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Stuart licht


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Stuart licht

  1. 1. Solar Thermal HybridsSTEP:A different solar energy conversion processThe Solar Thermal Electrochemical Production of energetic molecules Stuart Licht 14:15
  2. 2. The Solar Thermal Generation of Electricity is evolving rapidly STEP is our new hybrid solar thermal process. Its synergy is fundamentally capable of higher solar energy efficiency. Rather than electricity, STEP produces as a product staples, such as fuel, metals and bleach. 14:15
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  5. 5. STEP (Solar Thermal, Electrochemical Production) is a process to 14:15
  6. 6. The STEP (Solar Thermal, Electrochemical Production) Process 14:15
  7. 7. STEP hydrogen generationWeʼve been interested in solar H2 "(solar electrochemical water splitting) " " 14:15 " as an alternative to fossil fuels"
  8. 8. STEP hydrogen generation Today with our friends at Lynntech, Inc., a STEP type hydrogen generator is in development for the US Air Force. 14:15
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  10. 10. Could STEP replace today’s alkali chlor process for bleach production? The alkali chlor process consumes ~1% of the worlds generated electricity, thereby releasing CO2, to make chlorine for bleach. Instead STEP uses the decrease of chloride electrolysis potentials, which are on the order of volts per 1000°C temperature change. Envisioning a Renewable Chemical Economy Ex: Can we scale STEP for solar seawater desalinization forming bleach & metals? Excess solar thermal maintains a molten chloride bath; which in tandem: 1)  Vaporizes seawater for desalinization, or water splitting. 2)  Provides for molten chloride electrolysis. Seawater is 3.5 wt % in dissolved salt, principally 0.5 M NaCl, and 0.05 M MgCl2. 14:15
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  12. 12. Goal: Efficient, low cost, high rate ironproduction without carbon dioxide emission. 14:15
  13. 13. STEP is a new process using well established components 14:15
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  17. 17. STEP (Solar Thermal, Electrochemical Production) is a process to 14:15