Nargis Water Related Distater Management


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  • At national level, we have national disaster preparedness central committee, which is chaired by the Prime Minister, and the minister of SWRR is the secretary.
  • This diagram shows the structure of disaster prevention, from the national level down to community level. You can see the web connecting different level of authorities, UN, INGO, LNGO bodies and ASEAN members.
  • Nargis Water Related Distater Management

    1. 1. 01/30/15 11 UNION OF MYANMAR Nargis Disaster and Its Management Myanmar Water Partnership 18th September, 2009
    2. 2. 01/30/15 2 PERCENTAGE OF DISASTER OUTBREAK IN MYANMAR (1998-99 to 2007-08) Other 8% Storm 11%Flood 10% Fire 71%
    3. 3. 01/30/15 3 Recent Major Disaster 264.26 mil 210.12 mil 982.12 mil 2592 42856 10570 42 23 - 61 37 14 84537 Tsunami Cyclone Mala Cyclone Akash Cyclone Nargis 2004 2006 2007 2008 Losses estimated (US$) No. of victimsinjuredkilledDisasterYear 2004 20072006
    4. 4. 01/30/15 44 Impact of Cyclone NargisImpact of Cyclone Nargis Cyclone NargisCyclone Nargis made landfall inmade landfall in Myanmar on 2ndMyanmar on 2nd and 3and 3rdrd May 2008,May 2008, causing extensivecausing extensive damage in Ayeya-damage in Ayeya- waddy and Yangonwaddy and Yangon divisions.divisions.
    6. 6. 01/30/15 6 Month Storms formed in the Bay of Bengal Storms which crossed Myanmar coast JAN 16( 1%) 2( 2%) FEB 3( 0%) 1( 1%) MAR 8( 1%) --- APR 32( 3%) 15( 19%) MAY 89( 7%) 24( 30%) JUN 111( 9%) 1( 1%) JUL 180( 15%) --- AUG 192( 15%) -- SEP 209( 17%) --- OCT 190( 15%) 14( 18%) NOV 141( 11%) 14( 18%) DEC 77( 6%) 9( 11%) Total 1248(100%) 80(100%) Total 10.49 0.66 Total Number of storms (%) formed in the Bay of Bengal and that had crossed Myanmar coast during the period 1887 to 2005 MAY IS ONE OF THE STORM MONTH FOR MYANMAR WITH POSSIBILITY OF 30% CHANCE OF LAND CROSSING.
    7. 7. 01/30/15 7 Life Span Where Affected Areas Intensity 26th – 3rd May, 2008 SW Bay, WC Bay & adjoining EC Bay Ayeyerwady, Yangon &Bago Divisions, Mon & Kayin States Severe Cyclonic storm (Category-2)
    8. 8. 01/30/15 8 FORMATIVE STAGE or THE BIRTH OF NARGIS 27/5/08 0600 UTC = 12:30 MST(27/4/06)
    9. 9. 01/30/15 9 10N 20N 90E 100E 01-May-2008 0030Z NARGIS ON PROGRESS or STRUCTURAL MATURING
    10. 10. 01/30/15 10 02-May-2008 0030Z 90E 100E 20N 10N
    11. 11. 01/30/15 11 NEAR THE PEAK or NARGIS IS ABOUT TO BE BORN 2/5/08 0730 UTC = 14:00 MST
    12. 12. 01/30/15 12 02-May-2008 1000Z 15.0N 90.0E 105.0E CROSSING STAGE
    13. 13. 01/30/15 13 02-May-2008 1457Z 10N 20 N 90 E 100E
    14. 14. 01/30/15 14 Storm News (Issued at (17:30)hrs MST on 1st May, 2008) According to the observations at (15;30)hrs MST today, the cyclonic storm “NARGIS” is now located (340) miles WSW of Gwa, Rakhine State. Myanmar coast within next (24) hrs commencing this evening. It is forecast to further intensify and move NNE wards. Under the influence of this storm, widespread rain or thundershowers will be in Rakhine, Mon, Kayin States, Ayeyarwady, Yangon, Bago and Taninthayi Divisions, scattered in Shan and Kayah States, isolated in the remaining areas with heavyfalls in coastal areas. Squall with rough sea are likely attimes off and along Myanmar coast. Surface wind speed in squall may reach (50)mph. On crossing the coast, storm surge height of about (8-10)feet above normal tide will be expected along Southern Rakhine and northern Ayeyarwady coastal areas. (15:30)hrs of 1st May,2008
