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IDMP CEE Activity 5.1 by Pavol Bielek

Progress report

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IDMP CEE Activity 5.1 by Pavol Bielek

  1. 1. INTEGRATED DROUGHT MANAGEMENT PROGRAME (IDM CEE) Progress Report Work package : Demonstration Projects (WP 5) ( Activity : Drought management by agricultural practices and measures increasing of soil water holding capacity (5.1.) Mileston 1 : Set up of experiments. Start of the theoretical study Participated countries: CZ, PL, SK, SL presented by Pavol Bielek (SK) activity leader
  2. 2. Targets of the Activity 5.1 To propose some different farming methods for soil water holding capacity increase as measures for water regimes improvement in agricultural land
  3. 3. Why is it necessary? . Soil is important reservoir of water in the country (e.g. in Sovakia it is about 30 % from the total annual raifall, third water resource for the country). . The share of agricultural land in total areas of the countries is about 40 % in OECD countries, about 50 % in EU-15 and almost 60 % in the Central European Countries. . The water infiltration into the soil profile is decreasing due to several recently used farming systems. . Not infiltrated water into the soil is potential water for the floods. . This activity want something to do for prevention and repairment of existing deteriorated status of the soils.
  4. 4. SET UP OF EXPERIMENTS . Subsoiled fields and traditionaly used fields in different soil ecological conditions (SK, CZ). .Ploughed fields with green manure application (CZ). .Ploughed fied with farmyard manure application (CZ) .Field measurements of saturated hydraulic conductivity by double ring infiltrometer (CZ) .Field penetrometric study of subsoiled and non subsoiled soils (SK) .Field infiltration experiments by water saturation of soils (SK). . Preliminary yield evaluation of cultivated plants. .Field experiment on impacts of two tillage systems use (conventional and simplified) (PL) .
  5. 5. Field experiments in two different places with conservation tillage in comparison to conventional mouldboard ploughing (SL) . Long-term field experiments focused on comparison of composting tillage to traditional mouldboard ploughing (SL). ...................................................... Moreover many kinds of laboratory measurements have been done. ....................................................... Another activities : knowledge collections public awarenes increase by newspaper article
  6. 6. Results : . Subsoiling increased conditions for water infiltration into the deeper layers of soils (penetrometric study) . Higher water infiltration have been proved by infiltration experiments. . Higher yields of plants have been preliminary achieved after of subsoiling. . Increase of the water infiltration into the soil after applied organic fertilizers has not been disproved. . Mouldboard and composting tillage positively affected the water regime of soils.
  7. 7. Implementation Plan for the next 6 months (from plan of the Mileston 2) 1. Existing and new experiments observations, data collections and evaluations. 2. Common theoretical rewiev and first results presentations. 3. Small leaflet presentation for better awarenes of this problem (for farmers and decission makers).
  8. 8. National reports by participating countries are enclosed
  9. 9. Thank you