Lockheed Martin MS2Renewable Energy OverviewApril 19, 2010<br />
Knolls Atomic Power<br />Lab (KAPL)<br />Schenectady, NY<br />Missiles and <br />Fire Control<br />Archbald, PA<br />Lockh...
LM Energy Business Portfolio<br />Space Systems<br />Electronic Systems<br />Aeronautics<br />IS&GS<br />Efficiency & Mana...
 Utility Technical & Engineering Services
 Smart Grid
IT & Business Services Hanford Site M&O
Savannah River Labs
 Sandia National Labs
 Solar (CSP & PV)
 Ocean Thermal
 Fuel Cells
Nuclear Command & Control Systems
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Myers - Lockheed Martin Renewable Energy Overview


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Chris Myers, VP of Energy Programs for Lockheed Martin, presented at the GW Solar Institute Symposium on April 19, 2010. More information at solar.gwu.edu/Symposium.html

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Myers - Lockheed Martin Renewable Energy Overview

  1. 1. Lockheed Martin MS2Renewable Energy OverviewApril 19, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Knolls Atomic Power<br />Lab (KAPL)<br />Schenectady, NY<br />Missiles and <br />Fire Control<br />Archbald, PA<br />Lockheed Martin Canada<br />Montreal, Quebec<br />Aeronautics<br />Marietta, GA<br />Aeronautics HQ<br />Enterprise Information Systems<br />Ft. Worth, TX<br />Lockheed Martin Canada<br />Kanata, Ontario<br />Information Technology<br />Richland, WA<br />Space Operations<br />Stennis Space Center, MS<br />Mission Services<br />Houston, TX<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Mitchel Field, NY<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Syracuse, NY<br />Commercial Space <br />Systems<br />Newtown, PA<br />Space Systems<br />Huntsville, AL<br />Systems Integration - Owego<br />Owego, NY<br />Information Systems & Global Svcs<br />Space Systems<br />Enterprise Information Systems<br />King of Prussia, PA<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Transportation and Security Solutions<br />Eagan, MN<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Marion, MA<br />Information Technology<br />New Orleans, LA<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Information Technology <br />Baltimore, MD<br />Space Systems, <br />Advanced Technology<br />Center<br />Palo Alto, CA<br />Space Systems <br />Silverdale, WA<br />Space Systems<br />Michoud Operations<br />Michoud, LA<br />Space Systems<br />Kings Bay, GA<br />Information Systems <br />& Global Services<br />Space Systems HQ<br />Mission Services<br />Enterprise Information<br />Systems<br />Denver, CO Metro Area<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Energy & Homeland Sec Svcs<br />Moorestown, NJ<br />Information Systems <br />& Global Services<br />Information Technology<br />Mission Services HQ<br />Colorado Springs, CO<br />Space Systems<br />Mission Services<br />Savi<br />Enterprise Info Sys<br />Sunnyvale, CA<br />Information Technology<br />Cleveland, OH<br />Information Technology<br />Clarksburg, WV<br />Advanced Technology Labs<br />Information Systems & Global<br />Services<br />Cherry Hill. NJ<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Akron, OH<br />Information Systems & Global Svcs<br />San Jose, CA<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Manassas, VA<br />Information Systems & Global Svcs<br />Santa Maria, CA<br />Information Systems & Global Svcs<br />Goodyear, AZ<br />Logistics Services<br />Greenville, SC<br />Space Systems<br />Mission Services<br />Vandenberg AFB, CA<br />Missiles and Fire Control<br />Camden, AR<br />Missiles and <br />Fire Control<br />Troy, AL<br />Information Technology HQ<br />Seabrook, MD<br />Missiles and Fire Control<br />Grand Prairie, TX<br />Sandia National Labs<br />Livermore, CA<br />Information Technology<br />Sandia National Labs<br />Albuquerque, NM<br />Transportation and <br />Security Solutions<br />Rockville, MD<br />Corporate Headquarters<br />Electronic Systems HQ<br />Bethesda, MD<br />Kelly Aviation Center<br />Information Technology<br />San Antonio, TX<br />Missiles and Fire Control<br />Ocala, FL<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Clearwater, FL<br />Information Systems & <br />Global Services<br />Information Technology<br />Arlington, VA<br />Information Technology<br />Tampa, FL<br />Shared Services<br />Lakeland, FL<br />Corporate Staff/Other<br />Aeronautics<br />Electronic Systems<br />Information Systems & Global Services<br />Space Systems<br />Mission Services<br />Springfield, VA<br />Space Systems<br />Mission Services<br />Cape Canaveral, FL<br />Corporation at a GlanceLocations with >200 Employees<br />Missiles and Fire Control<br />Chelmsford, MA<br />Info Systems & Global Svcs<br />Norristown, PA<br />Transportation and <br />Security Solutions<br />Atlantic City, NJ<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Information Technology<br />Baltimore, MD<br />Information Systems & <br />Global Services<br />Hanover, MD<br />Aeronautics<br />Palmdale/Edwards AFB, CA<br />Information<br />Technology<br />Atlanta, GA<br />Aeronautics<br />Edwards AFB, CA<br />Mission Services<br />Greenbelt. MD<br />PAE, a Lockheed Martin Co<br />Los Angeles, CA<br />Information Systems & <br />Global Services<br />Gaithersburg, MD<br />Information Systems & Global Svcs<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />San Diego, CA<br />UK INSYS Limited<br />Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England<br />UK Integrated Systems <br />& Solutions<br />Farnham, England<br />LM Aircraft Argentina<br />Cordoba, Argentina<br />Lockheed Martin United Kingdom<br />London, England<br />Enterprise Information Systems<br />Simulation, Training and Support<br />Missiles and Fire Control<br />Orlando, FL<br />UK Integrated Systems<br />Havant, England<br />Maritime Systems & Sensors<br />Riviera Beach, FL<br />
