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App retention:engagement july 18 th


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@AppPromo and @CleverTap slides from July 18th Toronto event on App Retention and Engagement

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App retention:engagement july 18 th

  1. 1. #AppRetentionTO App Retention + Engagement = $$$ (Canadian focus :) eh! July 18th, 2016 9am – 11:30 am
  2. 2. #AppRetentionTO Agenda 9:00-9:30 Introduction to CleverTap and the secrets of Mobile Retention, Actionable Analytics and Engagement -Sunil Thomas-CleverTap 9:30-10:00 Panel Discussion: Canadian case histories of App that are doing it right. - Jed Schneiderman, Tapped Mobile, Marina Mann, EatSleepRide, Stephen Henrik, Globe2Go (The Globe and Mail) 10:00-10:30 How important planning and adding the right data and analytic tools are in building and maintaining your application - Kundan Joshi, TheAppLabb 10:30-10:45 Coffee Break 10:45-11:15 Why certain apps keep their top rankings in the App Store and GooglePlay - Arkady Fridman, CleverTap, Gary Yentin, App Promo 11:15-11:30 Question. Answers and Good byes :)
  3. 3. #AppRetentionTO 9:00 – 9:30 am Introduction to CleverTap The secrets of Mobile Retention, Actionable Analytics and Engagement Sunil Thomas CleverTap
  4. 4. #AppRetentionTO 9:00 – 9:30 am Sunil Thomas CleverTap Sunil Thomas is the cofounder and CEO of CleverTap. He cofounded the company when he recognized the need to bring together the best of Analytics with best of User Engagement in a single product. Prior to CleverTap, Sunil has held CTO roles at public companies including Network18 Media based in Mumbai and Infospace Inc. (now Blucora) based in Seattle, WA. As CTO, Sunil’s expertise has been to apply technology trends for business benefit to ensure optimum delivery of fresh ideas, new products and new customers to market. His specialties include building winning teams, maximizing productivity in technology teams and project execution and delivery. Earlier in his career, Sunil worked at Tata Consulting Services, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. His first entrepreneur foray was as CTO for Zephyr Software Inc. which was acquired by Infospace in 1999.
  5. 5. Secrets of Actionable Analytics, Mobile Engagement & Retention July 18, 2016
  6. 6. #AppRetentionTO Seeing the Trees in the Forest Everything in the Forest is not the same Recently Acquired New Users Referred 5 Friends Power Users Active, but never purchased Engaged but not Buying
  7. 7. #AppRetentionTO Summary Data only gets you so far Active Users DAUs 14,110 MAUs 518,020 Time DAU: Daily Active Users | MAU: Monthly Active Users
  8. 8. #AppRetentionTO Our App is like a Maze Users stuck in a loop Using the App but not doing anything significant Users stuck at a dead end Added-to-Cart but did not buy Our Users are Navigating all the Time
  9. 9. #AppRetentionTO START END Sign in Listened to Track Favorited Artist Shared Playlist Bought Album Our EVERYDAY JOB is to Simplify that Maze Users are at different stages of their journey and many need help along the way 3 Simple Steps to Success! ★ Create your Customer Journeys ★ Segment & Track Users between Milestones ★ Communicate with User Segments to move them forward on their journey
  10. 10. #AppRetentionTO Step 1. Create your Customer Journeys The Devil in the Details of Analytics. It is Hard! ★ Acquisition: Users acquired via. Facebook in March … • still listening to 2 or more tracks every month after that, but has not shared a playlist • since purchased 1 album, but not active for the past 30 days ★ Retention: • Users who has listened to 30+ tracks the past 90 days, but have not launched the app in the past 10 days ★ Actions combined with Inactions • Users who registered, but haven’t listened to a single track within X minutes/hours or days since registration • Users who added to their shopping cart, but have not purchased, broken down by prior customers or not ★ Churned? Legacy Versions? • Users who’ve previously purchased but now UNINSTALLED the App • Users who are active on older versions of the app 2 months after the new version has been launched ★ … and many more combinations to uncover different milestones of your customer journey ...