    15. 15. 01/30/15 15 Observed peak surge height (feet) at Ayeyarwady Division 0 5 10 15 20 25 Peaksurgeheight(feet) 17 Haingyi Pyinkayaine Laputta Pyinsalu Mawlamyinegyunn Kyonkadun BokaLay 20 20 23 10 15 22 Kadonkani (20’)
    16. 16. 01/30/15 Type of Warnings issued During the Storm • Daily weather bulletin • Special Storm News • Four Stage warnings • Pre-Cyclone watch • Cyclone Alert • Cyclone Warning • Post Landfall outlook • Warnings for designated officials • Warnings for Port Authorities • Warnings for Aviation • Warnings for Navy
    17. 17. 01/30/15 • Number of storm alert bulletins, storm warnings issued by DMH NMC Aviation • 25-4-2008 Special News 2 2 • 26-4-2008 Special News 2 2 • 27-4-2008 Storm News 1 2 • 28-4-2008 Special Storm News 2 2 • 29-4-2008 Storm Alerts 3 2 • 30-4-2008 Storm Warnings 4 2 • 1- 5-2008 Storm Warnings 6 2 • 2- 5-2008 Storm warnings 7 2 • 3- 5-2008 Storm arnings 6 2 *Starting from the evening of 2nd May, special storm warnings with possible storm affected specific areas are issued hourly to all news media. National televisions televised all hourly news continuously in footnote rolling format without a break.
    18. 18. 01/30/15 18 Warning SystemWarning System Department ofDepartment of Meteorology &Meteorology & HydrologyHydrology Forecasting, DailyForecasting, Daily Weather Report, Warning ofWeather Report, Warning of Storm, Flood, ExtraordinaryStorm, Flood, Extraordinary Weather conditionWeather condition MEDIAMEDIA CentralCentral CommitteeCommittee MinistryMinistry ConcernedConcerned Regional AuthorityRegional Authority and Committeeand Committee TV, Radio, DailyTV, Radio, Daily Newspaper,Newspaper, Military and CivilMilitary and Civil CommunicationCommunication SystemSystem --Control OfficeControl Office -Directing-Directing -Supporting-Supporting -Collecting Timely-Collecting Timely ConditionCondition -Necessary Action for Relief-Necessary Action for Relief --Announcement to PublicAnnouncement to Public -Close Supervision-Close Supervision -Evacuation-Evacuation -Search and Rescue-Search and Rescue -Food, Security, Healthcare-Food, Security, Healthcare -Necessary Action-Necessary Action 2.1 Current Situation
    19. 19. 01/30/15 That is the story One of the local resident Admitted that they know the Warning in 48 hours in advance. Since they have been living in the coastal areas throughout their lives, they feel that They are so familiar with the sea. Winds and seas are daily phenomena. However, due to the storm warning they did take some precautions- Just stay home and not to go work to sea. They admitted they never expect such an impact, even by the elders, who had been living in the area for more than 80-90 years.
