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Gyi power chat


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Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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Gyi power chat

  1. 1. Power Chat:Building a Law Firm Website that Will Attract Clients
  2. 2. Presented by… Gyi Tsakalakis Executive Director, AttorneySync @GyiTsakalakis
  3. 3. Developing a Plan  Who do you want to find your website?  What are they looking for?  Where do they look?  When they arrive, what will they find?  Why will they choose you?  How will you help them?
  4. 4. Choosing a Domain Brand Personalized Professional Easy Search Engines Exact Match Keyword-rich Hyphens
  5. 5. Registration: It’s not hosting! Insert Picture Here
  6. 6. Hosting Where Your Site Will Live Up-time Speed Cost Linux Support Functionality
  7. 7. Design Template Themes Custom Professional Logos (99 designs)
  8. 8. Development Hard Coding Content Management Systems  WordPress  Drupal  Joomla
  9. 9. Content Voice Static Pages Multiple Calls to Action Freebies Testimonials Flashy vs. Simple
  10. 10. Blogs Why do I need a blog? Users (and search engines) love them. Fresh content gives visitors a reason to visit morethan once. Videos, photos, graphics, etc.
  11. 11. Writing Content for Your Website Why do I need to write content for my site? Writing Content People Will Read Should I hire a professional content writer? Other Ways to Get Content
  12. 12. Why do I need to write content for my site? Helps attract links to your site Creates more outlets for consumers to reach you. Shows expertise in your field Helps with search engine visibility Allows interaction and relationship building withclients and other professionals
  13. 13. Writing Content People Will Actually Read Keep it simple, short, bold, organized. Use bullet points. Be conversational, less markety. Avoid legalese. Use pictures and illustrations. Consider your audiences. Include calls to action.
  14. 14. Should I hire a professional content writer? Writing Content Yourself Control  Personal voice  Cost-effective Hiring a Pro  Save time and resources  Search engine friendly  Skilled in writing for the web
  15. 15. Other Ways to Get Content Comments Guest bloggers Colleagues Interns, associates, etc. Other
  16. 16. SEO Considerations: Having a website is notenough to get new clients from the net. Keywords Tags Fresh content Content updates Social Media Attracting Links
  17. 17. SEO Considerations: A Little More on Link Building  Why do I need others to link to my page?  Strategies  Great content  Guest blogging  Requesting links  Press releases  Buying links  Factors to consider  Relevance  Authority/site importance  Anchor text  Diversity
  18. 18. Final Thoughts Just use Spend time planning and organizing Schedule time for online Think about “them” Solve, answer, inform, assist, help
  19. 19. Presented by… Gyi Tsakalakis Executive Director, AttorneySync @GyiTsakalakis
  20. 20. Thank You!This page will have info on where to get the recorded version and info on future power chats.