Smart Grid Operational Services Fact Sheet


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Smart Grid Operational Services Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Energy, Utilities & Chemicals the way we do itSmart Grid Operational ServicesHelping Utilities Deliver Complex Smart Grid ProjectsOn Time, On-Budget and at Industry-Leading StandardsOverview Capgemini is a leader in providingAging infrastructure, changing sustainable solutions in the energy andregulation, increasing customer utilities sector. We have the strongestdemands and the worldwide call to end-to-end Smart Metering experiencelower carbon emissions are among and are working right now on the mostthe myriad of challenges confronting complex Smart Grid implementationsenergy companies around the globe. across North America.To meet them, utilities are increasingly Over the past decade, Capgemini hasturning to Smart Grid. built an unrivaled track record inBut, as some utilities have discovered helping utilities migrate to Smartthe hard way, implementing Smart Grid Metering. With millions of installedcan create a whole new set of issues. points and many projects under ourTo steer around them, utilities should belts, we have performed all levelsseek the help and guidance of of technology installations incompanies who have already all varieties of terrainbeen down the Smart Grid path. and conditions.Capgemini is exactly such a company.As one of the worlds foremostproviders of consulting, technology andoutsourcing services,
  2. 2. Through successful projects on some Because no two utility companies— of the most advanced systems in the or their Smart Grid projects—are world, Capgemini has developed exactly alike, we work closely with unmatched Smart Grid deployment each of our clients to ensure that expertise. As a result, we have project results meet their business optimized a deployment strategy goals and timelines. That’s why we and a proprietary Smart Grid designed our Smart Grid Operational Operational Services method to Services method as a highly flexible, deliver projects on time, on budget iterative approach based on leading and at industry-leading standards. practices, innovative deliverables, and lessons learned from previous Smart How Capgemini Helps Utilities Grid deployments. It provides a Make Successful Smart Grid managed, transparent and efficient Transitions approach and is guided by three Capgemini’s approach to successful fundamental principles: Smart Grid transitions includes the ■ Safety – for customers and employees Capgemini Quality Audit Program in which we monitor performance ■ Customer service throughout the project to ensure ■ Productivity – through automation accuracy, efficiency, and and process efficiency professionalism. Because we collaborate with our clients For each of these principles, we to tailor and align their Smart Grid manage compliance by implementing projects with their unique business operational governance procedures objectives, we approach each project that include operations monitoring, accordingly. However, all of our Smart performance reporting, issue triage Grid initiatives share several core and resolution processes. elements, including: Capgemini’s Smart Grid Corporate Stewardship Operational Services Method: & Environment: How It Works Capgemini is committed to The keys to ensuring a smooth delivering services that are safe for transition from manual meter the environment and ensure the health reading to Smart Grid are strategy, and welfare of our employees, clients, planning, management and experience. customers and service providers’ Therefore, we have specifically personnel, and general public. Our designed our Smart Grid Operational offices around the globe have taken Services method to include five phases steps to consume less energy and that provide focus and direction for increase recycling. In the utility navigating through the project lifecycle industry, we have introduced leading of a large-scale, complex Smart Grid. meter recycling programs and “green” Within each of these phases are several fleet vehicles for Smart Grid projects. interdependent projects and work streams. Following are some of the key Privacy, Security and Confidentiality: highlights Capgemini and its deployment partners are required to comply with and milestones. the Capgemini Company Code of Phase 1 – Project Initiation: In this Conduct that specifies policies on phase, the project team, partners ethical behavior, privacy, confidentiality and vendors are recruited, and a and security of information. All client customer information is handled with Field Deployment Charter, Project professionalism and confidentiality Governance Plan and Budget Forecast that protects and includes compliance are created for client approval. with client confidentiality of information standards. Phase 2 – Solution Definition: This is where we collaborate with key decision-makers at the client company to determine the best balance of cost2
  3. 3. Energy, Utilities & Chemicals the way we do itand risk for the project. We also change management and processstreamline and/or scale up the client’s re-engineering and integration;processes to meet project needs. procurement and vendor relations.Phase 3 – Solution Development: We apply our own Smart Grid subjectDuring this phase, the project team matter expertise, existingbuilds and validates the selected Smart methodologies and tools to ourGrid technologies and supporting client’s processes at pilot sites. At thispoint, the project team’s size is Our project planning and operationsrelatively small in order to increase processes follow the Projectefficiency, flexibility, and focus while Management Institute Methodology.reducing both risk and cost. Once the Meter and network deployment istechnologies, supporting processes managed by DELIVER, Capgemini’sand capacities are validated, the team leading-practice methodology.size is appropriately ramped up. Because Smart Grid is typically aPhase 4 – Solution Implementation: complex undertaking that touches all Capgemini’s approachThe largest of all four, this phase is areas of a utility’s operations, risk assessment and management is among to successful Smart Gridwhere deliverables from earlier phasesare revisited, detailed and expanded the DMO’s most critical roles. In transitions includes theas needed. Continuous tracking and serving this role, the DMO drawsmeasurement of performance metrics upon the expertise of Capgemini’s Capgemini