April 2011 Market Look Book Final 1


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B. Smith Home complete upholstered furniture collection along with the complete Miles Talbott furniture collection

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April 2011 Market Look Book Final 1

  1. 1. April 2011MILES TALBOTT
  2. 2. Miles Talbott Furniture April 2011
  3. 3. Group OneBrockville Sofa - 3880-S in Victory Spa Gr. 4.American Antique finish.Bankwood Chair – 570-C in Gladstone Natural Gr. 7. American Antique finish.Abigail Chair - 310-C in Collins Spa Gr. 7.American Antique finish.
  4. 4. Group TwoBradley Sofa – 3255-S in Mystique Natural Gr. 2. American Antique finish.Bradley Chair – 3255-C in Jennings Natural Gr. 6. American Antique finish.
  5. 5. Group Three1100 Options Series Sectional in Dobson Flax Gr. 3. Legends Finish.Belwood Chair – 505-C in Pembrook Natural Gr.8. Legends finish.
  6. 6. Group FourCotswold Sofa – 1447-S in Sarabeth Apple Gr. 5. Mahogany finish.Devon Chair – 1445-C in Trent Green Gr. 5.
  7. 7. Group FiveCotswold Sofa in pattern Glynn Silver Sage Gr. 5. Legends finish.Cotswold Chair in pattern Fresno Sand Gr. 4. Legends finish.Aftonwood Chair in pattern Seville Steel Gr. 10. Legends finish.
  8. 8. Group SixBardot Sofa – 2850-S in Beale Blue Gr.3.Kiawah Swivel Chair – SW-220-C in Serenity Spa Gr.6.
  9. 9. Group SevenMarais Sofa – 2860-S in Wicker Snow Gr. 2. American Antique finish.Aftonwood Chair – 495-C in Cotswold Navy Gr. 6. American Antique finish.
  10. 10. Group EightSara Slipcovered Sofa in Washed Charleston Snow Gr. W-2.Sara Slipcovered Swivel Chair in Washed Lotus Blue Gr. 1-2.
  11. 11. Group Nine6000 Options Series Sectional in Victory Camel Gr. 4. Mahogany finish.Ottoman Options Series in Pembrook Java Gr. 8. Mahogany finish.Gabrial Leather Chair – LX-460-C in Paris Black Gr. E. Battered Blackfinish.
  12. 12. Group Ten1100 Options Series Sofa in Brisbane Red Gr. 3. Mahogany finish.1100 Options Series Chair in Mackenzie Multi Gr. 6.
  13. 13. Work Table AreaGina Armless Dining Chairs – 116-DC in Sunbrella Trax Wren Gr. 7.Melrose Chair – JR-9400-C with brass casters in Stockholm CrimsonGr. 5.
  14. 14. Group ElevenEmily Slipcovered Sofa in Washed Fontaine Spa Gr. W-3.Emily Slipcovered Chair inWashed Key Largo Caribbean Gr. W-2 (cut so stripe runs horizontally).
  15. 15. Group TwelveVera Slipcovered Sofa in Washed Charleston Mist Gr. W-2.St. Croix Chair – RATT-118-C in Washed Stuart Spring Gr. W-2.
  16. 16. Group ThirteenLexington Sofa – 3140-S in Lawson Linen Gr. 2. Driftwood finish.Bankwood Chair – 570-C in Amsterdam Ice Gr. 5. Driftwood finish.
  17. 17. Group FourteenJoplin Sectional in Mazara Alabaster Gr. 4. Mahogany finish.Ottoman Options Series in Sliver Sand Gr. 8. Mahogany finish.
  18. 18. Group FifteenLowery Sofa – 2550-S in Finley Sand Gr. 1.St. Baart Rattan Chair – RATT-495-C in Winwood Sepia Gr. 8.
  19. 19. Group SixteenMadison Sectional – 2290 Sectional in Loco Saddle Gr. 4. American Antique finish.Ottoman Options Series in LX Morris Antique Gr. D. American Antique finish.
  20. 20. Group Seventeen **6 Month Market Special**6000 Options Series Sofa in Mazara Grain Gr. 4. Mahogany finish.6000 Options Series Chair in Trent Camel Gr 5.Abigail Chair – 310-C in Hayley Camel Gr. 5. Mahogany finish.
  21. 21. Group EighteenRochester Sofa – 2260-S in pattern Tightrope Mushroom Gr. 4. Mahogany finish.Gabrial Chair – LX-460-C in LX Cody Mushroom Gr. D. Mahogany finish.
  22. 22. Ottoman Options Series Gallery
  23. 23. Ottoman Option Series Gallery
  24. 24. B. Smith Home – Group OneTwo Java Settees – BH-8065-SET in Glynn Verdigris Gr. 7. Crème finish.Zanzibar Ottoman – BH-8200-O in Jumper Spa Gr. 8. Mahogany finish.
