Atm-air travel management


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Atm-air travel management

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  • Atm-air travel management

    1. 1. INTRODUCTION Name : Gnanender Reddy.Nanga Assessor : Mrs. Phyllis Fernandes Batch : I4 Course : AVIATION,HOSPITALITY AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT• Submission date: 6-12-2010
    2. 2. AKNOWLEADGEMENT• It is with real pressure that, I record my indebtedness to my faculty Mrs. Phyllis Fernandes madam and guidance during the preparation of this assignments.
    3. 3. United kingdomCapital :London 51°30′N 0°7′WPopulation:62,300,00.July 1, 2010Currency: poundGeography : 243,610square kilometres(94,060 sq mi)
    4. 4. The Tower of London
    5. 5. About British Museum
    6. 6. Big Ben
    7. 7. Tower Bridge
    8. 8. France• Capital : Paris• Population:64,057, 792(2010 est.)• Currency:Euro• Geography : 211,209 sq mi (547,030 sq km)
    9. 9. Eiffel Tower
    10. 10. Louvre
    11. 11. Arc de Triomphe
    12. 12. Orsay Museum
    13. 13. Customs, Immigration regulations
    14. 14. LO4-ITINERARY
    16. 16. Day 1: The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral Louvre 1 Louvre 2Inside Notre Dame Cathedral Notre dame cathedral
    17. 17. Day 2 Eiffel Tower
    18. 18. Day 3 - Musée dOrsay, The Sorbonne and the Latin Quarter Musee dorsay paris at night Inside Musee dorsay paris Latin Quarter The Sorbonne 2
    19. 19. Day4- Arc de Triomphe , Sacre Coeur and Montmartre Arc de Triomphe and the champs-elysées Urcarea la Sacre Coeur
    20. 20. Day 5: Boat Tour of the Seine River
    21. 21. Day 6: Travel to Cannes and visit La vieille ville dAntibes Antibes Chateau grimaldi musee picasso cathedrale Antibes
    22. 22. Day 7 travel to London by British airways and visit London eye Tower Of London
    23. 23. Day 8: St. Pauls Cathedral st-pauls-cathedral Buckingham palace
    24. 24. Day 9: Houses of Parliament and big ben Houses of Parliament and big ben
    25. 25. Lo1 IATA(International Air Transport Association)
    26. 26. IATA (International Air Transport Association)Formation April 1945, Havana, CubaHeadquarters Montreal, CanadaMembership 225 airlinesKey people Giovanni Bisignani, Director General and CEOWebsite
    27. 27. PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association)Formation 1962Headquarters BangkokMembership allied members 49Key people Mr Gregory Duffell, CEO - Mr Hiran Cooray, Chairman - Eng. Joao Manuel Costa Antunes, Chairman-Elect (2010-2012)Website
    28. 28. UFTAA (United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations)Formation Associations created in Rome, Italy, on November 22nd, 1966Headquarters located at the hub of the biosphere I.E. United Arab EmiratesMembershipKey people President : Mr. Mario BEVACQUA. Managing Director. TRIMONDO VIAGGI.Website
    29. 29. ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization The ICAO flagOrg type UN agencyAcronyms ICAO OACI ИКАО OPSIHead Raymond BenjaminStatus ActiveEstablished April 1947Headquarters Montreal, CanadaWebsite
    30. 30. INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS(Convention on International Civil Aviation) Chicago Convention Convention on International Civil Aviation Signed 1 December 1944 Location Chicago Effective 5 March 1947 Condition 26 ratifications Parties Depositary Government of the United States of America Languages English, French and Spanish
    31. 31. Warsaw Convention Warsaw ConventionConvention for the Unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by air Signed 12 October 1929 Location Warsaw Effective 13 February 1933 Parties 152 Depositary Government of Poland Language French
    32. 32. Montreal Convention Montreal ConventionConvention for the Unification of certain rules for international carriage by air Signed May 28, 1999 Location Montreal Effective 4 November 2003 Parties 100 States and the European Union Depositary International Civil Aviation Organization Languages English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish
    33. 33. Freedoms of the air
    34. 34. Freedoms of the air My client is using the 3RD and 5th freedomas British airways is originating from UNITEDKINGDOM and travelling from one foreigncountry to another and a third
    35. 35. Air Freedom Rights
