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Ariel Castillo | Solar Potential of DoD


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ariel Castillo | Solar Potential of DoD

  1. 1. THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE Determination of Renewable and Solar Energy Transition Potential of Department of Defense (DoD) Facilities and Non-Tactical Vehicles Institute for the Analysis of Solar Energy Kick-Off Symposium April 24, 2009 Presented by: Ariel Castillo
  2. 2. GW Engineering DoD Energy Consumption • Largest energy consumer in the government and Nation Government Energy Consumption 2007 • 545,000 facilities and 190,000 Postal Service non-tactical vehicles 4.16% Justice • $3.4 billion in annual facility 3.11% Energy energy consumption 2.94% • $250 million in annual non- tactical vehicle energy consumption Defense 78.57% • Over 96% of energy consumption from fossil fuels
  3. 3. GW Engineering Research Overview Facilities 1. DoD Energy and Wright Patterson AFB Fort Belvoir Emissions Analyses 2. Benefits Analyses Non-tactical vehicles 3. Model Development
  4. 4. GW Engineering Current Research Overview 1. DoD Energy and Emissions Research Analyses 1. Facilities Service energy and emissions analyses 2. Vehicles Service energy and emissions analyses 3. Higher fidelity facilities base level study • Responsible for implementing Deputy Under goals of EPAct 2005 and EO Secretary of Defense I&E 13423 in regards to facilities and non-tactical vehicles Dept of the Dept of the Army Dept of the Navy Marine Corps Air Force
  5. 5. GW Engineering Research Benefits • Catalyst and market driver of technologies • Decreased oil imports • Decreased GHG emissions
  6. 6. GW Engineering Cooperating Offices • Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment (DUSD/I&E) • Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations Environment and Logistics (SAF/I&E) • Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Housing (DASA/I&H) • Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Installations and Environment (ASN/I&E)