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Emerce Live Keynote - June 1st 2022.pdf

  1. INNOVATE OR GET KODAK’ED 5 Guiding Principles to NOT F#%K up Modern Commerce June 2022 Guido X Jansen – Global Business & Technology Evangelist
  2. “GET KODAK’ED”?
  3. “GET KODAK’ED”? Cameras sold (film or digital, in Millions) Rolls of film sold (in Millions)
  4. “GET KODAK’ED”?
  5. Guido X Jansen Global Business & Technology Evangelist @ Spryker ● Applied Cognitive Psychologist ● In E-com & CRO since 2008 ● Ran 1000+ controlled experiments ● Build several international CRO teams at Ecom merchants ● Did things with Magento ● Won the individual Experimentation Culture Award in 2020 ● Host of the CRO.CAFE & Sheeptank Podcasts @guido To give you some context…
  6. 5 Guiding Principles
  7. But before that…
  8. 6 Commerce Challenges
  9. Number of years it took for 25% of the US population to adopt a new technology 10 20 30 40 50 years TELEVISION TELEPHONE LIGHT BULB COMPUTER SMARTPHONE INTERNET Source: US Census via Wall Street Journal Challenge 1: We have to anticipate a world that is changing exponentially FASTER
  10. Challenge 2: Supply chain disruptions
  11. Challenge 3: Customer journeys & business processes become COMPLEX 1995 - 2007 2007 - 2010 2010 - 2014 2013 - 2017 2018 2018 - Ongoing
  12. Sustainability and transparency will play more important roles as buying criteria” The sustainable commerce trend has already begun in B2C, driven by more sustainable materials, business practices, shipping, and transparency. This will see a large uptick in B2B, and IDC expects sustainability/ethics to show up on RFPs.
  13. Challenge 5: Most commerce platforms were built for yesterday’s customer journey
  14. Challenge 6: Autonomous commerce
  15. 5 Guiding Principles
  16. 2. Methodology 1. Technology 3. Approach 4. KPIs 5. Strategy
  17. 1. Technology
  18. Remember Commerce 1.0? − DISCONNECTED Systems of Record − MANUAL processes − MONOLITHIC Commerce Suites − RIGID ERP SYSTEMS − Homegrown LEGACY TECHNOLOGY solutions
  19. Remember these Enterprise IT landscapes?
  20. Modern Enterprise Architecture Cart & Lists Price & Promotion Product Category Checkout API Orchestration Layer External Search External Tax Custom PBCs Packaged Business Capabilities Payment Tax App Composition + ERP PIM Reporting Analytics Integration Mediation Tier Pricing & Discounts CRM +
  21. 2. Methodology
  23. Digital Best Practices − NEVER ENDING PROCESS, not a project − Prioritize based on CUSTOMER NEEDS − NEAR-TERM high-impact vs. BIG innovations − TIME is your most important KPI − Build Measure Learn
  24. Go for an MVP - not RfP How not to build a Minimum Viable Product How to build a Minimum Viable Product
  25. How to do MVP (1/2) − WHO do we want to prove something to? − WHAT do we want to prove? − WHAT are the underlying KPIs to prove success? − HOW are we going to measure them?
  26. Step by step MVP approach… Start with the top 3 customer journeys Pick your main stakeholder Get Feedback and learn Go-Live in <100 days Integrate only the needed systems (be pragmatic) 1 2 3 4 5 6 Repeat
  27. 3. Approach
  28. New challenges require a new mindset Dimension Strategy Culture Talent Technology User experience IT Philosophy Business model Digital Innovation Collaboration High skill Cloud, Composable, API Mission critical Default to “yes” Relationship & partner Traditional Efficiency Hierarchy Low Cost Legacy “Who cares?” Default to “no” Service & support
  29. Business Agility Methodology Teams Releases Traditional Waterfall Project-Team Annual “New” Scrum Horizontal Bi-weekly Today Modern Agility Vertical 10x a day
  30. Re-definition of Front-end 1995 - 2007 2007 - 2010 2010 - 2014 2013 - 2017 2018 2018 - Ongoing
  31. 4. KPIs
  32. KPIs in a yesterday’s world - Efficiency & Savings first − Optimize order to delivery time − Lower sales and logistic cost − Find the best location for a new factory − Lower IT spend
  33. Modern KPIs - Innovation speed first − MARKET SHARE for digital offering − Customer EXPERIENCE, attractiveness − SPEED − Safe vs. Experimental bets − Attractiveness & RETENTION of digital talent
  34. 5. Strategy
  35. Things Change: “I sell books.” vs. “I sell whatever the f*** I want.”
  36. … It’s impossible to imagine a future… where a customer comes up and says, ‘Jeff I love Amazon; I just wish the prices were a little higher,’ or ‘I love Amazon; I just wish you’d deliver a little more slowly.’ - Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO Focus on: What is NOT going to change…?
