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3-1 Labeling Angles


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3-1 Labeling Angles

  1. 1. ABCVertexPoint ASidesABuuurACuuurAngle NameBAC∠CAB∠A∠AngleAngle - A figure formed by two rays and acommon endpoint called a vertex.Naming AnglesNaming AnglesWe name angles using the VERTEX and other lettersaround it. The Vertex letter always goes in the center.
  2. 2. AnglesAnglesIdentify the vertex and name the anglesIdentify the vertex and name the angles1)1) 2)2)Angle NameVertexPoint X( This one has 3 angles!)( This one has 3 angles!)∠WXZ∠ZXW∠XAngle Name∠RSQ∠QSR∠SAngle Name∠TSQ∠QSTAngle Name∠RST∠TSR
  3. 3. Anglesthat measureless than 90.Angles thatmeasure more than 90and less than 180.Anglesthat measureexactly 90.Types of AnglesTypes of AnglesAcute -Right -Right - Anglesthat measureexactly 180.ObtuseObtuse -Straight -Straight -
  4. 4. Angles thatmeasure less than 90.Angles thatmeasure more than 90and less than 180.Angles thatmeasure exactly 90.Acute -Right -Right -Angles thatmeasure exactly 180.ObtuseObtuse -Straight -Straight -Types of AnglesTypes of Angles
  5. 5. Types of AnglesTypes of AnglesIdentify the type of angle.Identify the type of angle.1)1) 3)3)2)2) 4)4) AcuteAngleRightAngleStraightAngleObtuseAngle
  6. 6. Now watch this….Now watch this….• BrainPop
  7. 7. Complementary Anglesab- Angles whose sum is 90m a m b 90∠ + ∠ = °x ym x m y 90∠ + ∠ = °Complementary angles may not be adjacent.Complementary AnglesComplementary AnglesExample: Thecomplement would be90 – 40 =50
  8. 8. Find the complement of the angle measures below.1) 302) 493) 804) 100606041411010Has no complementHas no complementAngles can’t be negative.Angles can’t be negative. Think about it!Think about it!
  9. 9. Supplementary AnglesSupplementary Angleskt- Angles whose sum is 180 .m k m t 180∠ + ∠ = °bcm b m c 180∠ + ∠ = °Supplementary angles may not be adjacent.Supplementary anglesSupplementary anglesneed to add up to 180need to add up to 180because that is thebecause that is thedefinition.definition.Example: To find theExample: To find thesupplementsupplement, 180-110 =, 180-110 = 7070
  10. 10. Find the supplement of the following...1) 182) 1043) 1584) 7516216276762222105105
  11. 11. Lesson QuizLesson Quiz2. Name a right angle in the figure.3. Name a pair of complementary angles.1. Name two lines in the figure.Possible answer: ∠AGFPossible answer: ∠1 and ∠2Possible answer: AD and BE