  11. 11. #AppRetentionTO Step 2. Segment & Track Users between Milestones Never Purchased New Users Buyers Uninstalled (Churned) Male Users Female Users Very Rarely ★ Trended over time ★ Analyzed for acquisition source ★ Analyzed for Geography, Reachability ★ … and more ... Most Segmentation Stops at the Surface
  12. 12. #AppRetentionTO ★ Timely • to capture the fleeting mobile moment ★ Contextual, hence relevant • based on current stage in the Customer Journey; based on User Behavior and Attributes ★ Personalized Step 3. Communicate to Progress Users Forward Your Mobile Messaging Checklist Critical to 1. Tightly couple your User Engagement strategy with Analytics and Segmentation 2. Automate your Communication to be Timely and Relevant
  13. 13. #AppRetentionTO The Impact of Smartphones What has changed now? Cannot treat Mobile like our Web & other Digital Business of the past ★ Extremely Personal, ALWAYS ON devices ★ Significant Contextual Data to take advantage of ★ Multiple Channels to reach Users Polar Opposite Session Behavior * Session Length Session Frequency Desktop Mobile 50% 50% * Session data based on 100 randomly picked customers who integrated both Mobile & Website with CleverTap in June 2016.
  14. 14. #AppRetentionTO Loyal Users Engaged but not Buying Abandoned Cart Highly Engaged Lunchtime Buyers New Users Churns First Time Buyers Dissatisfied Lightly Engaged Power User Reality: What our User Segments Look Like In a Geo Zone
  15. 15. #AppRetentionTO Loyal Users Engaged but not Buying Abandoned Cart Highly Engaged Lunchtime Buyers New Users Churns First Time Buyers Dissatisfied Lightly Engaged Power User rated app 1 star followed artist, created playlist and shared multiple times viewed 5 or more trailers but not yet bought a ticket only buys between noon and 1:00pm Reality: What our User Segments Look Like
  16. 16. #AppRetentionTO Loyal Users Engaged but not Buying Abandoned Cart Highly Engaged Lunchtime Buyers New Users Churns First Time Buyers Dissatisfied Lightly Engaged Power User Reality: Talking to Each Segment Individually welcome message based on acquisition source personalized survey to find what went wrong exactly at 12:15pm send them a coupon specifically for the taco in their cart
  17. 17. #AppRetentionTO Based on Past User Behavior, Calendar Time or Relative Time User Segmentation 101: Past Behavior Segments Past 30 days Launched App 5+ Articles Read 1+ Article Shared Yesterday Last week Last Month
  18. 18. #AppRetentionTO User Segmentation 101: Future Behavior Segments LIVE User Segments, Dynamically Created as Behavior Takes Place in your App Viewed Product Added to Cart but Did not Buy in 15 minutes Realtime Qualify as soon as Nothing Yet Read 1 Read 2 Read 4 Users in the App reading articles RIGHT NOW Qualify for segment as soon person reads their 5th article +
  19. 19. #AppRetentionTO Launched App Article Viewed Article Shared Product Viewed Added to Cart Did not buy Possibly based on Single User Actions More likely a Combinations of Actions that users Do or Don’t Do is more effective User Segmentation 101: Behavior & Other Attributes It is about Capturing Realistic User Journeys add any other demographic, device, location or other user attributes that business demands
  20. 20. #AppRetentionTO The Proof is in the Pudding Data shows Segmentation is the key to Dramatically Better Conversions 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 # of Behavioral Triggers 2-4% 8-14% 18-25% 0 1 or 2 3+ ConversionRates* Dear John 2 m ago The watch you added to cart has just 2 pieces left. Hurry up and grab the OFFER now! Did not Buy John Product Viewed + Added to Cart + * Conversion Rates data based on 1000 randomly picked customer campaigns in June 2016.
