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App-Promo Presentation at Android Toronto Oct 28, 2011

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App Promo Android Toronto

  1. 1. AndroidTO 2011App-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  2. 2. • App Promotion/Discovery Challenge• Android App Market Stats• Who We Are: App-Promo• 10 Marketing Principles• App Store Marketing: Tactics & Tips• PR & Blogger Outreach: Tactics & Tips• Paid Media: Tactics & Tips• Q&AApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  3. 3. • Many companies invest money in developing apps but do not invest in marketing and promotion and discovery• Lack of understanding about the importance of consistent marketing, promotion and PR to build the brand• Limited time or resources to start and sustain and refine marketing & promotional efforts• Importance of customizing messaging, target audiences, promotion and marketing channels.• Unaware of the discovery channels and opportunities outside of the major app storesApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  4. 4. • Between Q4 2010 and Q2 2011 the Android Market grew 127% in number of apps, while the Apple App Store grew 44%• In Q3 2011, the number of active mobile applications in the Android Market stood at 319,161 compared to 459,589 in the Apple App StoreApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  5. 5. • In September ‘11, Android Market added a record breaking 42,000 new apps• At the send of September 34% of active apps were PAID however this month that figure is only 26%, which shows developers are developing more free content than before.• Average selling price in Android currently equals $3.18 US• Nearly 50% of all new added content falls into four top categories ① Games ② Entertainment ③ Personalization ④ Music and AudioApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  6. 6. • The average publisher on Android has placed more the 6 applications in the Market since launch compared to over 4 apps for iOS• The Android Market has also removed more the 37% of published apps• More than 78% of the apps removed were free applicationsApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  7. 7. • Android users are expected to be downloading more Apps than iOS by Summer 2012• Both stores should reach 3.2 Billion downloads per month by next June 2012• After that Android is expected to eclipse App Store downloadsApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  8. 8. • We are experts in developing and executing custom, integrated PR and marketing plans to build awareness and drive downloads• App-Promo can connect you with the relevant media outlets to build visibility• We use an array of marketing tools including social media, contests & promotions, search, mobile advertising, online advertising and video to drive downloads and revenues• App-Promo has generated results for every client we have worked with and consistently provide reports and analysis to our clientsApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  9. 9. App-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  10. 10. TACTICS1. Your Product Page is a Marketing Opportunity2. Power of Branding: Name & Icon3. Importance of Reviews & Ratings4. Thinking beyond Android Market by using 3rd party resourcesApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  11. 11. APP STORE MARKETING TACTICS & TIPS• Don’t forget this page is meant to Sell Your App• Organize your page• Marketing text in first 400 characters• Max out your description with keywords• Use page for announcements• Take advantage of promotional graphics, text and videoApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  12. 12. APP STORE MARKETING TACTICS & TIPS• Have an existing strong brand? Use it!• Choose a name that means something to your app• Keep it simple• Make it memorable• Think About the Audience• Look to Your Competition• Keep it consistent across all propertiesApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  13. 13. APP STORE MARKETING TACTICS & TIPS• Use those stars to stand out• Equip your app with in-app reminders• Elicit reviews from existing users• Incorporate review input into your product strategy• Guard your page: Don’t be afraid to report spam or offensive reviewsApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  14. 14. APP STORE MARKETING TACTICS & TIPS• Increase discovery through additional distribute points• Submit to 3rd Party App Stores• Claim Your App• Gain insights by aggregating data• Think about pricing changes to allow app discount sites and applications to featureApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  15. 15. TACTICS1. Writing an effective Press Release2. Press Release and SEO3. Distributing Your Press Release4. Be Friends with Bloggers5. Use Review SitesApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  16. 16. PR & BLOGGER OUTREACH TACTICS & TIPS• Understand your message• Articulate the user benefit• Keep it short and to the point• Get your headline right• Don’t forget a quote• Include a call to actionApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  17. 17. PR & BLOGGER OUTREACH TACTICS & TIPS• Identify your keywords• Incorporate most important keywords into the headline and first paragraph• Don’t force keywords, be creativeApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  18. 18. PR & BLOGGER OUTREACH TACTICS & TIPS• Use Self-Serve Press Release Services• Start building a list• Use your contacts and network• Leverage your social networksApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  19. 19. PR & BLOGGER OUTREACH TACTICS & TIPS• Identify Blogs and Bloggers• Start Building Relationships early• Create a Blogger Package• Reach out as a person not an organization• Articulate the blogger benefitApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  20. 20. TACTICS1. Work with as many traffic sources as possible2. Focus on acquiring downloads from loyal users3. Define cost-per-conversion4. Target best-performing days of the week5. Track ad performance based on downloads6. Test, Optimize, Tweak, Test, Optimize TweakApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  21. 21. PAID MEDIA TACTICS & TIPS• One traffic source type (mobile ad network) is too small a universe to be successful• Work with as many traffic sources as possible• Several networks enable you to: a) Reach your largest potential audience b) Realize the lowest-possible acquisition c) Protect your app from saturationApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  22. 22. PAID MEDIA TACTICS & TIPS• Define the characteristics of your loyal user• Automate the tracking of these loyal user characteristics• Identify the traffic sources that generated these loyal users• Steer your ad spend toward these traffic sources• Track all of your users’ interactions with your appApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  23. 23. PAID MEDIA TACTICS & TIPS• Determine your cost-per-conversion target for a given volume of users• You may be able to get away with a nickel per click, but to double your volume you may have to pay 15 or 20 cents per click• It’s important to understand how much to bid for a given volume to deliver the best possible ROIApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  24. 24. PAID MEDIA TACTICS & TIPS• Understand which days of the week are best for acquiring loyal users and adjust your ad spend accordingly.• Determine which ads and traffic sources achieve the highest download rates, rather than click through rates, because you don’t want to pay for clicks that don’t lead to downloadsApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  25. 25. PAID MEDIA TACTICS & TIPS Test, Optimize, Tweak, Test, Optimize, Tweak Test, Optimize, Tweak, Test, Optimize, Tweak Test, Optimize, Tweak, Test, Optimize, Tweak Test, Optimize, Tweak, Test, Optimize, TweakTest, Optimize, Tweak, Test, Optimize, Twe akApp-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  26. 26. PHONE: + 1 (416) 464-2223EMAIL: GARY@APP-PROMO.COM • Facebook: • Twitter: @AppPromo • LinkedIn: App-Promo • YouTube: THE APP-PROMO APP Available in the Android Marketplace Keyword “App-Promo”App-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo
  27. 27. App-Promo / / / Tweet us @AppPromo