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Chris Cook | Keyes & Fox


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Visit the Solar Institute for details of the 2011 Solar Symposium:

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Chris Cook | Keyes & Fox

  1. 1. Regulatory and EconomicIssues of Grid IntegrationGW Solar SymposiumApril 2011Christopher Cook, Of Counsel, Keyes & Fox
  2. 2. Solar (electric) is a utilitytechnology in broad basedapplication Utility business is highly regulated Utility business model like few others – monopoly Distributed solar (on-site) represents a loss of revenue and competitive technology to the utility business model Like other competitive/disruptive technologies – incumbent players unlikely to embrace
  3. 3. How do regulators interact with solar? Implement policies state/federal legislators develop Oversight of incentive programs Interconnection standards  Becoming more difficult Net metering (economic) tariff policy  Policy in place for nearly 20 years  scrutiny intensifying Wholesale markets/Federal Issues  FERC NOPR on regulation services (Feb 2011)  California FIT FERC decision  Commerce Clause restrictions
  4. 4. Solar becomes a larger player in the energy business Greater regulatory scrutiny Inquiries on market impact Reliability – stability Need for advanced technologies and proactive solutions Beware of the economic threat to utility financial stability
  5. 5. Changing the Policy makers & regulators view on solar1500MW Nuclear plant example Approved in advance – ratepayers will pay  AFUDC – cost of construction financed  Committed to full build out -- cannot cancel without large financial penalty Built out over 10-15 years Guaranteed cost recovery = lower financing costs Distributed vs. central station – look at cost of delivered power
  6. 6. The NJ solar program – Success in an unlikely locale 2nd largest solar electric state in the US by installs Suite of policies that made a market  Incentives  Interconnection  Net metering Long term growth rates – business planning opportunities Limits on rate impacts 1 MW installed at program concept - 2001 90 MW target 2009; 300MW installed last as of 4/11; 5% by 2025
  7. 7. Contact InformationChristopher Cook, Keyes & Fox LLPccook@keyesandfox.com202-465-4827