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Wasp Barcode & Sleeter Consulting Network


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Presentation on June 2011 to Sleeter Consulting Network. Overview on barcodes, Wasp's productivity solutions and examples of small business clients saving time and money using barcode tracking solutions

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Wasp Barcode & Sleeter Consulting Network

  1. 1. Wasp Barcode Technologies Presentation to Sleeter Consultants Network by Grant Wickes VP Business Development
  2. 2. Objective Understand barcodes Understand Wasp Barcode proposition Awareness of Wasp’s application areas “Think beyond the numbers”
  3. 3. Barcode Fundamentals
  4. 4. Barcode Symbology 1D (Linear) 2DInterleaved 25Code 93 UPC PDF417 QR CodeCode 39 Datamatrix TagCode 128
  5. 5. What’s a barcodeSimply, a graphic representation of data ABC123
  6. 6. Benefits Fast and efficient Accurate Proven and affordable Easy to implement Starting point for business efficiency
  7. 7. Wasp Barcode Technologies Barcode, data collection & software tracking solutions Serve small businesses Profitable growth since 1994 Over 275,000 customers
  8. 8. Broad productivity offering
  9. 9. Wasp value drivers Improve efficiency and productivity Save time, reduce errors, improve profitability Ease of implementation & use Avoid business disruptions & costly implementation Complete hardware and software solutions Affordable with rapid ROI One point of support (Wasp) 30-day money-back guarantee Free US-based tech support Inside team to support client sales
  10. 10. Range of barcode scanners Pen CCD Laser WLS9500 WWS800/850 Up to 29” away Base stationFeatures Up to 25” away Base station WCS8900 Up to 12” away WWS500 Up to 12” away WPS150 USB adaptor WCS3900 Multi-angle, POS Contact to 1.5” away WWR2900 Contact scanner Corded Cordless Performance
  11. 11. Mobile scanning devices Mobile ability Application on handheld Scan and update remotely Synch back with PC WPA1200 Ideal PDA form for WDT3200 asset tracking orWDT2200 Flagship deviceLow cost inventory for inventoryinventory solution
  12. 12. Range of barcode printers
  13. 13. Software & solutionsStarter kit Barcode software Barcode scanner- Barcode scanner - Design and print - Scan and input- Labeling software barcode labels barcode- Tracking software - Create barcodes in applications
  14. 14. Key productivity solutions Inventory Employee time solution Fixed Asset POS tracking solution solution solution
  15. 15. Fixed asset client scenario Situation Issued kits of guns, PCs to patrol officers Manual process using Excel sheet Issues: Minor theft, inadvertent loss Hours wasted trying to find missing items Action: Implemented affordable barcode fixed asset system Results: Saved 3 hours per day, over $30,000 per year Trackable kits, efficiency, happier employees
  16. 16. Additional fixed asset scenariosEliminate inefficiencies Army base reduced time and improved accuracy of audit process saving over $30,000 per yearReduce costs 120 person private security firm reduced inadvertent asset fraud and cost of lost and misplaced assets saving $36,500 per yearReports and compliance City government able to comply with grant requirements (tracking by funding source) and audit process ensuring on-going funding
  17. 17. Inventory client scenario Situation Repaired 5 parts per week at 30 stations Used Excel and clipboard to keep track Issues: Wasted hours trying to find parts Too much inventory. Wrong mix of stock Action: Implemented barcode system Results: Saved $36,000 in first year ROI in less than 2 months
  18. 18. Additional inventory scenariosReduce costs 18-person HVAC service company saved 20 hours/week by knowing and stocking the right inventory saving $40,000 per yearEliminate inefficiencies Retail bakery reduced ordering time by 67%, avoided hiring more staff and still expanded saving over $60,000 per yearIncrease sales 20-employee electronics supplier improved sales and customer service through accurate inventory counts ROI in one month
  19. 19. WaspTime client scenario Situation 150 person clinical lab with 3 locations Used paper-based system to record employee time Issues: VP HR spent 3 stressful days each month adding hours Stress, time away from other tasks, family Action: Implemented fingerprint time system Results: Reduced processing time by 70%
  20. 20. Summary benefits Message that resonates with your clients Saves time Reduce costs Improve efficiency Affordable and proven Clients are unaware of potential impact Great discussion point Incredibly quick results / ROI Opportunity for you to get ‘beyond the numbers’ Discover insights to manage and grow your client’s business
  21. 21. Additional resources QR Codes & Microsoft Tag (2D barcodes) Barcode information Inventory information Fixed Asset information Wasp client case studies & information
  22. 22. Wasp Barcode Technologies Solutions for Small Business that Increase Productivity & Profitability Grant Wickes, VP Business Development Email: Twitter: @gwickes LinkedIn: