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Universal design and Dyslexia


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Published in: Education, Design
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Universal design and Dyslexia

  1. 1. Dyslexic friendly style starts with a different way of communication.
  2. 2. We consider dyscalculia as the difficulties  in the acquisition of the elements of  math, which can appear at  different levels of intelligence and  it causes regularly repeated failure or very  low levels of sustained performance  at any topic of learning and acquisition and  use of the counting. A text can be written in the most legible letters and background, yet, it is not a readable text. DO NOT READ
  3. 3. We consider dyscalculia as the difficulties in the  acquisition of the elements of math, which can  appear at different levels of intelligence and  it causes regularly repeated failure or very low  levels of sustained performance at any topic  of learning and acquisition and use of the counting. It is the same you use a digital or a predigital device, the style matters. DO NOT READ
  4. 4. Dyscalculia is an intelligence-independent,  neurologically based difficulty manifested in  the counting abilities. Shorter sequence of the information makes easer to process the text.
  5. 5. Dyscalculia is an intelligence- independent, neurologically based difficulty manifested in the counting abilities. Even the most difficult definitions can be written in a readable form.
  6. 6. You understand a topic, if you can make it easily understandable. 1. Segment the text 2. Use short words if possible 3. Create short sentences 4. Leave out words having no relevant meaning
  7. 7. Useful methods should be used even better if you want create friendly texts. 5. Bulletting helps a lot 6. Many bullets are confusing 7. Three elements = the best 8. Five elemnts = the optimum
  8. 8. Accessibility means the accessible format, too.
  9. 9. Assistive technology is a way to access the accessibility.
  10. 10. RoboBraille Try it It is an easy-to-use file converter, thus it is perfect for dyslexic users.
  11. 11. ONLINE PORTAL for young and adult dyslexic people: • Self testing • Trainings • Community Zone • Tips • Helpful tool • Creative Corner • English • Czech • Hebrew • Hungarian Try it
  12. 12. Universal Design
  13. 13. The digital age changes the brains. The education should follow or forego the changes.
  14. 14. Universal accessibility • Slow, cumbersome reading? • Weak text comprehension? • Unreadable, slow handwriting? • Dispensations, lightenings? • Easy to read font, text-to-speech, file converters • Short text, brief instructions, diagrams, photos, videos • Use of the text editor, voice recorder, video capture • The choice of learning and test-taking modes
  15. 15. Universal use of a file converter • Long text to read? • Uncertain spelling, leaving out letters or words? • Too much unstructured text to learn? • Second language learning? • Make a photo of the text and convert to voice. • Let the converter read your text and you recognise the mistakes. • Scan the text, make voice, create a doc file and structure the text. • Send the text and the converter sends you the voice to listen to.
  16. 16.