    20. 20. 01/30/15 20 SCS ”NARGIS”01B08 was a very peculiar. The third storm in history which ever cross the Myanmar coastline in May. Due to the influence of SCS NARGIS, the highest toll of death in the historical record. (1)severe stage while a crossing the southern Ayeyarwady (2) moving straight East wards between sea and land (3) low line and populated areas (4) many tributaries in Deltaic areas Monitoring- NMC(YGN),NPT,MGDN(aviation),EWC and Hourly observations in the coastal stations Forecasts -COLA(USA),IMD(India),Guam Airbase(USA), ADPC(BKK),CIMSS(USA)& TSR(UK) Delievering to-Higher and Local Authorities and also Mass Media (Interview,Daily news paper, TV & Radio) CONCLUSIONCONCLUSION
    21. 21. 01/30/15 2121 84,537 persons were dead, 53,836 were missing and84,537 persons were dead, 53,836 were missing and 19,359 were injured.19,359 were injured. The number of totally damaged houses were 450,000The number of totally damaged houses were 450,000 and partially damaged houses were 350,000.and partially damaged houses were 350,000. Over 4,000 schools were damaged.Over 4,000 schools were damaged. In health sector, 75% of the health facilities were alsoIn health sector, 75% of the health facilities were also destroyed.destroyed. Damage and LossDamage and Loss
    22. 22. 01/30/15 2222 Damage of Cyclone NargisDamage of Cyclone Nargis
    23. 23. 01/30/15 2323 National Disaster Preparedness CentralNational Disaster Preparedness Central CommitteeCommittee Prime Minister Chairman Secretary(1),State Peace and Vice Chairman Development Council (15) Ministers Concerned Member Mayor (YGN, MDY) Member Minister (SWRR) Secretary Person Assigned by chairman Joint Secretary National Disaster Management SystemNational Disaster Management System
    24. 24. 01/30/15 24 Sub-committee for Assessment of losses Sub-committee for Information of losses and Emergency Assistance Sub-committee for Search and Rescue Sub-committee for Emergency Communication Sub-committee for Information and Education National Disaster Preparedness Management Working Committee National Disaster Preparedness Central Committee Sub-committee for Clearing Ways and Transportation Sub-committee for Mitigation and Establishing of Emergency Shelter Sub-committee for Health Sub-committee for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Sub-committee for Security
    25. 25. 01/30/15 2525
    26. 26. 01/30/15 2626 Prime Minister holds the Emergency Meeting on 3rd May 2008
    27. 27. 01/30/15 2727 The ASEAN-United Nations International PledgingThe ASEAN-United Nations International Pledging Conference was held in Yangon on 25Conference was held in Yangon on 25thth May 2008.May 2008. The Conference concluded with commitment ofThe Conference concluded with commitment of providing humanitarian assistance to Cyclone Nargisproviding humanitarian assistance to Cyclone Nargis affected areas.affected areas.
    28. 28. 01/30/15 28 • TCG has been formed on 31 May 2008. • 3 representatives each from Government of Myanmar, ASEAN and United Nations. • Chaired by Deputy Minister for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. • Main task is to coordinate among UN agencies, INGOs and Myanmar Govt. in relief and rehabilitation activities.
    29. 29. 01/30/15 29 • Post-Nargis Joint Assessment (PONJA) was conducted by TCG in 291 affected villages with the assessment team member of over 300. • Village Tract Assessment (VTA) and Damage and Loss Assessment (DaLA) were carried out. • PONJA, the guidance for Post-Nargis Recovery and Reconstruction was officially launched on 21st July 2008. • Post-Nargis Recovery and Preparedness Plan (PONREPP) is prepared by TCG and launched on 9th February,2009.