    36. 36. • First Freedom. The freedom to overfly a foreign country (A) from a home country en-route to another (B) without landing. Also called the transit freedom. Ex British airways flying from U.K over the air space of Italy to France.• Second Freedom. The freedom to stop in a foreign country for a technical/refueling purpose only. A flight from a home country can land in another country (A) for purposes other than carrying passengers, such as refueling, maintenance or emergencies. The final destination is country B. ex British airways flying from U.K over the air space of Italy and landing there for emergency purpose.• Third Freedom. The freedom to carry traffic from a home country to another country (A) for purpose of commercial services. Ex British airways flying from U.K to France and deplaning passengers
    37. 37. • Fourth Freedom. The freedom to pick up traffic from another country (A) to a home country for purpose of commercial services. Ex British airways flying from France to U.K. and deplaning passengers Third and Fourth Freedoms are the basis for direct commercial services, providing the rights to load and unload passengers, mail and freight in another country. They are commonly reciprocal agreements.• Fifth Freedom. The freedom to carry traffic between two foreign countries on a flight that either originated in or is destined for the carriers home country. It enables airlines to carry passengers from a home country to another intermediate country (A), and then fly on to third country (B) with the right to pick passengers in the intermediate country. Also referred to as "beyond right". Ex British airways flying from India to France and deplaning passengers and there on to U.K.• Sixth Freedom. The "unofficial" freedom to carry traffic between two foreign countries via the carriers home country by combining third and fourth freedoms. Not formally part of the original 1944 convention, it refers to the right to carry passengers between two countries (A and B) through an airport in the home country. Ex British airways flying from India to France and deplaning passengers and there on to U.K.
    38. 38. Bilateral Air Transport Agreement Map of bilateral air services agreements
    40. 40. Multilateral Air Transport Agreement
    41. 41. My Travel agencyMy Travel agency is Gnani Tours and Travel. My agency is having different countries packages as well. The countries you have chosen for your holidays are France –Paris and London, U.K which is known to have the best of the worlds attraction located in them .I would like to compare my package with city tours and travel which is offering the same countries with same price with economy class ticket.Package of Gnani Tours and Travels is INR 75,000.Package price of city Tours and Travels is INR1, 00,000.
    42. 42. Apart from itinerary some of the points I have noticed in comparison with city Tours and Travels: My tours and travel offers you the best air carrier in Europe that is British airways where as city tours and travels present s you with a higher price but the airlines which they are offering is Lufthansa.
    43. 43. Breakfast and Dinner Breakfast DinnerCity tours and travels are offering you only breakfast ina 3 star hotel. My Travels offers you complimentarybreakfast and dinnering same 3 star hotels and all pickup and drops provided from attraction points.
    44. 44. We are charging you the price on Twin sharing basisplus an unaccompanied minor free of cost other toursand travels which is city , is charging extra for an unaccompanied minor.
    45. 45. You can gain time if you choose our package because Britishairways arrives early compare to Lufthansa. Where you canutilize time for shopping and extra activities according to yourwish.
    46. 46. By British airways you can have direct flight fromHyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport to ParisInternational Airport where as Lufthansa airlines willhave halt and change of aircraft in FrankfurtInternational Airport
    47. 47. We have offer, if you book your holiday with us you will get discount of 25% on your next holiday
    48. 48. My travels are offering you attractions which include the 7 wonders of the world
    49. 49. The ticket of London Eye where you can see the view ofLondon city and tower bridge of London is included inthe tariff fare, where as you have to pay £75 separatefor each person in city tours & travels.
    50. 50. My agency is a one stop agency where yourticketing to documentation is done .also foreignexchange can be taken from my agency.
    51. 51. What best is that during the tour you will beprovided with a free tour guide who knows the local language of places and attractions to be visited.
    52. 52. Sources of information•••• - United Kingdom• tax-• currency-ai•••••• n•