  3. 3. LM Energy Business Portfolio<br />Space Systems<br />Electronic Systems<br />Aeronautics<br />IS&GS<br />Efficiency & Management <br />Monitoring & Mitigation <br />Renewable & Alternative Power Generation<br /><ul><li> Efficiency Business
  4. 4. Utility Technical & Engineering Services
  5. 5. Smart Grid
  6. 6. IT & Business Services Hanford Site M&O
  7. 7. Savannah River Labs
  8. 8. Sandia National Labs
  9. 9. Solar (CSP & PV)
  10. 10. Ocean Thermal
  11. 11. Wave
  12. 12. Biomass/Biofuels
  13. 13. Fuel Cells
  14. 14. Nuclear Command & Control Systems
  15. 15. Microgrids
  16. 16. Storage & Advanced Material Technologies
  17. 17. Space Based Climate Monitoring Exploration
  18. 18. Terrestrial-Based Climate Monitoring
  19. 19. Space Solar Power Exploration
  20. 20. Advanced Concepts R&D
  21. 21. Aircraft Energy Technology
  22. 22. Military Fuel Efficiency
  23. 23. Advanced Biofuels
  24. 24. Skunk Works® Advanced R&D </li></li></ul><li>LM Energy Generation<br />Tools to Partner with Industry <br />to Deliver Affordable Renewable Energy<br />
  25. 25. Why Lockheed Martin?Bringing Engineering Rigor To Utility Scale Renewable Energy<br />Experience & Innovation<br />Advanced Modeling & Simulation<br />Full Scale SCA Prototype<br />Focused Research & Development<br />Results-Driven Innovation<br />World-Class Systems Engineering<br />Program Management<br />Operations & Maintenance<br />Commitment<br /><ul><li>Internal funding of R&D projects
  26. 26. CSP, PV, BioEnergy, Nanotechnology, Ocean Thermal, Ocean Wave, etc.
  27. 27. Internal funding of prototypes
  28. 28. Full scale (solar collector assembly)
  29. 29. Others funded / planned</li></ul>LM is committed to Renewable Energy<br />
  30. 30. Solar Field Experience<br />Solar Field Experience <br />Technical Activities - General<br />Full-Scale Prototype<br />Tools<br />Production Performance Modeling<br />Requirements Definition<br />Solar Collector Assembly Design <br />Heat Transfer Fluid System<br />Programmatic / Procurement Activities<br />
  31. 31. Solar Field Technical Activities<br />Production Performance Modeling<br />Design optimization<br />Sensitivity analysis<br />Solar Collector Assembly Design<br />Design requirements developed<br />Key components analyzed and selected<br />SCA size: 100 meters long (nominal)<br />Mirror type / reflectivity<br />Heat collecting elements (receivers) <br />Frame type / stiffness, alignment, etc.<br />Drive assembly / tracking system<br />Structural / Mechanical Analyses<br />Thermal loads<br />Wind loads<br />Alignment<br />Solar Collector design / assembly drawings<br />Short specifications for components <br />
  32. 32. Solar Field Technical Activities (continued)<br />Heat Transfer Fluid System Design<br />Basic pipe routing, pipe sizing, pump head calculations <br />Stress analysis / expansion loop design<br />Expansion tank volume<br />Process Flow Diagrams <br />General Arrangement – Solar Field<br />Addressed significant grading & drainage challenges <br />Pylons & Foundations<br />Spacing for Roadways, Mirror-Washing<br />
  33. 33. Full Scale Prototype Developed: SolSTES<br />SolSTES (Solar System Test and Evaluation Site) is a 100M Solar Collector Assembly installed at the LM MS2 facility in Moorestown NJ <br />Commissioned April 2009<br />SolSTES was developed to provide risk reduction for:<br />Validate component level performance<br />Validation of system level performance<br />Integration / constructability<br />Alignment tolerances<br />SolSTES Prototype Provides Risk Reduction<br />
  34. 34. SolSTES<br />
  35. 35. Lockheed Martin as a Solar Field Provider<br />Experience & Innovation<br />Full Scale Solar Collector Assembly Experience / Prototype<br />Advanced Performance Modeling Capabilities<br />Requirements-Driven SCA Design |and Component Selection<br />6Σ SCA Assembly Analysis<br />Supplier Evaluations <br />Results-Driven Innovation<br />World-Class Systems Engineering<br />Commitment to Research & Development in Renewable Energy<br />LM has mature understanding of Solar Field Design<br />Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information<br />
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Federal Policy Issue Areas for Utility Scale Solar :<br /><ul><li>Passage of a Federal Renewable Portfolio Standard
  38. 38. Manufacturing tax credits for renewable energy devises and equipment
  39. 39. Creation of a DOE Renewable Energy Pilot / Demonstration Project Funding Program
  40. 40. Extension of the ARRA renewable energy incentives
  41. 41. Treasury Department grant in lieu of ITC program
  42. 42. Energy Department loan guarantee program
  43. 43. Streamline NEPA EIS/EA process for projects on BLM land and or projects with DOE loan guarantees</li></ul>Drives <br />Projects <br />Closes <br />Projects <br />Federal Economic Incentives are Needed to Drive Utility Scale Projects<br />
  44. 44. Conclusion<br />Energy Independence is a key national security driver for the US and our Allies<br />Lockheed Martin has a diverse portfolio in RE activities<br />Keenly poised to execute utility scale solar power with existing technology and new/innovative technology insertion<br />Robust federal support and legislation is needed to drive renewable energy markets <br />Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information<br />