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Croatia - 2004


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Croatia - 2004

  1. 1. x Entering Croatia - July 2004 To view this to start slideshow. The quot;Playquot; PDF with video slideshow Clicksender has created this and audio, using you need the Adobe Image Viewerandwith way Adobe Photoshop Reader the fast Plug-in. Acrobat Album, 5.1 or later easy to organize and share your lifetime Click the Download Now button to download and the Adobe Image Viewer Plug-in. of photos. installthe Download Nowfrom Adobe. Click this free software button to download and install this free software from 2.0 Starter Edition for Download Photoshop Album Adobe. Note: Check 'Download photo slideshows and free to create your own the full version'. do more with your digital photos! Download Now Play
  2. 2. Counting the ferr y boats in Split harbor Looking across to the Riva
  3. 3. Waiting for ferr y customers Sitting nun scares sinner
  4. 4. Asking Diocletian for the way out Singing in Diocletian's cellar
  5. 5. Going toward the light
  6. 6. Reading in 5 languages about Diocletian's Palace
  7. 7. FedEx'd home from Egypt by Diocletion 323AD Entering the Peristyle Looking through Peristyle arch
  8. 8. Chanting Antiphons and Psalters 1400 AD
  9. 9. Sur veying urban real estate market Climbing 203 steps to bell tower Viewing Marjan penninsula from bell tower
  10. 10. Echoing from the ceiling Singing to John the Baptist (by Mestrovic)
  11. 11. Chilling out in Peristyle cafe
  12. 12. Pointing St Gregor y of Nin (by Mestrovic) Closing in on St G's fingers
  13. 13. Promenading along the Riva
  14. 14. Soaking up sunset , beer and pizza
  15. 15. Dipping in the Adriatic Floating away Tanning Croatian style
  16. 16. Gazing over marina to city
  17. 17. Agonizing with Job over WW II (by Mestrovic) Mar veling at the Roman Pieta (by Mestrovic)
  18. 18. Posing at Galerija Mestrovic
  19. 19. Living on the upper deck Petting the stallion Clio
  20. 20. Parking at Trogir canal market
  21. 21. Volunteering to crew Reflecting Fending off
  22. 22. Shaking in awe of Trigor Cathedral (circa 1200 AD) Vibrating icon
  23. 23. Praying at Shannan's altar
  24. 24. Framing Trogir wharf
  25. 25. Practicing coed water polo
  26. 26. Watching ferr y from apartment Hanging out to dr y
  27. 27. Working on clay court game Dining out overlooking U Firula (twice)
  28. 28. Stripping for swim in U Bacvice
  29. 29. Scooter parking for the late promenade
  30. 30. Stopping at end of new Croatia autostrada