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Offline Marketing for your Blog


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Offline Marketing for your Blog

  1. 1. Offline Marketing for your Blog by Ginger Arboleda
  2. 2. Why Offline? Filipinos Filipinos on Online POPULATION Facebook 29.7MM 22.6MM Population of the Phils.: 91.9 MM
  3. 3. Time Spent OnlineHere are some online statistics from comScore 2010: A person spends around 46.2 minutes online daily. Sleep will be roughly around 8 hours. The avg person spends 15 hours & 14 minutes OFFLINE.
  4. 4. How to Market Offline• Offline marketing can be done so many ways. 8 simple ways to market your blogs OFFLINE.
  5. 5. #1: Talk to People about your Blog• It all starts with making people know that your blog actually exists• You can start with friends and family
  6. 6. #2: Project Professionalism• Know the vision/mission of your blog by heart• Create your job title• Prepare business cards• Have a consistent look
  7. 7. Sample Business Cards
  8. 8. Sample Business Cards
  9. 9. Sample Business Cards
  10. 10. Sample Business Cards
  11. 11. #3: Get out of your comfort zone• Be adventurous!• Hang out with new people• Explore new industries
  12. 12. #4: Build Friendships with otherpeople in the industry• You can share and learn new things from these people• You can build partnerships in the future that would make you more credible and more established
  13. 13. #5: Create Promotional Materials• Use this for brand awareness• Simple giveaways that people can see and use• Doesn’t have to be ‘bongga’
  14. 14. #6: Schedule Speaking Engagements• Start small• You can start doing it at your place of work, or you can organize a small get together with friends who want to go into blogging
  15. 15. #7: Look for Brands that you believein and offer free services• This is for building a portfolio that advertisers will be able to see in the future• Don’t be afraid of making cold calls
  16. 16. #8: Create “Win-Win” Partnerships• Don’t get into the game because you think clients don’t know better• Create value
  17. 17. Ginger Arboleda Marketing Director / Manila Blogs Family Email Address: ginger@manilareviews.comTwitter account: @manilareviews or @gymger80 Plurk: