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personality development Merit


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personality development merit

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personality development Merit

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION  Name : Gnanender Reddy.Nanga  Assessor : Mrs. Latha Diwakar  Batch : I4  Course : AVIATION,HOSPITALITY . . AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT  Year : 2011 - 2012
  2. 2. AKNOWLEADGEMENT • It is with real pressure that, I record my indebtedness to my faculty Mrs. Latha Diwakar madam and guidance during the preparation of this assignments.
  3. 3. M2 Lo1 Unit1 What Is the negative and positive conditioning youobserved in the movie “chak de india” ?
  4. 4. In the movie photographer has the negative conditioning.
  5. 5. Comity members have the positive conditioning.
  6. 6. Vindhya nayak is a negative character in the movie .who thinks negatively she always tries to dominate others
  7. 7. M1 lo2 of unit1 Talk about the goal achieving skills you observed in the movie?
  8. 8. In this movie the coach kabir khan alsoknows the importance of team work andso he make’s them realize how importantis team work
  9. 9. • In this movie I found that the hero has adaptability skill’s. He says that has learn from his experiences. he advises his team members not to make the same mistake that he had made in the past
  10. 10. • Discipline Discipline means teamwork and teamwork means discipline. I would say that discipline is the heart and soul of teamwork In this movie the team doesnt have any Discipline.
  11. 11. • Planning the hero kabir khan always has planning, strategies as how the team should play
  12. 12. • Motivation today you have 70 minutes . the 70 mints that no one can take from you .if you win or lose it doesnt matter but play in your own way
  13. 13. • Positive health it means settings positive goals eg; exercise ,diet and healthy friends in this movie the coach takes his team for jogging for 10 km and they also work out at the gym
  14. 14. M3 Lo3 unit1During your class activity do you find any leader, which sort ofleadership qualities you observe?
  15. 15. My friend Abdul khader I find my friend Abdul khader has some good leadership qualities which I have observed in the class activities. these are the qualities which I have observed in him
  16. 16. 1.Organizing and Planning: Organizing and Planning is like making a road to a destination2.Decision making; Quick, effective ,result oriented decisions lead to success3.Ambition set high standards and……….Go for it! Get it done! We can do it!
  17. 17. 4.Motivation skills: leaders assure and propel their teams and themselves to achieve goals5.Communication skills listen more, talk less, smile, use positive body language, praise loudly, blame softly are typical leadership communication styles6.Social skills great leaders are friendly, civil, hospitable, polite and
  18. 18. M2 Lo4 Unit1What sort of ego states youobserved in the movie “chak de india” ?
  19. 19. we can observe adult ego state of preethy sabarval
  20. 20. we can observe the child ego state of vindya nayak
  21. 21. we can observe her adult ego state vindyanayak
  22. 22. M1 Lo1 Unit3 What are the barriers toeffective communication?How can you remove the same?
  23. 23. • Physical barriers like noise, time and distance.
  24. 24. • Here are a few of the most commonly-found barriers in communication• Physical barriers like noise, time and distance.• resulting from inattentiveness, faulty transmission or poor retention.
  25. 25. resulting out of difference inperceptions, outlook and approach.
  26. 26. • due to information gaps or due to lack of information.• resulting from illiteracy, ignorance, superstition in a country• Semantic barriers (Science of Words). For example, wrong interpretation of words or grammatical errors.
  27. 27. M3 Lo2 Of Unit3How moral value helps an individual to develop effective inter personal relation?
  28. 28. Family values • Being honest- Always speak the truth, even if it is bitter • praying to God • Integrity • Unity • Respecting elders • kindness
  29. 29. • Moral values also derive from within one’s own self.1. empathy2. Sincerity3. Responsibility• Religion is another source of moral values.
  30. 30. Thank you