    30. 30. 01/30/15 3030 PONJA TeamsPONJA Teams
    31. 31. 01/30/15 31 Institution of ClustersInstitution of Clusters • Food Cluster • Agriculture • Water and Sanitation • Shelter • Health • Child and Woman Protection • Nutrition • Education • Agriculture • Early Recovery • Logistics and Emergency Telecommunication
    32. 32. 01/30/15 3232 Emergency Relief SupplyEmergency Relief Supply
    33. 33. 01/30/15 3333 Myanmar Fire BrigadeMyanmar Fire Brigade Armed ForcesArmed Forces Myanmar Police ForceMyanmar Police Force
    34. 34. 01/30/15 3434 Union Solidarity and Development AssociationUnion Solidarity and Development Association Myanmar Women’s Affairs FederationMyanmar Women’s Affairs Federation Myanmar Red Cross SocietyMyanmar Red Cross SocietyMyanmar Maternal and Child Welfare AssociationMyanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association
    35. 35. 01/30/15 3535 Recovery ActivitiesRecovery Activities Emergency ReliefEmergency Relief The ministers in charge of respective severely- affected areaThe ministers in charge of respective severely- affected area were assigned to effective supervision.were assigned to effective supervision. Early recovery tasks were successfully undertaken.Early recovery tasks were successfully undertaken. Epidemic diseases were under control in the storm-affectedEpidemic diseases were under control in the storm-affected areas.areas. The lives of storm-hit people were saved due to theThe lives of storm-hit people were saved due to the humanitarian assistances from International Community.humanitarian assistances from International Community.
    36. 36. 01/30/15 3636 Rehabilitation of HousingRehabilitation of Housing
    37. 37. 01/30/15 3737 School ConstructionSchool Construction
    38. 38. 01/30/15 3838 Health SectorHealth Sector Temporary clinicTemporary clinic Sub-Rural Health CentreSub-Rural Health Centre Township HospitalTownship Hospital Rural Health CentreRural Health Centre
    39. 39. 01/30/15 3939 Construction entrepreneurs involvement in reconstruction tasks Wah Wah Win Co. Ltd. Max Myanmar Co. Ltd. Original Group Co. Ltd. Htoo Trading & Air Bagan Co. Ltd.
    40. 40. 01/30/15 4040 The main businesses in Ayeyarwaddy Division areThe main businesses in Ayeyarwaddy Division are agriculture, fishery and salt production.agriculture, fishery and salt production. Agricultural works were destroyed due to loss ofAgricultural works were destroyed due to loss of draught cattle, damage to paddy strains, sea waterdraught cattle, damage to paddy strains, sea water intrusion to paddy land and damage of farmintrusion to paddy land and damage of farm equipments.equipments. LivelihoodLivelihood
    41. 41. 01/30/15 4141 Rehabilitation of AgricultureRehabilitation of Agriculture
    42. 42. 01/30/15 42 Nargis Disaster and Its Management Flooded Area 1.9 Million Acres Sown Area of Rice 3.2 Million Acres Situation Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis Saline Water Intruded Area 1.3 Million Acres
    43. 43. 01/30/15 43 -To reconstruct the damaged embankments and polders -To renovate the deteriorated embankments and polders
    44. 44. 01/30/15 44 Rehabilitation Plans of Cyclone Nargis Affected Areas under the Irrigation Department Concerns Phase 1 – Emergency Repair of Damaged Embankments/Polders Phase 2 – Rehabilitation up to Original Authorized Crest Level Phase 3 – Rehabilitation up to Nargis Period Water Level Phase 4 – Additional Freeboard Construction
