11th class my sql basic operators, functions and keywords


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11th class my sql basic operators, functions and keywords

  1. 1. c. primary keyOperators d. foreign key e. check Delete Related Keywords 1. Arithmetic f. default 2. Relational operators 1. delete 3. Logical operators Functions 2. from 4. Assignment operators 3. where 5. Other operators 1. Numeric Functions DDL KeywordsData Types 2. String Functions 3. Date/Time Functions a. Database Related Keywords 1. String/text a. char Keywords b. Table Related Keywords c. Column Related Keywords b. varchar 2. Numeric 1. DDL Keywords Numeric Functions a. int 2. DML Keywords b. decimal 3. All Data types a. round 3. Date/Time 4. All other Operators b. truncate a. date 5. Constraints Keywords c. mod b. time DML Keywords d. power c. datetime e. sqrt f. floorConstraints keywords a. Select Related keywords g. ceil/ceiling b. Insert Related Keywords 1. not c. Update related Keywords String Functions 2. null d. Delete Related Keywords 3. unique Select Related keywords a. ascii 4. primary b. char 5. key c. length 6. foreign a. select d. char_length/character 7. references b. distinct length 8. check c. as e. instr 9. default d. from f. mid/substr e. where g. replaceOther Operators f. order h. lcase/lower g. byKeywords h. asc i. ucase/upper j. ltrim i. desc k. rtrim a. between l. trim b. and Insert Related Keywords m. concat c. not n. left d. like a. insert o. right e. is b. into p. lpad f. null c. values q. rpad g. in Update related KeywordsConstraints 1. update a. not null 2. set b. unique 3. where
  2. 2. Date/Time Functions Database related Keywords a. curdate b. curtime 1. create c. now 2. database d. sysdate 3. use e. year 4. show f. month 5. databases g. dayofweek 6. drop h. dayofmonth i. dayofyear Tables related Keywords j. monthnameArithmetic Operators 1. create 2. table 3. show a. + 4. tables b. – 5. drop c. * 6. rename d. / 7. to e. % 8. describe 9. descRelational Operators 10. alter 11. Column Related Keywords a. > b. < Column related c. >= Keywords d. <= e. <>or != 1. alter f. = 2. tableLogicalOperator 3. add 4. change 5. modify a. AND 6. constraint b. OR 7. indexAssignment Operators a. =Other Operators a. between….and b. not between….and c. like d. is null e. is not null f. in g. not in