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IDMP CEE Global Water and Climate Programme by Natalia Alexeeva


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IDMP CEE Global Water and Climate Programme by Natalia Alexeeva

  1. 1. In a nutshell
  2. 2. Overall objective To support countries to integrate water security and climate resilience in development planning and decision making processes 2
  3. 3. Key ingredients • Build institutional capacity & knowledge • Develop tools & generate evidence base • Strengthen partnerships & coordination INVESTMENTS for climate resilient development 3
  4. 4. Water and Climate Programme 1. WACDEP in Africa & Caribbean 4. Deltas Climate Resilience Programme Thematic Strategy 2. Water and Climate Programmes – Asia, Latin America 3. Global WMO/GWP IDMP and APFM 4
  5. 5. WCP implementation – Work Packages Four (4) components with eight (8) generic Work Packages are the mechanisms for implementing the WCP Each Work Package objective contributes to a corresponding Outcome Challenge Work Packages are interrelated….
  6. 6. Global Water and Climate Programme-Work Breakdown structure WATER CLIMATE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME -AFRICA Integration, investments in Climate resilient growth and development Governance and Fundrising Knowledge and Awareness Enabling activities OUTPUTS Components Partnerships and Sustainability ACTIVITIES Work Packages Knowledge and Capacity Development Capacity Developement Demonstration Projects Innovative Green Solutions Project Preparation and Financing No/low Regrets Investments National Development and Sector Plans Regional and Transboundary Cooperaton Investments in regional and National Development OUTCOME outcome Water security and climate resilience integrated in Africa's growth and development
  7. 7. The log frame indicators is what GWP will be measured on We need a common understanding on the indicators and how to measure progress towards implementation including risk management and monitoring 7