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How to Navigate Through Neobux PTC site


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These slides help one register and navigate through Neobux, one of the most popular PTC sites.

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How to Navigate Through Neobux PTC site

  1. 1. How Neobux works Teaching you how to navigate through this PTC site Brought to you by:
  2. 2. Go to and Register
  3. 3. Choose a username Choose a password Input an active email Input your AlertPay or PayPal Email Place “gymger80” as referer Key your year of birth Key in Image verification
  4. 4. An email will be sent to you in your registered email and you will have to click on the link given for verification Then you can now log-on and use NEOBUX
  5. 5. Login using your username Log in using your Password You don’t have to have a secondary password Then key-in the verification code, copy the image that you see to the right of the page
  6. 6. To view advertisements, click on this!
  7. 7. If the ads appear “light”, that means that you have to come back to click on the ads When the server resets This is the current server time, so I have to Wait until it’s 1:53 for ads to reset
  8. 8. To view your account summary, click on your username
  9. 9. These are the number of downline that you have You can purchase referrals by By clicking on referrals
  10. 10. You can purchase a minimum of 3 Referrals for $0.75 or as many as 100 referrals for $25 dollars; you will Get commissions from their clicks Before purchasing, be sure that For you have added funds You can pay via Paypal, AlertPay or Neteller
  11. 11. I hope these slides help you understand how Neobux works For more questions, please feel free to comment In Lotsa luck and wealth!