GXS Managed Services for SAP - Part 2


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This presentation discusses how GXS Managed Services can benefit SAP related B2B integration projects. The second part of this two part presentation describes the core components that make up the GXS Managed Services environment and how GXS provides connectivity to SAP systems. Please look out for the first part of this presentation which discusses some of the key findings from a recent ERP/B2B integration study conducted by AMR Research. Updated April 2013

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  • GXS has worked with many companies to help integrate their ERP and B2B systems. Over this time we have acquired an extensive knowledge of working with some of the market leading ERP systems such as SAP.GXS is fully certified for SAP Netweaver integrations and we have worked on over 60 SAP related integration projects to date. We have implemented maps to support numerous types of SAP IDOCs, for example invoices, delivery notes and shipping information documents. We also have experience of integrating to numerous SAP modules including financials, supply chain management, advanced planning and optimization modules.SAP is the most popular ERP system used in the manufacturing sector today and we have seen an increasing trend in the number of enquiries from companies who are looking to integrate their ERP and B2B platforms via a Managed Services offering.GXS currently provides a couple of ways of integrating directly with SAP.
  • The first integration option is by way of acertified SAP ALE adaptor which is plugged into the Managed Services Enterprise environment, this allows the exchange of flat IDOCs between the SAP system and the Managed Services platform.
  • The second option allows integration via SAP PI over an FTP or AS2 type connection. This again allows the exchange of flat IDOC files via an ALE adaptor. In both cases a comprehensive status alert system allows users to see whether documents have been exchanged correctly. Status messaging is a new service offered by the GXS Managed Services environment and more details on this will be released shortly.
  • From a B2B outsourcing perspective GXS is very well positioned to help companies improve their ERP / B2B integration projects.B2B outsourcing allows a company to utilise external resources on a scalable basis so as an integration project becomes more complicated or has to encompass different geographical sites then more resources can be pulled into the project as required. Many companies have regarded third party outsourcing vendors such as GXS as an extension of their own IT departments.B2B outsourcing allows trading communities and any associated on-boarding process to be managed and implemented much more efficiently. This allows ROI to be achieved much more quickly when new modules or transaction types have to be implemented across a trading community.B2B outsourcing can lead to less risk of connectivity loss due to greater investment in high availability infrastructures offered by vendors such as GXS.B2B Outsourcing has the capability of wrapping a company’s ERP applications with an ERP firewall thus allowing externally generated information to be checked before it enters the ERP system
  • To find out further information about how GXS can help keep SAP related projects on schedule then please visit the websites highlighted on this slide, you will find some useful resources for managing such projects. The GXS Insights microsite on the left of this slide describes some of the generic ERP/B2B integration issues that were studied as part of a recent research project by the analyst firm AMR ResearchThe B2B for SAP sites shown on the right of this slide describe in more detail how GXS can provide support to SAP specific integration projects.
  • GXS Managed Services for SAP - Part 2

    1. 1. Mark Morley, Industry Marketing DirectorGXS Managed Services for SAP – Part 2
    2. 2. Slide 2 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.GXS Managed ServicesPeople, Process, and Technology
    3. 3. Slide 3 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.GXS Managed Services ExperienceAreas of Expertise• Infrastructure• Operations• Implementation• Support• Recognised as Number One TransactionOutsourcing Vendor• Over 600 customers utilising ManagedServices today• Extensive Transformation Capabilities• Capacity to develop 10,000 mapsannually• Over 30,000 maps and 200 documenttypes currently in production• Areas of Expertise:• Program management• Global network infrastructure• E-Commerce operations management• 24x7 support, visibility and alerts
    4. 4. Slide 4 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.GXS Managed Services OverviewPeople, Processes, & Technology for success
    5. 5. Slide 5 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.SAP Expertise -• Significant Expertise – GXS hasworked with many companies tointegrate their SAP and B2B systems• Extensive Experience with SAPIntegration – Financials, Supply ChainManagement, Advanced Planning andOptimisation modules• Connectivity Options - FTP over VPNor SAP ALE (certified)• IDOC status messaging – providesimmediate verification or error statusSHPMNT03INVOIC01PEXR2001PEXR2002FINSTA01DELVRY01ORDERS01PROACT01PRICAT01TRXSTA01Example SAP IDOCs Supported
    6. 6. Slide 6 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.GXS SAP ALE Integration Today
    7. 7. Slide 7 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.GXS SAP PI Integration Today
    8. 8. Slide 8 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.How can GXS Managed Services Help?• Ensure projects remain on time and under budget withscalable resourcing and SAP best practices• Achieve faster ROI from new modules and transactiontypes with rapid on-boarding of trading partners• Less risk of connectivity loss impacting manufacturingoperations with high availability architecture• Improved data quality for 1/3 of externally originatedinformation via ERP firewall
    9. 9. Slide 9 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Provide a Highly Available Platform• GXS Managed Services operates across a high, 99.95%available, B2B infrastructure with two data centres with builtin redundancy, disaster recovery and fail-over capabilitiesSAP systems need to be able toreceive information fromexternal trading partners on a24/7 basis....
    10. 10. Slide 10 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Implementing Document Maps• GXS Managed Services provides extensive any-to-any mappingservices and can provide support for many different types ofSAP IDOCsSAP/B2B integration projects canrequire numerous document mapsto be created and maintained onan ongoing basis....
    11. 11. Slide 11 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Connectivity with SAP• GXS Managed Services can mediate between anycommunications standard and provide direct SAP connectivityvia SAP ALE and SAP PISAP systems need to beconnected to numerous tradingpartners using many differentglobal connectivity standards.....
    12. 12. Slide 12 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Managing Trading Partner Communities• GXS Managed Services provides a comprehensive communityon-boarding service to allow trading partners of any size ortechnical capability to be able to connect to a B2B PlatformSAP/B2B integration projectsrequire fast on-boarding oftrading partners, anywhere inthe world.....
    13. 13. Slide 13 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Proactively Monitoring Data Quality• GXS Managed Services provides proactive monitoring of alltransactions so that if a problem is detected it can be resolvedbefore the customer or supplier is impactedAll external data needs to bechecked for accuracy andconformance before entering anSAP system.....
    14. 14. Slide 14 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Program Management• GXS Managed Services offers dedicated program managerswho monitor the progress of the SAP/B2B projects andaddress any integration issues as they ariseThe complex nature of SAP/B2Bintegration projects requires skilledresources to keep these projects onschedule.....
    15. 15. Slide 15 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Provide Global Support• GXS Managed Services offers a 24/7 multi-lingual supportservice so that problems can be addressed as quickly aspossible, anywhere in the worldToday’s SAP environment’s covermultiple plants located in manydifferent regions of the world.....
    16. 16. Slide 16 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.For Further InformationNA – http://www.gxs.com/resources/insights/3rd_edition/EMEA - http://www.gxsinsights.eu/3rd_edition/index.htmNA – http://www.b2bforsap.comEMEA - http://www.b2bforsap.co.uk
    17. 17. Slide 17 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.Thank YouPhonesUS: 1-800-334-2255, option 3EMEA: +44 (0) 1932 776047GXS web sitesUS: www.gxs.comEMEA: www.gxs.eu