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IDMP CEE 2nd workshop: Activity 5.1 by Prof. Pavol Bielek


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IDMP CEE 2nd workshop: Activity 5.1 by Prof. Pavol Bielek

  1. 1. Activity title: Drought management by agricultural practices and measures increasing soil water holding capacity. Activity number: 5.1. Activity leader: Pavol Bielek (SK) 2nd IDMP CEE Workshop, Ljubljana, 8 – 9 April 2014
  2. 2. Partners & Outputs Brief overview of activities: -to targets a) to identify and practically verify measures increasing soil water holding capacity by agricultural practices -to theoretical backgrounds: a) there are a real possibilities to achieve of targets -to methods: a) field experiments (traditional ploughing, subsoiling, composting tillage, no-tillage farming, organic matter application) Participating countries: CZ,PL,SK,SL Expected final outputs: proposals to agricultural practices
  3. 3. Progress Report (October 2013 – April 2014) Set up of new field experiments (cross-subsoiling – SK) Analysis of soil samples (PL) New observations of existing field experiments (CZ) Field results evaluations (SL) Milestone 2 national reports (December 2013) We are working under accepted plan In this time no problems to continue No critical changes of our original working plan we expect
  4. 4. to continue in our experimental works - to perform our field observations – to evaluate results - to start results wrap up activities - to work together on Milestone 3 report Challenges: - to participate on capacity building report - to work on another common project activities Thank you! Plans