifestyle. Gamification & Banking
  42. 42. Banks need gamification designers with an open mind Move beyond PBL’s
  43. 43. Thank you! Maarten Molenaar @MaartenMA Endgame