    45. 45. 01/30/15 45 Ngaputaw Tsp. 1.Alegyun(1) polder Paddy-1 2.Alegyun(2) polder Paddy-1 3.Alegyun(3) polder Paddy-1 4.Magyibinmadaukan Pyapon Tsp. 19.Dawnyein polder Paddy-1 20.Myokone polder Paddy-1 21.Kyetphamwezaung Paddy-1 22.Banbwezu Paddy-1 23.Daydalu Paddy-1 24.Letpanbin Paddy-1 25.Zinbaung Paddy-1 Daydaye Tsp. 26.Myaseinkan 27.Thandi 28.Suclubbaluma 29.Hleseikchaunggyi 30.Tamatakaw 31.Kyonsoat Kyaiklatt Tsp. 32.Maubin Island(North) 33.Maubin Isladn(South) 34.Thonegwakyun Paddy-2 Location map of Polders and Embankments damaged by Cyclone Nargis in Ayeyarwady Division Maubin District Twante Kyaiklatt Pyapon District Daydaye Pyapon Bogalay Myaungmya District Labutta Pathein District Maubin Pathein Myaungmya Wakema Ngaputaw Kyaiklatt District Daydaye District Bogalay Tsp. 15.Daunggyi polder Paddy-1 16.Daunggyi(East) Paddy-2 17.Daunggyi(West) Paddy-2 18.Daunggyi(Upper) Paddy-2 Kungyangone Myaugmya District Labutta Tsp. 5.Thingangyi 6.Zinywe 7.Leikkwin 8.Labutta(South) Paddy-1 9.Labutta(North) Paddy-1 10.U Gaungpu 11.Bitud Island(1) Paddy-1 12.Bitud Island(2) Paddy-1 13.Bitud Island(3) Paddy-1 14.Bitud Island(4) Paddy-1 Yangon
    46. 46. 01/30/15 46 Damage of Embankments /Polders • Total length 1079 km (11.562 million cubic meters) • Damaged Embankments/Polders Ayeyarwaddy Division 20 polders (covers from Ngaputaw Town- ship to Kyaiklat Township) 14 embankments (along the coastal line) Yangon Division 7 embankments (Kunchangone, Kawhmu, kyauktan and Thongwa Townships)
    47. 47. 01/30/15 47 Rehabilitation Work • Planned Project Duration : 2 years • Total financial requirements : 24.86 million USD • Component of project in 1st year –Reconstruction of embankments/polders –Storm shelter for rescue of local people
    48. 48. 01/30/15 48 Type of Storm Shelter • Strom shelter embankment (Hillock)only • Drinking water pond of storm shelter and • Storm shelter combined with drinking water pond
    49. 49. 01/30/15 4949 Cyclone Shelter DesignCyclone Shelter Design Cyclone Shelter for 1000 personsCyclone Shelter for 1000 persons (Two-storeyed)(Two-storeyed) Cyclone Shelter for 500 personsCyclone Shelter for 500 persons (one-storeyed)(one-storeyed) Cyclone Shelter for 300 personsCyclone Shelter for 300 persons (one-storeyed)(one-storeyed)
    50. 50. 01/30/15 5050 Rehabilitation of Fishery sectorRehabilitation of Fishery sector
    51. 51. 01/30/15 51 Pre Nargis Cyclone Fisheries Condition
    52. 52. 01/30/15 52 Damages and losses in fisheries sector Affected in Ayeyarwaddy and Yangon Divisions – 1. Off-shore fishing vessels : 41 2. Local off-shore fishing boats : 288 3. In-shore fishing boats (mechanized) : 553 4. In-shore fishing boats (non-mechanized) : 1206 5. Off-shore fishing gears : 200 sets 6. In-shore fishing gears (mechanized) : 330 sets 7. In-shore fishing gears (non-mechanized) : 2230 sets 8. Crew death : 17876 9. Missing Crew : 9612 10.Value of losses : 23140.44 million kyats
    53. 53. 01/30/15 53 Damaged Vessels/Boats and Gears in In-shore/Off-shore Fisheries Sr. State / Division Off-shore In-shore RemarksMechanized Non-mechanized Vessel Gear Boat Gear Boat Gear 1 2 Yangon Division Ayeyarwaddy Division 41 288 200 15 553 330 1206 2230 Over GRT 70 Off-shore fishing vessels local off-shore vessels Marine Fisheries (Lost of Value) i. Offshore fisheries - 859 Million Kyats ii. Inshore fisheries - 1719 Million Kyats iii. Total - 10309 Million Kyats