  25. 25. B. Smith Home – Group TwoCayman Sofa – BH-8055-S in Mazara Grain Gr. 4. Mahogany finish.Two Caribe Chairs – BH-8120-C in Adana Gold Gr. 13. Mahogany finish.Cayman Ottoman – BH-8055-O in Avondale Gold Gr. 13. Mahogany finish.
  26. 26. B. Smith Home – Group 3Tibet Sofa – BH-8030-S with bench seat cushion in Gent Indigo Gr. 5. America Antique finish.Lanaii Chair – BH-8140-C in Catalyst Indigo Gr. 5. American Antique finish.
  27. 27. B. Smith Home – Group 4Trinidad Sofa – BH-8070-S in Lawson Linen Gr. 5. Legends finish.Java Chair – BH-8065-C in Sari Linen Gr. 13. Driftwood finish.Trinidad Sofa – BH-8070-C in Anniston Linen Gr. 5. Legends finish.
  28. 28. B. Smith Home – Group FiveNairobi Sofa – BH-8010-S in Jumper Pearl Gr. 8. Mahogany finish.Nairobi Leather Chair – BH-LX-8010-C in LX Stinson Palomino Gr. E. Mahogany finish.Kalahari Chair – BH-8040-C in Inception Natural Gr. 8. Mahogany finish.
  29. 29. B. Smith Home – Group SixCayman Sofa – BH-8055-S in Porter Green Gr. 5. Mahogany finish.Cayman Leather Ottoman – BH-LX-8055-O in LX Milano Surf Gr. D. Mahogany finish.Two Kingston Chairs – BH-8170-C in Brenner Spring Gr. 5. Mahogany finish.
  30. 30. Joe Ruggiero Collection – Group OneTribeca Sofa – JR-9050-S in SunbrellaPattern Meridian Denim Gr. 4. Crèmefinish.Westfield Chair – JR-9300-C inSunbrella Pattern Asia II Mariner Gr. 13.Gable Ottoman – JR-9170-O inSunbrella Pattern Karate Denim Gr. 5.Crème Finish.Pauline Chair 0 JR-9180-C in SunbrellaPattern Meridian Denim Gr. 4. CrèmeFinishChine Chair – JR-9110-C in SunbrellaPattern Asia II Mariner Gr. 13. Crèmefinish.
  31. 31. Joe Ruggiero Collection - GroupTwoMaxfield Sofa – JR-9090-S inSunbrella Pattern Karate Denim Gr.5. American Antique finish.Maxfield Chair – JR-9090-C inSunbrella Pattern Tie Dye Denim Gr.10. American Antique finish.
  32. 32. Group Four – Market SpecialJoe Ruggiero Collection – Group ThreeTribeca Sectional – JR-9050 in Sunbrella Pattern Chex Vellum Gr. 10. American Antique finish.Two Hampton Hassocks – JR-9360-O in Sunbrella Pattern Karate Denim Gr. 5.Notting Hill Chair – JR-9195-C in Sunbrella Pattern Kenya Cloud Gr. 8. American Antique finish.
  33. 33. Joe Ruggiero Collection – Group Four **6 Month Market Special**Lenox Sofa – JR-9610-S in Sunbrella Pattern Meridian Dove Gr. 4. Legends finish.Lenox Chair – JR-96140-C in Sunbrella Pattern Dazzle Wren Gr. 7. Legends finish.
  34. 34. Joe Ruggiero Collection – GroupFiveTwo Germaine II Chairs – JR-9141-C in Sunbrella Pattern DevilleParfait Gr. 6. Crème finish.
  35. 35. Joe Ruggiero Collection –Group SixSalon Chaise – JR-9130-CH inSunbrella Pattern VelvetAntique Beige Gr. 13. OldWorld finish.Hampton Leather Hassock I –JR-LX-9360-O in LX Prada JuteGr. D.
  36. 36. Joe Ruggiero Collection –Group 6Russell Bed – JR-9210-HQ inSunbrella Pattern Dazzle II BarleyGr. 7. Old World finish.Burton Ottoman – JR-9321-O inSunbrella Pattern Kenya LeafGr.8.
  37. 37. Joe Ruggiero Collection – GroupSixGermaine II Chair – JR-9141-C inSunbrella Pattern Kenya Leaf Gr. 8.Old World Finish.
  38. 38. Joe Ruggiero Collection – GroupSevenTwo Hillsboro Chairs – JR-9430-C inSunbrella Pattern Deville Cameo Gr.6. Old World finish.Two Hillsboro Chairs – JR-9430-C inSunbrella Pattern Meridian Coco Gr.4. Old World finish.
  39. 39. Joe Ruggiero Collection – GroupSevenTwo Hillsboro Chairs – JR-9430-C inSunbrella Pattern Deville Cameo Gr. 6.Old World finish
  40. 40. Joe Ruggiero Collection – GroupSevenTwo Salona Leather Chairs – JR-LX-9470-C in LX Prada Copper Gr. D.