  21. 21. #AppRetentionTO Segmentation + Timing + Personalized Messaging Segmentation & Timing provides great CONTEXT, personalization is the CONTENT Users who in last 30 minutes Dear John 2 m ago The Casio Watch you added to cart has just 2 pieces left. Grab the OFFER now! John Dear Amanda 2 m ago There’s only one piece of the Prada handbag left. This might be your last chance! Amanda Dear Rebecca 2 m ago Gucci shoes are now qualified for free shipping if you buy today. Rebecca Did not Buy Product Viewed + Added to Cart +
  22. 22. #AppRetentionTO Segmentation, Timing PLUS Personalized Messaging Drives Results! More Proof, More Pudding  2% 4% 5% 12% 19% 24% 25% 35% * Conversion Rates data based on 1000 randomly picked customer campaigns in June 2016. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 ConversionRates* Broadcast Basic Contextual Personalized Segmente d Live Segments (Triggered Campaigns) Past Behavior ( Scheduled Campaigns) Check out our Sunday sale. Use coupon code CAD40 for 40% off. Our Special Sale for Women is this Sunday. Use code CAD40 for 40% off on all women’s shoes & bags. The Gucci Shoes you were looking at is on sale Sunday. Use code CAD40 for 40% off on all shoes & bags. Hi Amanda, The Pink Dress in your cart would be perfect for this wedding season. Click to get 40% off.
  23. 23. Behavioral Analytics, Smart Segments with Personalized Messaging all built on a Platform that gives you complete control Sunil Thomas Cofounder & CEO @suniltom Questions
  24. 24. #AppRetentionTO 9:30 – 10:00 am Panel Discussion The secrets of Mobile Retention, Actionable Analytics and Engagement Jed Schneiderman Marina Mann Stephen Henrik Tapped Mobile EatSleep Ride Globe2Go
  25. 25. #AppRetentionTO 9:30 – 10:00 am Jed Schneiderman is President and Co-Founder of Tapped Mobile. Tapped is Canada’s leading mobile marketing agency. They work with brands across a range of services such as location based targeting, cross platform targeting, in-app marketing and retention, augmented reality, mobile coupons and more. Prior to starting Tapped, Jed held senior roles at Microsoft, Bell Media and Procter and Gamble where he lead marketing, media and technology activities for some of Canada’s largest brands. Jed is also an advisor at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone and past member of the CMA Digital Council and the IAB Search Committee. Jed Schneiderman Tapped Mobile
  26. 26. #AppRetentionTO 9:30 – 10:00 am Marina Mann is CEO of EatSleepRIDE, the most advanced and comprehensive app for motorcycle riders. We help riders ride safer, farther, faster. Previously a strategy and eCommerce consultant at Apple Inc. and Virgin Mobile. Marina co-founded the company with two shareholders of m-Qube Inc,. a North American mobile billing platform for content, messaging, and applications. Together they built a leading social and safety app for motorcycle riders when they discovered a lack of quality, data driven mobile tools available for themselves. You can download EatSleepRIDE free in 150 countries for iOS and Android. Marina Mann EatSleep Ride
  27. 27. #AppRetentionTO 9:30 – 10:00 am Stephen Henrik Globe2Go (Globe &Mail) Stephen Henrik is currently the Product Manager for Globe2Go, The Globe and Mail's e- Paper with thousands of subscribers and available on all mobile platforms. Prior to that, Stephen was the first person to start The Globe's mobile business in 2009. Stephen has been in a product role for both established media companies and startups for 15 years. He also has a passion to help caregivers and is the founder of
  28. 28. #AppRetentionTO 10:00 – 10:30 am App Development How important planning and adding the right data and analytic tools are in building and maintaining your application Kundan Joshi TheAppLabb
  29. 29. #AppRetentionTO 10:00 – 10:30 am Kundan Joshi is the founder and CEO of TheAppLabb, a leading product innovation firm focused on strategy, design and development of mobile apps. With global offices in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne and India, TheAppLabb has created over 450 apps for clients ranging from leading enterprises, like Unilever, Samsung and Dell to exciting start-ups. Kundan is also the founder of 15 other companies including StartupLabb, an accelerator for tech start-ups. Joshi is a sought-after motivational speaker, well-known community leader, avid youth mentor, passionate start-up advisor and active advocate for new immigrants. Joshi was recently awarded the Innovator of the Year award at Transformation Awards 2016. Kundan has software engineering degree from Western University. Kundan Joshi TheAppLabb
