Opportunities for a career in retail part 2


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Opportunities for a career in retail part 2

  1. 1. Seek : Study : Succeed<br />
  2. 2. Opportunities for a career in Retail - Part 2<br />
  3. 3. Continued from part 1<br />12) Assistant Store Manager<br />He reports to the Store Manager and is responsible for entire store operations viz sales management, staff management, visual merchandising, inventory management, category management, customer relationship management, shrinkage and pilferage control etc. In terms of educational qualifications he must be a graduate in any discipline. Must have strong operational skills, communication skills, leadership skills and analytical skills. Candidate in similar nature of retail chain is preferred. Experienced candidates are given preference. In order to shoulder higher responsibilities, one needs to be MBA with sound knowledge of computers, and ability to handle a large workforce.<br />13) Store Manager<br />Retail store managers oversee all or part of the operations in retail stores. Store manager takes the responsibility of managing an individual store. The job of Store Manager involves handling day to day operations ofthe store. He/she is usually responsible for managing work schedules ofthe employees, controlling inventory, monitoring stock level, places order for new stock, supply chain management, designing displays, dealing with complaints, and hiring, training, and supervising employees as well as analyzing records of financial transactions. They also track sales, order products, I andle payroll, supervise loss prevention programs, and report to their supervisors or the store's owners. The duties of Store Manager depend on the format and size of the retail company, he is working for. To be eligible for this position, one needs to be a graduate. He/She is required to be enthusiastic and passionate individual. Preference is given to those with experience in retail management/ merchandising/ sourcing/ product & category management.<br />
  4. 4. 14) Retail Manager<br />Retail manager often begins his/her career as a sales associate, stockers, or customer service representatives in a retail store. Those who demonstrate motivation, maturity, and responsibility may be promoted to supervisor or assistant manager and then to manager. In small companies, further advancement may not be possible. Larger companies promote successful store managers to district or regional manager positions, in which they oversee the operations of a group of stores in a particular area. From there, they may be promoted to upper-level management and work at their company's headquarters.<br />15) Brand Manager<br />Brand manager manages a portfolio of key brands as well as performance: and profitability of the brands. He needs to develop and execute short and medium range plans, study trends, responses, and demands of customer and source appropriate, adequate, and timely stock accordingly. He is also required to formulate and implement sales and marketing strategies to optimise sales, profit and cost effectiveness. In an organization, brand manager is accountable for sales performance, pricing, inventory, buying, merchandising, allocation; grouping, markdowns, credit control.<br />
  5. 5. Brand Manager analyses brand reports (sales, inventory, margin, etc.) and refresh knowledge of current events, brand updates, and industry happenings through newspapers, magazines, and Internet. He builds and maintains the distribution and retail network. He formulates and recommends new or changes the existing policies and procedures. He initiates and lead a new projects and business alliances to boost productivity and profitability. He facilitates effective communication among functional areas with constant communication with Management on the trends and opportunities. He sets merchandising policies and systems; make recommendations, and track merchandise sales / forecasting / sales analysis along with planning and following-up on buying schedule and merchandising logistics such as shipment, taxes, etc. Handling of stock management and control of all merchandise also come under his belt. He needs to establish and maintain satisfactory customer (defective returns, layout of store and staff strength) and public relations, through direct or delegated contacts with representative individuals and groups. In addition to attend overseas or national sales meetings and trade shows representing the Company integrity. Experience Professionals with management degree is required for this position.<br />16) Regional Sales Manager<br />He/she is responsible for planning and preparation of estimated Annual Business Plan for the financial year. Estimation of shop wise, month wise sales. Weekly, monthly, analysis of sales and merchandise. Merchandise planning, brand mix and monitoring of merchandise process. Product wise purchase and inventory with zonal merchandiser and other brand managers. Other functions include: Manpower planning, timely recruitment of staff, motivation to employees, incentive schemes to achieve the estimated sales within the estimated staff costs, regular interaction with employees to increase retention. Marketing plan, promotions, maintaining visual merchandising, maintenance of shop to ensure service and standard of retail.<br />
  6. 6. He needs to plan and take conclusive decision for finalizing new stores locations, rent, to maintain existing stores and its operation. He also requires to ensure renovation of stores in time. To perform these functions, he should have good understanding of shops layouts and renovation plans. He has to maintain good relations with business associates, vendors, buyers, etc. including Brands/ key partners, shopping malls, Departmental store/ Franchisee. Advisors/ Consultants.<br />Commercial understanding of retail operations including prices, costing, taxes, margins accounts, banking and understanding include prices, costing, taxes, margins, accounts, banking, and understanding and monitoring of statuary obligations of the company applicable to the zone also goes down well with the job requirement. To be eligible for this position, candidate must be a graduate or a Diploma holder in Marketing Management with good understanding of the local markets.<br />17) Department Managers<br />Department Managers oversee the sales and manage stores, plan advertising campaigns and sales promotions, hire and train personnel, control inventories, draft budgets, and recommend, establish, or implement store procedures and policies. Managers may also oversee the remodeling of a store, plan store layouts and design displays, decide selling strategies, and represent the store in negotiations with manufacturers. Graduate with excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required for this position.<br />
  7. 7. 18) Floor Manager<br />Floor manager is accountable for all the activities of the floor which includes departments and sub departments. His job involves setting up of the new system of inventory planning and store promotion activities, managing the sales and distribution/ visibility in outlets, sales forecasting , stock planning and budgeting, maintaining product hygiene at all levels by replacing defective stocks<br />19) Visual Merchandisers<br />The retail boom has led to a stiff competition among the Indian and foreign retailers to attract and retain customers. This competition has given rise to a new breed of retail staff - visual merchandisers. The customer attitude has changed because of the number of options available and this has created a bright future for visual merchandisers. Retail outlets are now looking at visual merchandisers to provide the edge as far as visual display is concerned.<br />Visual merchandisers thus hold the most important position in the retail store. The team of visual merchandisers is responsible for conceptualizing, designing and implementing store designing, window and in-store displays and space productivity. Visual Merchandising is a highly creative and aesthetic field. To be an effective visual merchandiser, an incumbent must have aesthetic inclination, artistic flair and creativity combined with an eye for cost control and technical know-how to set up appealing displays. They are the ones who give a brand a face.<br />
  8. 8. 20) Supply Chain Distributors /Logistics/Warehouse Managers<br />Supply chain is another area of extreme importance. Supply chain managers are responsible for ensuring that the right product reaches the right place at the right time. Supply chain managers work in a close coordination with the merchandise department. These positions are generally held in stores dealing in perishable goods where the role of supply chain manager is critical for the success of both front-end outlets and back end procurement centers. Supply chain management coordinates with the stores, warehouses and transportation companies. Warehouse manager supervises warehousing and delivery operations as per the set processes and systems and continuously work on improving productivity. One needs to be a graduate, with knowledge in Materials Management / Logistics. Preference is given to the candidates with some experience.<br />
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