    54. 54. 01/30/15 54 Death and Losses of Fisheries Workers in Ayeyarwady Division Sr Township Losses Death 1. Pyapon - 181 2. Lattputta 4692 7850 3. Ngaputaw 886 - 4. Bogalay 2401 6316 5. Daydaye 160 390 6. Kyaiklat 17 - 7. Mawlamyaing Kyun 1432 3138 8. Kyauk Tan 1 1 9. Yangon 23 - Total 9612 17876
    55. 55. 01/30/15 55 Rehabilitations Activities
    56. 56. 01/30/15 56 Distributed in Ngapudaw, Labutta, Mawlamyinegyun, Pyapon, Bogale, Kyaiklatt and Dedaye townships in Ayeyarwaddy division - Fishing boats 9067 - Tiger mouth nets 7201 - Hilsa nets 3293 - Trammel nets 745 - Push nets 1200 - Cast nets 1688 - Surrounding nets 878 - Shrimp fry nets 112 Distributed in Kungyangon, Kawhmu, Twantay and Kyauktan townships in Yangon division - Fishing boats 433 - Tiger mouth nets 226 - Hilsa nets 143 - Surrounding nets 61
    57. 57. 01/30/15 5757 Salt ProductionSalt Production
    58. 58. 01/30/15 5858 Construction of Seven Main RoadsConstruction of Seven Main Roads
    59. 59. 01/30/15 5959 43 International Non-Govermental Organizations are43 International Non-Govermental Organizations are carrying out rehabilitation and reconstructioncarrying out rehabilitation and reconstruction programmesprogrammes Livelihood recoveryLivelihood recovery Construction of shelterConstruction of shelter Schools and rural health centresSchools and rural health centres Protection of children and women and PsychosocialProtection of children and women and Psychosocial supportsupport Income generationIncome generation Provision of furniture and stationary for schoolsProvision of furniture and stationary for schools Disaster risk reduction programmesDisaster risk reduction programmes.. Cooperation of INGOsCooperation of INGOs
    60. 60. 01/30/15 6060 Opening of Training of Trainers on Disaster Risk ReductionOpening of Training of Trainers on Disaster Risk Reduction
    61. 61. 01/30/15 6161 Opening of Disaster Management Course in YangonOpening of Disaster Management Course in Yangon
    62. 62. 01/30/15 6262 Formation of Tripartite Core Group (TCG) is veryFormation of Tripartite Core Group (TCG) is very effective for the implementation of relief and posteffective for the implementation of relief and post Nargis recovery.Nargis recovery. Coordination and cooperation among Government,Coordination and cooperation among Government, ASEAN, UN Agencies and INGOs.ASEAN, UN Agencies and INGOs. Effective coordination and cooperation amongEffective coordination and cooperation among Ministries concerned.Ministries concerned. Participation of local entrepreurships in relief andParticipation of local entrepreurships in relief and recovery programme.recovery programme. Arrangements for travel permission and visa permissionArrangements for travel permission and visa permission of INGOs.of INGOs. Lesson Learnt and ConstraintsLesson Learnt and Constraints
    63. 63. 01/30/15 63 Health Care Provision Under the guidance of Prime Minister, Chair of the National Natural Disaster Preparedness Central Committee the teams visited Mawlamyinegyun, Pyapon and Bogale on the 4th of May and provided emergency medical care and referred severely injured patients to Yangon General Hospital and Yangon Kyimyindaing Orthopedic Hospital by military helicopters.