  32. 32. #AppRetentionTO In a startup, the purpose of analytics is to iterate to a product - market fit before the money runs out “
  33. 33. #AppRetentionTO • Define Goals • Identify Metrics / KPIs • Measure with data & analytics Product – Market fit
  34. 34. #AppRetentionTO • Conversion • Downloads • Engagement • Churn Rate 2. STICKINESS STAGE KEY METRICS PER STAGE • Customers interviewed • Assumptions quantified • Total Addressable Market 1. USER VALIDATION STAGE • Transactions • Customer Lifetime Value • Cost per engagement 4. REVENUE STAGE • Affiliations / Partnerships • Automation 5. SCALE STAGE • Customer acquisition cost • Shares • Ratings 3. VIRALITY STAGE
  35. 35. #AppRetentionTO ANALYTICS PLATFORMS
  36. 36. #AppRetentionTO User behavior and demographics Financial insights Analyze by segment and cohort Measure user acquisition performance A/B testing and optimization Personalized / customized user messaging NECESSARY APP ANALYTICS
  37. 37. #AppRetentionTO USER BEHAVIOUR & DEMOGRAPHICS • New mobile users • Sessions • Active mobile users • User retention • Installs by country • Session frequency • Time spent in the app • Active users by app version • Top device / carrier / firmware • Identify Most Valuable Users
  38. 38. #AppRetentionTO USER EVENTS • Transaction completed • Level completed • Facebook share • Content search • Call made
  39. 39. #AppRetentionTO 1. Average revenue per daily active user Daily Revenue (from store reports) _____________________________ Daily Active Users (analytics) 2. User Lifetime Value = Average revenue / daily active user (analytics) X Expected days retainer 3. Profit = Acquisition Cost – User lifetime value FINANCIAL INSIGHTS
  40. 40. #AppRetentionTO USER SEGMENTS & COHORTS • User segments (based on actions) • Transaction completed • Level completed • Facebook share • Content search • Call to action made • User cohorts (based on time)
  41. 41. #AppRetentionTO USER ACQUISITION PERFORMANCE Click attribution (CAT) • Origin of each install • User’s cost of acquisition • App engagement benchmarks • Revenue generated • ROI for all media spending per user
  42. 42. #AppRetentionTO A/B TESTING & OPTIMIZATION • Price points for purchasing • In-app messaging • Value propositions • Color options for buttons • Placement of advertising units • Facebook Connect integration points
  43. 43. #AppRetentionTO PERSONALIZED / CUSTOMIZED MESSAGING • Personalized email, in-app & push notifications • Customized user experience • Increase engagement, retention & revenue
  44. 44. #AppRetentionTO Put it out data to everyone in your company – to receive insightful questions or have the next great idea. PROVIDE ACTIONABLE DATA TO ALL Decide on significant metrics to make public, and share them with your users MARK YOUR MILESTONES Every data point should answer a question today or in future. COLLECT SMART DATA Allow regular exploration of the data without expectation. The new insights will surprise you. LEAVE ROOM FOR SERENDIPITY Focus on company-wide KPIs (key performance indicators) and constantly ask how your work contributes to them MEASURE SUCCESS AGAINST BENCHMARKS Instead of looking at potholes in the rear-view mirror, think about fixing the road ahead. BE PROACTIVE VS REACTIVE Work backwards to track data for actionable insights later. START WITH QUESTIONS Reports should be set up once and refreshed as necessary; analysis time focused on answering questions. DON’T MANUALLY PULL REPORTS 04 02 08 06 03 01 07 05 STEPS TO BEING DATA DRIVEN Looking at both no. of users & length of time. MEASURE RELEVANT SAMPLE SIZE Create centralized location for test results for team LEARN FROM MISTAKES Zoom out & look at long timeframes & see bigger CONSIDER LONG VIEW Monitor reviews & emails for usability improvements. QUANTIFY CUSTOMER SENTIMENT 12 10 11 09
  45. 45. #AppRetentionTO CONCLUSION • Incorporate gathered insights and analysis into real- time decision making. • Development strategy should be built around metrics. • Features designed & built are determined by outcomes of testing. • Marketing campaigns - measured and optimized - winners replicated & losers terminated. • Determining product roadmap based on user data is as close to letting your customers make decisions. • Every day in your app, users vote about how it should be improved through their intentions, interactions and, wallets. • How well is your organization set up to listen?
