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Smart Grid Operational Services Distributed Generation Fact Sheet


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Smart Grid Operational Services Distributed Generation Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Energy, Utilities & Chemicals the way we do it Distributed Generation: Giving Customers a Choice in Energy Sources On a traditional power grid, energy On a smart grid with distributed generation and distribution were generation, energy can be generated relatively simple. The generator close to the point of use. Those who produced electricity at a plant, and the produce this power have the option transmission system carried electricity to “resell” it to the utility, and this from the plant to substations. At the exchange represents a new way to substation, the voltage was reduced and generate and distribute energy and electricity continued to travel through a new kind of relationship between the distribution system, where utilities and customers. transformers converted it into the voltage used by customers. At the Hybrid Systems Combine customer’s site, electricity passed Renewable and Traditional through the meter, which recorded Energy Sources usage as electricity was consumed. Solar, wind, and thermal energy are renewable sources that can generate Energy flow was essentially one way. energy “close to point of use.” Unlike With distributed generation, a generator major power stations, technology installed “behind the meter” provides for generating energy from power. If there is an outage, or when renewable resources power prices peak, users can “go off grid” and use a private generator to produce power. With access to distributed generation resources within a smart grid, utilities can configure existing systems to meet peakpower needs and diversify the rangeof energy resources to increase the reliability of energy flow.
  2. 2. be installed in small increments, Why is Capgemini’s n Offers a unique, turn-key solutionand it has extremely low ongoing costs. Smart Energy Services called Managed Business Services, Unique? which has a usage-based pricing modelThough renewable energy resources Capgemini’s Smart Energy Services are n Offers strategic relationships andare less predictable than the power real, in the market now, and already delivery experience from angenerated by traditional means, hybrid making a difference for utilities around ecosystem of long-standing globalsystems can utilize both renewable and the world. We support utilities and their technology partnerstraditional power. customers by delivering sustainable energy efficiency and environmental For more information aboutWith access to distributed generation solutions—transforming utility Smart Energy Services, please visitresources within a smart grid, utilities operations and customer fulfillment. configure existing systems to meet Our commitment is strong with morepeak power needs and diversify the than 7,000 professionals dedicated torange of energy resources to increase the utility sector.the reliability of energy flow. Capgemini’s Smart Energy Services:For customers, distributed generation n Has extensive utilities industrysupports reduced energy costs and experience with an unequaled trackreliance on fossil fuels as well as record for successful innovation andincreased use of renewable resources. delivery. We offer our clients lessons learned and a growing knowledge baseWithin the smart grid, integrated intothe smart home and monitored by n Leads the industry in the deliverysmart metering, distributed generation of smart energy solutions in massis a new model for energy distribution deployment and productionand use. For the first time, energy flowsto users as well as away from users,enabling utilities and their customersto work together to ensure that poweris high quality, reliable, green, andlow-cost. About Capgemini and the Collaborative Business Experience ® Capgemini, one of which aims to get the right balance of the world’s foremost the best talent from multiple locations, providers of consulting, technology working as one team to create and and outsourcing services, enables its deliver the optimum solution for clients. clients to transform and perform through Present in more than 30 countries, technologies. Capgemini provides its Capgemini reported 2009 global revenues clients with insights and capabilities that of EUR 8.4 billion (approximately USD boost their freedom to achieve superior $11.6 billion) and employs 90,000 people results through a unique way of worldwide. working, the Collaborative Business ExperienceTM. The Group relies on its More information is available at global delivery model called Rightshore®, 019_EUC_DSTGNFLR_030110 Gord Reynolds Practice Leader Smart Energy Services +1 416.732.2200 Copyright © 2010 Capgemini. All rights reserved.