Cotendo Mobile Acceleration Suite


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A website application developer struggles to address two mobilespecific variables: the differences in mobile devices’ display and processing capabilities, and the per-session variability in connection throughput.Neither of these variables can be mitigated by legacy CDN services because mobile users receive more dynamic content, which cannot be cached by traditional CDN services.

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Cotendo Mobile Acceleration Suite

  1. 1. Cotendo Mobile Acceleration Suite Datasheet Challenge for mobile apps The Mobile Acceleration Suite optimizes mobile delivery performance at three and content levels The Mobile Today, an increasing majority of Acceleration Suite Internet–connected devices are • Logic – CloudletTM capability allows smart phones and devices, such as key cloud logic and data to be is a set of globally forward deployed tablets, that connect using mobile available integrated services. But mobile users expect • Content – AIC leverages CDN’s services that improves the same level of performance they caching service are accustomed to from non-mobile the performance and devices, which have less variability • Network – DSA accelerates delivery reliability of mobile to the edge; SPDY optimizes it the than mobile environments. rest of the way websites and mobile A website application developer applications. struggles to address two mobile- Integrated mobile specific variables: the differences in performance services mobile devices’ display and processing capabilities, and the per-session Mobile Acceleration Suite (MAS) 1.0 variability in connection throughput. includes Neither of these variables can be • Cloudlet – a high-performance, mitigated by legacy CDN services globally scalable cloud application because mobile users receive more environment that lets customers dynamic content, which cannot be deploy and execute logic at the cached by traditional CDN services. edge rather than only at the origin, reducing traffic to the origin and Solution: Cotendo Mobile providing improved responsiveness Acceleration Suite to the user Cotendo’s Mobile Acceleration Suite • CDN – caches static content at (MAS) dramatically improves the the edge and delivers it quickly, performance of mobile websites and enhanced to cache and deliver mobile applications. A set of services AIC-compressed versions of images tailored for mobile environments, MAS mitigates mobile-specific variables • Adaptive Image Compression and then seamlessly integrates with (AIC) – following customer – Cotendo’s Internet acceleration services. configured parameters, creates images with smaller file sizes that MAS begins with Cotendo Dynamic are appropriate for specific mobile Site Acceleration (DSA) service, which device models and that can be optimizes Internet delivery of dynamic quickly sent given the throughput content, and then integrates DSA with of the user’s mobile connection SPDY, a protocol optimized for delivery to mobile devices. MAS includes SSL • Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) for secured content delivery, and – optimizes delivery of dynamic provides CDN for object caching. CDN content between the origin and the is integrated with Cotendo’s Adaptive edge, using hyper-fast connections Image Compression (AIC) service, and proprietary protocols which dynamically compresses image content based on each device’s display • SPDY - uses the SPDY protocol capabilities and a real-time assessment between the edge and the end-user of the specific user’s mobile throughput. device; SPDY is optimized for mobile devices and used for those mobile devices that support it© 2011 Cotendo, Inc. All rights reserved. 866.749.6462 | INTL +44 20 33188363 | |
  2. 2. Benefits to mobile content — Cloudlet allows device detection Accelerate your mobile and content localizationand app providers strategy and initiatives capabilities near the userCotendo pulls together the with Cotendo • Media broadcastingsophistication and power of these Cotendo MAS is the definitiveservices in conjunction with a full — Mobile video broadcast service performance solution for anyrange of additional integrated cloud and iOS app for one-stop mobile connected mobile website or mobileperformance services on the Cotendo services app. At its core is dynamic contentUnity platform, giving mobile content acceleration, which leapfrogs legacyand app providers a seamless and Proven global platform for CDN solutions and enables Cotendoeasy-to-deploy solution. performance and scale to decrease the latency and increaseKey benefits to mobile content and app Beyond improving the speed of the responsiveness of all personalizedproviders content and apps, Cotendo provides and adapted mobile content. Core• API and Web app acceleration on-demand scaling to accommodate optimizations are provided at logic, both forecasted growth as well content and network layers, each — DSA dramatically reduces of which individually increases communication latency to core as unexpected peaks in demand. Cotendo platform technologies and performance, and, when integrated, API/data services team to significantly increase cloud acceleration services are• Media acceleration proven, powering some of the largest mobile web performance. With fast — CDN provides globally and most innovative websites and deployment and seamless integration, distributed object cache that services around the globe. Customers with no code changes on the provider’s increases performance of cloud have come to trust Cotendo as a side, Cotendo has removed the barriers delivered media partner to deliver superior Web to mobile web performance.• Logic acceleration performance, reliability and value. Additionally, customers rely on — Cloudlet provides a global Cotendo to continuously innovate cloud execution environment for performance solutions. application and delivery logic Mobile Sites and Internet Performance Mobile Mobile Mobile Applications Cloud Network Display Cotendo Logic Cloudlet Cloudlet Content CDN AIC Network DSA SPDY© 2010 Cotendo, Inc. All rights reserved. 2011 866.749.6462 | INTL +44 20 33188363 | |