Quality Auditare key to this phase. global team of subject matter specialists to identify risk, discuss issues and risks, Program in which wePhase 5 – Close Down and Transition: and create appropriate resolution andWhen new meters are performing monitor performance mitigation options.reliably, Capgemini collaborates with the throughout the projectclient to provide the critical transition Deployment Cross-Docksback to normal operations levels. This Capgemini establishes firm commercial to ensure accuracy,includes training for long-term systems agreements for a primary office,operators and maintenance personnel, warehouse, and meter shop, along efficiency, andas well as closing down such activities with cross-dock facilities in each inventory reconciliation and closure Both central and deployment areas professionalism.of facilities. Project-specific applications, sites are established to provide thetools and processes are either right working environment anddecommissioned or transitioned facilities to all the sustainment organization. We also develop a comprehensiveTo ensure that each phase is completed procurement, quality assurance andrapidly and successfully, the Capgemini logistics process to enable all teamsSmart Grid Operational Services to work collaboratively and safely.method builds in several Capgemini manages the entire supplyinterdependent work streams, each chain, including the strategic sourcingof which is managed by experts activities that support meter andwith a wealth of experience in the network deployment and providerespective domain. on-time equipment deliveries. ThisDocumenting, Managing and creates significant savings, improvedControlling All Aspects of productivity and better overall services for our clients.DeploymentDeployment Management Through innovative practices andOffice (DMO) strong relationships with serviceThe DMO leads deployment strategy; providers, we honor Capgemini’sproject management; risk assessment steadfast commitment to zero wasteand management; external and internal and 100-percent landfill diversion for recyclables.communication related to deployment;Smart Grid Operational Services 3
  4. 4. Operations Field support team members are the Through collaboration, weCenter (DOC) liaison between field resources and continuously find innovative waysCapgemini is widely known for its DOC resources. They are also the for our clients to make a seamlessworld-class deployment operations “eyes and ears” of the DOC and responsible transition to Smartcenters and we bring that same level in the field. Grid. Leveraging our flexible approach,of service and skills to all of our Smart utilities across the world have been able InstallationsGrid projects. At the DOC, all to answer their many challenges and Capgemini brings a cost-effectivedeployment and supporting achieve their business objectives. network of field personnel to eachactivities are coordinated. project through local union and non- Capgemini upholds a strongAs the nerve center of the Smart Grid union partners who can support the commitment to the Energy and Utilitiesproject, the DOC oversees: use of in-house personnel (if desired). industries with more than 10,000■ Change meter orders This makes it possible to fulfill professionals dedicated to the sector. the high demands of a full Capgemini has the strongest end-to-end■ Deployment tracking and reporting Smart Grid deployment. Smart Metering experience and right■ Deployment process and tools now is working on the most complex For peak demand installation support Smart Grid implementations across periods, we can add a flexible North America. Our end-to-end Smart■ Meter change automation sub-contracted workforce. Metering solutions are built on deep■ Meter and network The DMO manages all of the field industry knowledge, unique business- personnel’s work, making sure that centric thinking, and highly flexibleThis includes managing change meter plans, schedules, and targets align technology architectures.orders; deployment tracking and with the overall installation strategy. And we tie our fees to programreporting; and meter and network An appropriate and cost-effective performance—to ensure your utilityequipment commissioning. installation strategy is selected for realizes the full promise of SmartA key function of the DOC is each type of installation: simple and Metering technology, from improvedmanaging the SMART Portal, an complex meter changes, transformers demand response to lower costs andonline Smart Meter Actions and and feeders, simple and complex a superior customer experience.Resource Toolset that facilitates overall network hardware installations,deployment. SMART provides project and a home area network.and client stakeholders with real-timeaccess to strategy and planning resourceswith a user-friendly interface thatalso facilitates communications andknowledge transfer (such as projectresources, training documents, current About Capgemini and thedeployment status and weather Collaborative Business Experience ® ®conditions) between the DOCand field staff. Capgemini, one of the aims to get the right balance of the best worlds foremost providers talent from multiple locations, workingField Support of consulting, technology and outsourcing as one team to create and deliver theCapgemini’s field support approach services, enables its clients to transform optimum solution for clients. Present inhas been engineered to ensure the and perform through technologies. more than 30 countries, Capgeminisafest possible work environment. Capgemini provides its clients with insights reported 2008 global revenues ofIt determines acceptable increases and capabilities that boost their freedom to approximately $12.74 billion andin productivity, constantly manages achieve superior results through a unique employs over 90,000 people worldwide.process efficiencies, eliminates way of working, the Collaborative Businessundesirable or unplanned impacts Experience. The Group relies on its global More information is available atto customers and improves overall delivery model called Rightshore®, which satisfaction—a challengefor most large field teams. EUC_20080609_AMIFYR_021State-of-the-art tools and resources Gord Reynoldsgive field staff the flexibility to Practice Leadercomplete or change work scheduled Smart Energy Serviceseach day. “Ride-along” teams provideobservation for efficiency and gord.reynolds@capgemini.comtraining support. +1 416.732.2200 Copyright © 2009 Capgemini. All rights reserved.