  41. 41. Joe Ruggiero Collection – Group EightSalon Sofa – JR-9130-S in SunbrellaPattern Kenya Wren Gr. 8. Legends finish.Laughton Ottoman – JR-9080-O inSunbrella Pattern Tie Dye Linden. Legendsfinish.
  42. 42. Joe Ruggiero Collection – Group Eight& NineConrad Chair – JR-9420-C in SunbrellaPattern Deville Cactus Gr. 6.Louis Chair – JR-9100-C in SunbrellaPattern Dazzle II Barley Gr. 7. Legendsfinish.
  43. 43. Joe Ruggiero Collection – Group 9Two Regent Chairs – JR-9616-C inSunbrella Pattern Tie Dye Wren Gr.10. Legends finish.
  44. 44. Joe Ruggiero Collection - Group NineTwo Armless Chine Chairs – JR-9111-C inSunbrella Pattern Asia Horizon Gr. 13.Driftwood finish.Two Armed Chine Chairs – JR-9110-C inSunbrella Pattern Asia Horizon.Driftwood finish.Two Armed Villa Dining Chairs – JR-9511-DC in Sunbrella Pattern DevilleHorizon Gr. 6.
  45. 45. Shabby Chic Collection – Group OneMarlow Sofa – SC-7210-S in Washed Dawkins Taupe Gr. W-2.Marlow Chair – SC-7210-C in Washed Kendall Eggshell Gr. W-2.Patsy Ottoman – SC-7380-O in Washed Nubby Natural Gr. W-3.
  46. 46. Shabby Chic Collection – Group OneParlor Chair – SC-7180-C in Washed Dobson AshGr. W-2. Dover White finish.
  47. 47. Shabby Chic Collection – Group TwoComfy Sofa – SC-7030-S in Washed Powder Bleached Gr. W-1.Comfy Chair – SC-7030-C in Washed Capistrano blue Gr. W-3.Cambridge Chair – SC-7160-C in Washed Vintage Rose Blue Gr. W-3.Box Ottoman – SC-7310-O in Washed Capistrano Blue Gr. W-3.
  48. 48. Shabby Chic Collection – Group ThreeAvondale Chair – SC-7140-C in WashedPowder Bleached Gr. W-1.Avondale Ottoman – SC-7140-O in WashedPowder Bleached Gr. W-1.
  49. 49. Shabby Chic Collection – Group ThreeMalibu Sofa – SC-7040-S in Washed Polar White Gr. W-2.Malibu Chair – SC-7040-C in Washed Freeport White Gr. W-2.Bench Ottoman – SC-7350-O in Washed Turks Blue Gr. W-2.
  50. 50. Shabby Chic Collection – Group FourDuke Sofa – SC-7060-S in Washed Melbourne White Gr. W-2.Duke Chair – SC-7060-C in Washed Melbourne White Gr. W-2.Two Dotty Ottomans – SC-7370-O in Washed Lisburn Linen Gr. W-3.
  51. 51. Shabby Chic Collection – Group FiveLoft Sofa – SC-7050-S in Washed Glynn Vintage Linen Gr. W-3.Cambridge Chair – SC-7165-C in Washed Indigo Floral Antique Gr. W-3.Wreath Ottoman – SC-7360-O in Washed Charleston Fog Gr. W-2.
  52. 52. Shabby Chic Collection – Group SixColby Leather Chair – SC-LX-7195-C in LXCody Mushroom Gr. D.Colby Leather Ottoman – SC-LX-7195-O in LXCody Mushroom Gr. D.
  53. 53. Shabby Chic Collection – Group SevenComfy Sectional – SC-7030 in Washed Kendall Spa Gr. W-2.
  54. 54. Shabby Chic Collection – Group SevenComfy Chaise – SC-7030-CH WashedGran Stripe Spa Gr. W-3.
  55. 55. Shabby Chic Collection – Group EightGrace Sofa – SC-7010-S in Washed Yorkshire Wheat Gr. W-3.Essex Chair – SC-7125-C in Washed Glynn Antique White Gr. W-3. American Antique finish.
  56. 56. Shabby Chic Collection – Group NineDover Sofa – SC-7020-S in Washed Dobson Ash Gr. W-2Dover Chair – SC-7020-C in Washed Winthrop Tearose Gr. W-3.
  57. 57. Shabby Chic Collection – Group TenGrace Twin Sleeper – SC-7010-T in Washed Vintage RoseGreen Gr. W-3.Essex Chair – SC-7125-C in Washed Kendall Meadow Gr. W-2.American Antique finish.
  58. 58. Shabby Chic Collection – Group ElevenComfy Leather Sectional – SC-7035 in LX Cody Brown Gr. D. American Antique finish.
  59. 59. Shabby Chic Collection – Group ElevenNorthampton Chair and Ottoman – SC-7240-C & SC-7240-O in Washed Glyn Antique White Gr. W-3.
  60. 60. 211 Old Thomasville Road High Point , NC 27260 336.885.7500www.MilesTalbottFurniture.com