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Third IDMP CEE workshop: IDMP CEE Communications by Gergana Majercakova


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Third IDMP CEE workshop: IDMP CEE Communications by Gergana Majercakova

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Third IDMP CEE workshop: IDMP CEE Communications by Gergana Majercakova

  1. 1. IDMP CEE Communications Third IDMP CEE workshop Budapest, Hungary 2-4 October 2014
  2. 2. IDMP CEE Communications activities April – October 2014  IDMP CEE website (incl. a platform for partners) maintenance  Infografics • Poster for the International Conference on Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Bonn, Germany (19-20 May 2014) • Poster for the second cycle of the National Consultation Dialogues  IDMP CEE on Social media  Video about the programme  Video about Small water retention measures  Best Drought Photo competition  IDMP CEE promo materials
  3. 3. Poster for the Second cycle of the National Consultation Dialogues  Presents a short overview of the IDMP CEE  Gives a clear idea about the purpose of NCDs  Explains the process of preparation of the Guidelines  Can be very useful for a quick reference  Can be translated into local languages
  4. 4. Drought - Photo Competition  Goal: promoting IDMP CEE, raising awareness, collecting drought photos for our database  Timeline: Launch at 17th June - World Day to combat Desertification and Drought, deadline for submitting photos – 31 August, results announcement on 15 September  Evaluation of the works: based on the number of votes on Facebook  Prizes: all participants receive a Certificate for participation, 1st place winner receives a camera, 2nd and 3rd place receive a data storage  Submissions: 17 works received from Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Moldova
  5. 5. Best Drought Photo Competition (1) 1st place "Dead Dunes". Curonian Split, Lithuania. Long time ago there used to be villages. But people couldn't resist the power of the wind and sand, and they were buried under the pressure... By Vladislava Snurnikova, Estonia
  6. 6. Best Drought Photo Competition (2) 2nd place Without water everything is dying… By Martina Guttenova, Czech Republic 3rd place Dried up river By Luidmila Baranciuc, Moldova
  7. 7. IDMP CEE video Why produce a video? • Delivers the message very clearly • Time-saving solution • Delivers most impact - everybody with a smartphone, tablet, computer can access it and delivers multiple layers of communication (sound, visuals, text) • Communicates innovatively (in the context of social media) • Visual media is flexible media for messages (can be screened in various places - public places, exhibitions, hotels, airports, TV, social media, etc.) • Can be subtitled in local languages