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How to Manage Migration to SharePoint


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So you have bought Office 365 licenses for your organization, switched everyone to Outlook online and now are ready to roll out the SharePoint “thing”. You make it to the default SharePoint page and your next step is… EXACTLY!!! Where do you start? Which site do you create first? How do you know which sites you need to create for your organization? How do you move gigabytes of files and folders to SharePoint online? This presentation will help answer all these questions you might have about migration to SharePoint. It talks about the phased methodology I have been using with my clients (which has been pretty successful!). It also explains in great detail each of the phases/components of the successful SharePoint implementation and migration.

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How to Manage Migration to SharePoint

  2. 2. @gregoryzelfond About Me  Gregory Zelfond  10+ years of experience with SharePoint  Huge SharePoint Advocate, blogger  Love to solve business problems using code-free, out of the box SharePoint configurations  Owner of SharePoint Maven (
  4. 4. @gregoryzelfond Agenda – Implementation Approach – Greg’s 7 Phases of SharePoint Implementation – Q & A
  5. 5. @gregoryzelfond Remember… Rome was not built in a day… Your SharePoint should not be either
  6. 6. @gregoryzelfond SharePoint Implementation Approach  Think BIG, start SMALL  Break your long-term Intranet Portal vision into manageable phases  Each phase should be no longer than 2 months
  7. 7. @gregoryzelfond SharePoint Implementation Approach, cont’d  Start with easy stuff – Homepage – Policies & Procedures Site – HR Site  Build your Intranet Portal bottom-up (but always keep your long-term vision/ideas in mind)
  8. 8. @gregoryzelfond Don’t forget about User Adoption  SharePoint Implementation IS NOT about Technology  SharePoint Implementation IS ABOUT User Adoption
  9. 9. @gregoryzelfond Waterfall vs. Agile  You won’t succeed if you decide to implement SharePoint using Waterfall Methodology  Agile Methodology is the way to go
  10. 10. @gregoryzelfond Greg’s 7 phases of SharePoint Implementation
  11. 11. @gregoryzelfond PHASE 1: EDUCATION
  12. 12. @gregoryzelfond Education Phase Do the SharePoint Demo first!
  13. 13. @gregoryzelfond Education Phase  Educate the Users about what SharePoint is, its features and functionalities  A series of educational meetings to demonstrate and discuss SharePoint, stir some ideas – Informal Lunch & Learns – Group-specific meetings – Online Webinars
  14. 14. @gregoryzelfond PHASE 2: ANALYSIS & REQUIREMENTS
  15. 15. @gregoryzelfond Analysis & Requirements Phase  Gather requirements to better understand the use cases and business processes around future SharePoint sites, lists and libraries  Ask the right questions – Where does the content currently reside? – Who is the Content Owner? Who owns the content? – Who are the Content Consumers? Who needs to have access to the content – Who cannot have access to the content? – What is the volume of documents? – How are documents organized right now? – What is the business process, if any, for updating documents?
  16. 16. @gregoryzelfond Don’t overdo it!!!  DO NOT setup long meetings  DO NOT create detailed specification documents  DO NOT meet more than 2-3 times to gather requirements
  17. 17. @gregoryzelfond PHASE 3: INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE
  18. 18. @gregoryzelfond High-Level Diagram Site Collection Project Site Template  Document Library (metadata)  Task Module (for MS Project Sync)  Risk Register (Custom List)  Calendar / Task List / Contact List HOMEPAGE  Project Dashboard  Project Templates  Project Request Form (metadata) Project Site A  Project Team (Contribute)  Everyone Else (Read Only) Project Site B  Project Team (Contribute)  No Access for anyone else
  19. 19. @gregoryzelfond Policies ProjectsForms Reports Categorize Your existing Content
  20. 20. @gregoryzelfond Define Metadata for each Category of Documents Doc Category Properties/Columns Tags Policies Audience  Full-Time Employee  Part-Time Employee  Temp Employee Owner Department Revision Date Date Field Forms Form Category  Benefits  Medical  Financial Audience  Full-Time Employee  Part-Time Employee  Temp Employee Reports Year  2015  2014  2013 Report Frequency  Annual  Quarterly  Monthly
  21. 21. @gregoryzelfond PHASE 4: DATA MAPPING
  22. 22. @gregoryzelfond Mapping Template 1. Folders  SharePoint Sites / Document Libraries 2. Documents  SharePoint content types/metadata
  23. 23. @gregoryzelfond PHASE 5: SHAREPOINT CONFIGURATION
  24. 24. @gregoryzelfond
  25. 25. @gregoryzelfond Agile Feedback mechanism Design Feedback
  26. 26. @gregoryzelfond PHASE 6: FILE MIGRATION
  27. 27. @gregoryzelfond Reality about Document Migration Question: How do I move 170GB from my G, K, N (pick a letter) drive to SharePoint? Answer: You don't.
  28. 28. @gregoryzelfond Don’t be a hoarder with SharePoint
  29. 29. @gregoryzelfond Core Files Archive Duplicates Scope of Migration Determine the scope of migration
  30. 30. @gregoryzelfond 4 Migration Options 1. Drag & Drop – Up to 100 files @ a time – Can’t drag folders – Does not retain metadata 2. Open with Windows Explorer + Quick Edit – Does not retain metadata – Works with IE browser only 3. One Drive for Business Sync – Does not retain metadata – 5,000 sync limit 4. 3rd Party Migration Tools
  31. 31. @gregoryzelfond An inexpensive migration tool
  32. 32. @gregoryzelfond 5000 Item Limit Threshold  Beware of the limit, educate yourself and others  There are options and ways to deal and overcome the limit  Reference a slide deck on SlideShare for 10 techniques to mitigate and overcome the issue
  33. 33. @gregoryzelfond PHASE 7: TRAINING
  34. 34. @gregoryzelfond A word about training… “Neglecting SharePoint User Training during implementation is a crime”.  Yes, end users do require training!!!  Remember: SharePoint is not DropBox!  Train on Technology & Business Processes  Train-the-trainer, informal, lunch & learn, online
  35. 35. @gregoryzelfond Blog Posts  How to manage SharePoint Implementation  10 reasons why SharePoint training matters  Introduction to SharePoint Information Architecture
  36. 36. @gregoryzelfond Need help with SharePoint?  SharePoint Site Configuration and Customization  Document Migration to SharePoint  SharePoint Implementation Strategy  SharePoint Training  SharePoint User Adoption  SharePoint Governance  SharePoint Project Management
  37. 37. @gregoryzelfond THANK YOU! Visit: Email: Follow: @gregoryzelfond Connect: View: Get in touch if you have questions