  37. Market Evolution 1. Analog procurement processes 2. Legacy EDI portals 3. Sales force dominated channels 5. Digital Catalogs for small accounts 4. Responsive spare part shops
  38. What used to be exciting isn’t anymore… - Spare part shop - EDI processes - Personalization - … 2005 2015 2022 Excitement Commodity
  39. Market Evolution Cloud Commerce OS Sell Side Buy Side Role-based experiences Social Apps Shop POS IoT Voice Bot and more Cloud Commerce OS Empowered Customer 5. Subscriptions 4. Commerce of Things 2. Integrated Customer journeys 3. Opex vs. Capex Business Models 1. Consumer-like web & mobile experiences in B2B
  42. Marketplace Models are on the rise
  43. The rise of marketplaces in numbers $2.67 TRILLION spent globally on the top 100 online marketplaces in 2020 Source: Gartner Inc, digitalcommerce360, Roland Berger of Global Online Retail Sales are accounted for by Marketplace Sales 62% of the enterprise marketplaces launched will serve B2B transactions by 2023 70% Gross Merchandise Value Growth of 100 marketplaces, 2019-20 +29% Asia USA UK France REGIONAL MATURITY Marketplace share in the regional e-commerce market in % $50B - $100B+ TOP 100 Size of the Top 100 Marketplaces broken down by GMV in Billion US-$ in 2020 $1M - $40M $40M - $250M $250M - $1B $1B - $10B $10B - $50B ON THE RISE Marketplaces are driving the growth of GMV in Billion US-$ of the worldwide e-commerce market 2014 2017 2018 2021e Marketplace Wholesale
  44. Marketplace is a logical consequence of an ambitious and sustainable growth strategy Fully owned inventory + direct shipping Mix of dropship/ marketplace inventory Pure platforms without any own inventory Online-Shop Hybrid Platform Inventory Risk Product choice Customer Lifetime Value
  45. Enterprise Marketplace offers benefits for all parties MARKET- PLACE Operator Operator + products & services w/o inventory increase + additional revenue streams + harmonization of channels Customer Customers + transparency + products & offers + curated offers Merchant + access to new customers + operate in standardized environment + Partial outsourcing value chain + self-service selling Merchant
  46. The only feature that mattered was that everyone was there. Whoever gets the network effect first, wins. James Currier NFX Guild
  48. Electronics DIY Wholesale Transport Manufacturing Supply Chain Food Spryker Marketplace Supports wide range of Industries Retail
  49. Sourceability: disrupting the electronic component supply chain by the numbers 1B+ Products $400M Revenue 2021 $8K Average Order 4K Marketplace Merchants 50+ New Merchant Application per Week
  50. 2. Methodology 1. Technology 3. Approach 4. KPIs 5. Strategy
  51. Spryker?
  52. Spryker - Fastest growing modern Enterprise platform People Customer Partner 650+ team in 41 countries >100% YoY growth 150+ Global Enterprise Clients 150+ SI & Technology Partners
  54. Complexity, speed and innovation ask for new PLATFORMS… Time-to-Market Flexibility Highest Flexibility Fastest Time to Market Packaged Capabilities Monolith Microservices Fast Slow Low High
  55. Trusted by Global Enterprise Leaders
  56. Enabling customers in sophisticated industries… Construction & Tools Utilities Groceries, Food & Beverages Manufacturing Pharma & Medical Tech Wholesale Supply Chain and more
  57. Recognized by Analysts & Customers “Major player in B2B e-commerce” VISIONARY Strong Performer “Flexible, future-focused B2B e-commerce solution”
  58. Emerce Live 2022 - Roundtable 2 (R)evolution of Commerce - from Monolithic to Composable Architecture X
  59. Raffle Join our Raffle for a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 7 Here is what you need to do: - Visit our booth - Scan the QR code - Fill in and submit your contact details - Confirm your e-mail address And that’s it! We will draw and and contact the winner at the end of the day.
  60. And now
  61. Thx!
  62. Packaged business capabilities (and headless commerce) will drive growth”
  63. Composable Thinking is a mindset that change is the means to new business value and modularity is the tool to master the risk of accelerating change.” © Gartner, Inc
  64. Incorporate new Business Models into Commerce Strategy Split Order Operator & Merchant Dashboards Operator Back Office Offer & Product Management Merchant Portal Marketplace Storefront many more
  65. Personalization By 2025, over 15% of B2B digital commerce interfaces will provide personalized product and service information/content based on a buyer’s company size, industry, organizational role, purchasing history, etc. Personalized product information”
  66. Recap Datadriven / AI PBCs / Composable Personalization Marketplaces