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GXS AIAG Beijing Presentation 2012


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This presentation was given by Mark Morley at AIAG’s conference in Beijing in October 2012. The presentation discusses a case study looking at how a joint venture operation based in China needed to send EDI documents to its trading partner in EMEA. The joint venture was made up from a partnership between a Chinese OEM, an EMEA OEM and their third party logistics provider. The Chinese OEM had no experience or knowledge of how to trade with a European partner and GXS Managed Services was deployed to connect the trading partners together. Updated April 2013

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GXS AIAG Beijing Presentation 2012

  1. 1. GXS Automotive Case Study Chinese Joint Venture
  2. 2. Introduction to Chinese JV • This joint venture is between a European OEM and a Chinese based OEM • The European OEM is partnering with the Chinese OEM to introduce their premium car brand to the Chinese market • To help educate Chinese production workers on European production techniques relating to their premium car brand, the European OEM will initially ship ‘Knock Down Kits’ for assembly in China Slide 2 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  3. 3. China JV Case Study EMEA OEM 3PL Carrier China JV Slide 3 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  4. 4. China JV Case Study Challenges Faced by China JV – No internal EDI skills available – No experience of global EDI standards/processes – Limited experience of connecting to global trading partners – Needed to provide connectivity China JV needed to focus on to an Oracle based ERP system establishing new production – Provide a scalable EDI platformfacilities rather than worry about to support future production requirements how to deploy an EDI platform Slide 4 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  5. 5. China JV Case Study China JV GXS TPs China JV generates UDF from Message translated into EDI on1. Oracle and passes to BizConnect 3. GXS platform Oracle ERP UDF EDI Managed BizConnect over VPN Services EMEA OEM Message sent 2. automatically to GXS by schedule EDI 3PL User views documents status GXS deliver the translated EDI and translation result via web 4. message to EMEA OEM mailbox based Active Document solution.5. User receives an email alert DELFOR when inbound/outbound Document message contains an error. DELJIT Flows DESADV Slide 5 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  6. 6. China JV Case Study China JV China JV Managed Services Platform Slide 6 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.
  7. 7. China JV Case Study Benefits Obtained – China JV were able to take care of establishing their production facilities whilst GXS looked after the EDI connectivity with EMEA OEM – China JV utilised GXS knowledge of“We knew GXS had the global EMEA OEM’s processes in Europe reach we required to provide local B2B integration – GXS could be considered as ancapabilities, serve as a reliable B2B platform and respond extension to China JV’s own IT proactively to our needs” department Slide 7 | © 2013 GXS, Inc.