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Smart Home Operational Services


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Smart Home Operational Services

  1. 1. Energy, Utilities & Chemicals the way we do it Smart Home: The Human Side of the Smart Grid The smart home is a new way of looking at the role energy plays in our lives and the evolving relationship between energy utilities and consumers. At the turn of the century, electricity was used. Furthermore, for those improved everyday life by supplying customers who have purchased light after dark and providing power renewable energy systems, there’s no to machines. Today, the traditional ability to measure (and receive credit home has appliances that are operated for) the value of energy produced from locally and manually, usually by renewable resources. flipping a switch or pushing a button. These devices have limited controls, The Smart Home: a New Way and managing the energy they use can of Living, Smarter be difficult. The smart home represents the convergence of energy efficient, Billing can be confusing. Consumers controllable appliances and real- receive electricity bills once a month, time access to energy usage typically more than 20 days after they data. This integration have used the service. The customer of smart has no way to correlate the amount of money spent on electricity with how itThe smart home represents a new paradigm that merges energy distribution andcommunications, connecting the providers and the users.
  2. 2. devices and smart grid enables customers n Automated household appliances to proactively manage energy use in in a smart home are controlled based ways that are convenient, cost effective, on customer preferences, and they can and good for the environment. be placed in modes that match the homeowner’s daily routine, sometimesSmart homes satisfy n Customer portals make it possible on, sometimes off. to monitor home appliances remotely,customers through using the Internet and a computer or n Advanced intelligence enables consumers to use “real-time” energymore efficient and mobile device. Homeowners can access budgeting to manage the dollars spent detailed information about their on energy in any given day. Smartcost-effective demand energy usage in 15-minute intervals. homes are able to fine-tune the Appliances are monitored andresponse programs, controlled based on estimated energy system to match usage that when customers costs per appliance and supported by a n Communication with the utility system of automated alarms and alerts. is made possible through messageswant energy, it’s there. sent via the customer portal. These n In-home displays enable customers messages could include energy saving to monitor energy usage by providing tips and weather warnings, as well updated information about energy as updated information about when consumption. These advanced energy power outages will be restored. usage analytics provide insights that enable customers to manage energy Smart homes satisfy customers through use—and costs. The smart home more efficient and cost-effective demand also gives customers the ability response programs, so that when to determine if energy has been customers want energy, it’s there. delivered from renewable resources, and it enhances the ability to calculate and monitor their home’s unique carbon footprint.2
  3. 3. Energy, Utilities & Chemicals the way we do it Aztech 7 2 1 3 9 Hello Secure Security System is activated 10 +5 degrees 73˚ Consumption Thermostat 11 12 6 5 4 8Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Using smart technology, the day-to-daySmart Home decisions consumers make about howIn the days to come, potential new lines they plan to use energy is shaping theof business for utilities will include nature of their interaction with utilitiesinstalling and managing the customer and is preparing the way for a new eraequipment that makes the smart home in customer relationships.possible. Capgemini supports the smarthome through technology due diligenceand testing, home area network andlocal area network technical expertise,customer value proposition analysis, andsystems and applications integration.The smart home works together withthe smart meter and the smart grid—itis the fundamental unit of consumerinteraction with the utility.Smart Home: The Human Side of the Smart Grid
  4. 4. is Capgemini’s n Leads the industry in the deliverySmart Energy Services of smart energy solutions in massUnique? deployment and productionCapgemini’s Smart Energy Services are n Offers a unique, turn-key solutionreal, in the market now, and already called Managed Business Services,making a difference for utilities around which has a usage-based pricing modelthe world. We support utilities and theircustomers by delivering sustainable n Offers strategic relationships andenergy efficiency and environmental delivery experience from ansolutions—transforming utility ecosystem of long-standing globaloperations and customer fulfillment. technology partnersOur commitment is strong with morethan 7,000 professionals dedicated to For more information aboutthe utility sector. Smart Energy Services, please visit’s Smart Energy Services:n Has extensive utilities industry experience with an unequaled track record for successful innovation and delivery. We offer our clients lessons learned and a growing knowledge base About Capgemini and the Collaborative Business Experience ® Capgemini, one of which aims to get the right balance of the world’s foremost the best talent from multiple locations, providers of consulting, technology working as one team to create and and outsourcing services, enables its deliver the optimum solution for clients. clients to transform and perform through Present in more than 30 countries, technologies. Capgemini provides its Capgemini reported 2009 global revenues clients with insights and capabilities that of EUR 8.4 billion (approximately USD boost their freedom to achieve superior $11.6 billion) and employs 90,000 people results through a unique way of worldwide. working, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM. The Group relies on its More information is available at global delivery model called Rightshore®, 017_EUC_STMTRFLR_022610Gord ReynoldsPractice LeaderSmart Energy 416.732.2200Copyright © 2010 Capgemini. All rights reserved.