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Three Levels To Seduction Mastery
If you want a quality relationship with a quality woman, you've got to understand the three levels of seduction. Learn More:

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Three Levels To Seduction Mastery

  1. 1. Three Levels Of Seduction
  2. 2. There's two basic elements of game that pretty much every guy misses.
  3. 3. Three if you're intending on building a quality relationship with a quality girl.
  4. 4. The problem is that most guys prevent themselves from even admitting they are weak in these areas.
  5. 5. Cognitive dissonance is something that keeps us from admitting less than positive things about ourselves to protect our ego.
  6. 6. So, assuming you fall into the category of most humans, you've got a couple choices.
  7. 7. One is to protect your precious ego, and accept your current level of success with women.
  8. 8. The other is to suck it up, face your deficiencies, overcome them (which is super easy once you simply realize what they are) and then simply start getting better and better at getting better and better women.
  9. 9. Assuming that's what you want, here are the deficiencies.
  10. 10. One is internal game.
  11. 11. You've got to really, really believe that you are worthy of the girl that you are intending to catch.
  12. 12. Meaning you have to believe based on OBJECTIVE data why YOU would be a good catch.
  13. 13. Not the silly notion that every guy deserves a hot girl just because.
  14. 14. This means having rock solid, REAL self confidence.
  15. 15. Rock solid, REAL social skills.
  16. 16. True comfort in your own skin.
  17. 17. The ability and natural confidence to start a conversation with anybody, anywhere.
  18. 18. The second is being able to notice signals.
  19. 19. The idea you can walk up to a any girl and spit out some goofy lines and seduce her is ridiculous.
  20. 20. It's possible, sure, but so is winning the lotto.
  21. 21. Anybody who's business plan's winning the lotto is going to be hanging out with empty bottles of Night Train.
  22. 22. Which means you need to only "hit on" girls that have sent you a signal that they WANT to be hit on.
  23. 23. If you don't see those signals, you'll be hitting on girls who want nothing to do with you.
  24. 24. Solve these two problems, and you'll get laid a lot.
  25. 25. However, if you want a rock solid relationship, you'll need something else.
  26. 26. And that is criteria.
  27. 27. Meaning you have to know what you want in a serious relationship.
  28. 28. And this goes beyond silly romantic notions like "loyalty," or "she won't cheat on me," or the ultra popular, "she's gotta be hot!"
  29. 29. Those things are RESULTS of having a lot in common with her.
  30. 30. If you and her have a lot in common, you're emotionally open, and you're committed to WORK on the relationship (which goes beyond just receiving the benefits most guys are after) then she'll never WANT to leave you.
  31. 31. This means having high standards, that are SUBJECTIVE.
  32. 32. Religion, politics, financial beliefs, financial background.
  33. 33. This is stuff you MUST sort for if you want a positive relationship with a "quality woman."
  34. 34.