    64. 64. 01/30/15 64 Specialist teams • Specialist teams were formed and sent to the frontier camps in groups of (20) in rotation, fully equipped with medicines and supplies. - Physician - Surgeon - Orthopedic surgeon - Paediatrician - Anesthetist - Psychiatrist - Eye surgeon - Dental surgeon - Medical doctors - Nurses
    65. 65. 01/30/15 65 Prevention and control of disease outbreaks (90) Public Health professionals visited with - Bleaching powder - Water guard tablets - ORS and Essential medicines - Fogging machines and insecticides - Insecticide Treated Bed-Nets - Vaccines - Vitamin supplements
    66. 66. 01/30/15 66 Public health measures implemented at the storm-hit areas • Health education • Chlorination of drinking water • Construction of sanitary latrines • Proper waste management • Fogging with insecticide to control vector borne diseases • Immunization particularly polio and measles to children under 15 years • Vitamin A distribution • Moral support • Mental health care • Surveillance of disease outbreak
    67. 67. 01/30/15 67 Mobile Hospital Ships Four Floating Hospitals visited to Pyapon, Bogale, Labutta and Mawlamyainggyun townships Anchored at the townships, give treatment on board for medical care, dental and mental care. Daily visit nearby villages along the river creeks and streams by motor boats and give treatment to the people residing there.
    68. 68. 01/30/15 68 Floating Hospitals • (7) batches of 129 doctors and nurses had been deployed to storm-hit areas by Double Deckers • Curative services, disease control and public health measures provided on the ships. • Mental health was also taken care of by psychiatrists on board • Refer patients that need further mental care to base camps
    69. 69. 01/30/15 69 Health Care Provision at Relief Camps by local NGOs MMA contributed altogether (160) doctors in Yangon and (266) doctors in Ayeyawady Division for provision of medical care. MNA visited Ayeyawady Division and provided nursing care MHAA visited Yangon Division and support public health MRCS also contributed by first-aid management at front camps
    70. 70. 01/30/15 70 Doctors, nurses and pharmacists from Asia Royal private hospital visited to Kunchangone on 7th May (21 persons) and 9th May (27 persons). 23 health personnel form Pan Hlaing private hospital had been working at Ngaputaw and Haingyi-Kyun since 21st May. 19 health personnel from Pinlon (SSC) private hospital had been stationed at Hlaingbone in Labutta and provided medical care for two times since 3rd June. Private sector Involvement
    71. 71. 01/30/15 71 International Medical Teams • ASEAN responded to Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar with regional solidarity. • Member States rapidly deployed medical teams both bilaterally as well as a regional outfit, hand-in-hand with that of other countries. • Medical teams from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Laos from the ASEAN Region • Teams from Japan, China, France, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Hungary and Sri Lanka
    72. 72. 01/30/15 72 Future Plan of Action (1) Mobilization of health personnel to affected areas (2) Reconstruction and renovation of damaged health facilities (3) Replenishment of equipment, logistics, medicines and supplies to health facilities (4) Early detection and rapid response of disease outbreak (5) Mental Health ( 6) Water and Sanitation
    73. 73. 01/30/15 73 (7) Immunization (8) Protein Energy Malnutrition Control (9) Reproductive Health Project (10) School Health (11) Restore and maintain TB control (12) DHF control (13) Malaria Control (14)Prevention and Control of HIV/ADIS, STD & Sexual Health
    74. 74. 01/30/15 7474 Some donors cannot fully contribute to the recoverySome donors cannot fully contribute to the recovery activities.activities. Some donors cannot continuously provide financialSome donors cannot continuously provide financial assistance according to the project due toassistance according to the project due to economic crisis.economic crisis. Majority of expenditure of logistics were spent inMajority of expenditure of logistics were spent in communication and transportation.communication and transportation. ConstraintsConstraints
    75. 75. 01/30/15 7575 It is necessary to implement many programmes suchIt is necessary to implement many programmes such as construction of schools, hospitals, village housesas construction of schools, hospitals, village houses and livelihood.and livelihood. Early warning system and disaster preparednessEarly warning system and disaster preparedness programme are main requirements for delta area.programme are main requirements for delta area. Cyclone shelters will be constructed in the coastalCyclone shelters will be constructed in the coastal area for safer place of the community.area for safer place of the community. We need many contributions and cooperation ofWe need many contributions and cooperation of donors and well-wishers.donors and well-wishers.
    76. 76. 01/30/15 76 Thank you for your kind attention!
    77. 77. 01/30/15 77