  46. 46. #AppRetentionTO@jkundan | @theapplabb QUESTIONS?
  47. 47. #AppRetentionTO 10:30 - 11:15 am Coffee Break
  48. 48. #AppRetentionTO 10:45 – 11:15 am Panel Discussion Why certain apps keep their top rankings in the App Store and GooglePlay Arkady Fridman Gary Yentin CleverTap App- Promo
  49. 49. #AppRetentionTO 10:45 – 11:15 am Gary Yentin is a senior mobile executive, with over fifteen years of experience managing strategy sales, product, marketing, operations, and technology for established media entertainment, and technology companies. For the last ten years Gary has focused on mobile technologies, including content development and distribution having worked for m-Qube in the capacity of Vice President, and mobile advertising having worked with Admob, Enpocket, Nokia, Quattro and Jumptap. In the last seven years, Gary has focused on the business of mobile applications, discovery, distribution and monetization and is CEO and Founder of the award winning agency- Follow him @Apppromo Gary Yentin App- Promo
  50. 50. #AppRetentionTO Mobile App Marketplace Today’s app economy is ultra competitive. Currently, there are over 800MM * user star ratings, and over 30MM mobile applications worldwide in the iOS and Google Play App Stores
  51. 51. #AppRetentionTO Mobile App Discovery Getting your app discovered and downloaded is even harder. Over 80% of apps downloaded are only used once! Keeping people coming back to your app is the key to your business success and driving retention for your app.
  52. 52. #AppRetentionTO Mobile Engagement Facts Consumers want simplicity . . . Consumers are beginning to consolidate their mobile moments into a handful of mobile apps and platforms to accomplish tasks more easily. They want to get in, get something done, and get out. Forrester Aug 2016
  53. 53. #AppRetentionTO Mobile Engagement Facts More iOS users receive push notifications, but more Android users open them. 89% of iOS app users receive push notifications, while only 83% of Android app users do. The average open rate is 60% and 40% CTR. Forrester Report: Feb 2016
  54. 54. #AppRetentionTO Acquisition (Top of Funnel) • # of Downloads • Attribution – from where Top Metrics Everyone Should Track Activations • Are users Launching the app after Install? • % of Downloads that App Launched Retention • Are users coming back? • Ex: Day 1, 3, 7 after 1st Launch Engagement • Are users performing key activities? How frequently? – App Launch  View Item  Exit – AL  Search  View Items (5x)  Purchase *Time spent not necessarily important
  55. 55. #AppRetentionTO Uninstalls • Are users keeping my app? • 3 of 4 apps uninstalled after 1st Launch Top Metrics Everyone Should Track Drop Offs • Are users completing key activities Reachability • Can I contact my users? By what channel?
  56. 56. #AppRetentionTO 1. Track event based interactions 2. Ask for opt in for Push Notifications 3. Create mobile moments to personalize the user’s experience 4. Make social sharing easy to use 5. Use rewards to build brand loyalty Five Key Factors How to Drive Engagement
  57. 57. #AppRetentionTO Mobile Engagement Facts Forty-one percent of adult smartphone owners (ages 16+) first learn about an app by speaking to friends and family, and 16% of them learned of a new app via social networking websites such as Facebook. Forrester April 2015
  58. 58. #AppRetentionTO Q&A Mobile Top Rankings • Why do certain app’s maintain top rankings?
  59. 59. #AppRetentionTO Q&A Mobile Top Rankings • What are the best ways to keep an app’s top ranking?
  60. 60. #AppRetentionTO Q&A Mobile Top Rankings • How important is social media to maintain top ranking ?
  61. 61. #AppRetentionTO Q&A Mobile Top Rankings • How important is paid media in maintaining top rankings?
  62. 62. #AppRetentionTO Q&A Mobile Top Rankings • How do analytics play a role in maintaining an app’s top rankings ?
  63. 63. #AppRetentionTO Q&A Mobile Top Rankings • What Canadian apps are doing it right ?
  64. 64. #AppRetentionTO
  65. 65. #AppRetentionTO 11:15 – 11:30 Question and Answers
  66. 66. #AppRetentionTO 9:00 – 9:0 am