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Introduction to indian army artillery


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Introduction to indian army artillery

  1. 1. Seek : Study : Succeed<br />
  2. 2. Introduction to Indian Army Artillery<br />
  3. 3. The Regiment of Artillery constitutes a formidable operational arm of Indian Army. Historically it takes its lineage from Moghul Emperor Babur who is popularly credited with introduction of Artillery in India, in the Battle of Panipat in 1526.<br />The School of Artillery for the British Indian Army was established at Quetta (1918) and then Kakul (1923), both now in Pakistan. On 01 January, 1941, The School of Artillery moved into its permanent home at Deolali, near Nasik in Maharashtra. The School of Artillery is the seat of learning of the various disciplines of Artillery Warfare.<br />
  4. 4. Role:<br /><ul><li>Impart technical training in gunnery to Officers, junior Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Officers of all branches of the Artillery.
  5. 5. Train Army Officers in Artillery Staff Duties and the tactical handling of Artillery.
  6. 6. Artillery has two sub-divisions: first are air defence guns and missiles which are used for defending vulnerable targets from enemy air attack like airfields vital defence installations, installations of economic and catastrophic importance such as dams, nuclear power houses, etc
  7. 7. . Second are the field guns, rockets and tactical missiles which are used for ground fire support to infantry or armoured regiment. Air observation personnel fly helicopter guide their artillery fire and fire rockets on enemy positions. They also drop our troops behind enemy lines, supply arm and ammunitions to troops</li></li></ul><li><br />Medical -<br />AIEEE -<br />Aviation -<br />Engineering -<br />Commerce -<br />Medical -<br />Science -<br />Animation -<br />Clinical Research -<br />Hotel Management -<br />Media -<br />Fashion Designing -<br />MBA -<br />IIT -<br />CAT -<br />Media -<br />