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Asi Burak - Half the Sky: Lessons from Games for Change


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Half the Sky is a movement based on the award winning and bestselling book that is poised to take the world of social movements by storm. Working with the authors and international celebrities, the Games for Change organization, led by Asi Burak and Michelle Byrd, has built a coalition aimed at using gamification to empower women and girls. From his years of experience in the field, G4C Executive Director Burak will share how to build broad support for large-scale gamified projects, and what every organization needs to know as it embarks on this transformative path.

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Asi Burak - Half the Sky: Lessons from Games for Change

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  5. 5. The majority of world’sdesigners focus onproducts & services forthe richest 10%Dr. Paul Polak
  6. 6. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
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  8. 8. Audience(1)Sustaining(5)Context(2)Platform(4)Assessment(8)Gameplay(6)Execution(7)Impact(3)Developed in partnership with
  9. 9. Convert digital engagement to real-worldengagement through donations and other activism.Raise global awareness for key areas addressed inHalf the Sky among new audiences (millions ofplayers) that may not be reached by the book ortelevision platforms.Convert awareness to digital engagement throughimmersive gameplay.
  10. 10. Total impressions: 1,487,306Total installs: 547,511Total in donations: $175,000Free books given: 91,655Free life-changing surgeries worth: $60,678Since March 4th…
  11. 11. What Went Well:Lesson #1Partnerships
  12. 12. What Went Well:Lesson #2Commercial level
  13. 13. What Went Well:Lesson #3Marketing
  14. 14. What Went Wrong:Lesson #1Product vs. Service
  15. 15. What Went Wrong:Lesson #2Late for Facebook
  16. 16. What Went Wrong:Lesson #3Alignment of stakeholders
  17. 17. Thank You!@aburak