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Visit the Solar Institute for details of the 2011 Solar Symposium:

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Simon Watson | SunEdison

  1. 1. Introduction to SunEdisonSolar Energy: A Critical Component ofMeeting the Clean Energy ChallengeThe George Washington University Solar InstituteApril 26th 2011
  2. 2. About SunEdison: What we doDevelop, build, finance, own and operate solar power plants forcommercial and utility customersOffer solar services, sell electricity at competitive prices and provideturnkey solutions to customersSunEdison is recognized as:  A leading global solar energy services provider  Owners and operators of a portfolio of over ~400 solar plants built, financed and managed under O&M contracts  A business unit of MEMC (S&P 500), a leading semiconductor and solar wafer company  Builder of the first utility scale solar plants in the US and Canada  Developers of Europe’s largest utility scale project (72 MW) in Rovigo, Italy  Among fastest growing international solar companies SunEdison: The leading solar power developer and services company in the US
  3. 3. Better Together: MEMC and SunEdison SunEdison is a subsidiary of MEMC; a relationship that creates value for both companies and our customers Solar Food Chain $7 billion $16 billion $39 billion MEMC Polysilicon Ingot Wafers Cells / Modules Systems Semiconductor/Electronics Food Chain $10 billion $248 billion ~ $1 trillion MEMC Polysilicon Ingot Wafers Semiconductors Electronics MEMC: A world Leader in semiconductors and solar technology.
  4. 4. SunEdison: Strong financing relationships for solar projects SunEdison is a leader financial solutions for customers building on our pioneering solar PPA Global Solar Fund/Joint Venture SunE Solar Fund I/II SunE Solar III/IV Levered Equity Project Finance Partnership Project Finance Sale-Leaseback $1.5 billion Working Capital Facilities 23 Project Aggregation 195 Project Aggregation SunE Solar V, V-B, V-C SunE Alamosa1 SunE Solar VI SunE Solar VIIProject Finance Sale-Leaseback Project Finance Sale-Leaseback Project Finance Sale-Leaseback Project Finance Sale-Leaseback 33 Project Aggregation 8.2 MW Substation PV Plant 4 Project Aggregation (4.9 MW) 4 Project Aggregation (3.6 MW) SunE Solar IX SunE Solar X Direct Lease Project Finance LoanProject Finance Sale-Leaseback Project Finance Sale-Leaseback Kohl’s Department Stores Solar Loan Program (NJ) 10.1 MW Substation PV Plant $60 million 10 Project Aggregation 11 Project Aggregation Catalonia, Spain Project Finance Loan Catalonia, Spain Puglia, Italy 2 Project Aggregation Equity Placement Levered Equity Private Equity Financings 3 Project Aggregation (4.4 MW) 10 Project Aggregation (9.5 MW) Rovigo, Italy SunE Sky First Light, LP Project Finance Loan €276 mm, 70 MW Project Finance Loan Recovery Zone Facility Bonds 37.0 MWs PV Plants (Ontario) Joint Venture 9.0 MW PV Plant (Ontario) 20+ Project Aggregation
  5. 5. Systems Expertise: Ground mount and rooftop systems 72 MW - Rovigo, Italy. Kohl’s - 409 KW - Laguna Nigel, CA 8.2 MW - Alamosa, COCrystalline panels, fixed tilt, ground mount. Crystalline panels, fixed tilt, Crystalline panels, fixed, one-axis, Largest being built in Europe. roof mount. & dual-axis trackers, ground mount. City of San Diego – Chula Vista, CA First Light – 9MW - Napanee, ON Duke Energy- 4 of 17MW, Cotton Grove, 944kW crystalline panels on tank top & Thin film panels, fixed tilt, NC ground mount First Utility Scale- Canada Crystalline panels, one axis, ground mount.
  6. 6. Questions?